October 11, 2018
d3photo LLC Championship Pricing Changes
Good Morning--

We have been covering photography for Division III athletics championships since 2010, starting with cross-country, later expanding to indoor and outdoor track & field championships, wrestling, and swimming and diving.

These championships are our lifeblood, and help us provide high quality, low-price photo services for schools who may not have the means to hire a dedicated photographer at these events. Recent championships have been near enough that we could drive to them, but most of the championships this winter will involve air travel and extended expenses that we cannot afford at our current price structure.

We last raised our prices in 2014 and we simply cannot afford to cover this year’s championships at our current pricing. Accordingly, we will be increasing our single athlete event charge from $25 to $30 and our daily team max will increase from $250 to $300. The full breakdown of the fee's per event will be updated on our site over the weekend.

We know that you may not have the budget to pay a whole lot more than we already charge today, knowing an SID’s budget is often no better than ours. But we feel our only viable option to continue to provide services for championship and destination events is to raise our rates, and we hope that you will continue to find our fees to be reasonable.

These rate changes are in place effective February 1, 2019. We will do our best not to surprise you with a change in the middle of a budget year in the future.

Thanks for your understanding. As always if you have any questions, please feel to reach out to me.

Thank you,

Larry Radloff
Managing Editor, d3photo LLC
Mobile: 920-410-3177

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