OGM Retreat 2017
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From last year's tribal experience in Almaty to this year in Oracle Arizona of 24 people, we will take the opportunity to use email this time to keep you updated. 
Phyllis Furumoto, Nur Stepanova, Svetlana
Agenda includes an update on Succession work, discovering how the functions of the Spiritual Lineage, Master Body and Student Body work together, and what is happening in the OGM today. 
Paul Mitchell, Elaine Andres
Docents are Jose de Vos, Carlos Sanchez, and Madina 
Abdurazzakova. Of the 23 people in the circle, 10 are students and masters from Uzbekistan! The other members of the circle are Jose and Karin from the Netherlands, Galina from Russia,  Penny, Sharron, Elaine, Larrisa, Poke, and Alona from the USA, Carlos from Argentina. Phyllis, Joyce and Paul ....of course.