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Simply Scrumptious
When it comes to our new menu items -- it is so easy to get excited. They are that good!
Tandoori Chicken Meal
Terrifically tantilizing!

Chicken Thigh roasted in traditional tandoori sauce. Served with Raita (Greek yogurt, cucumber, cumin spice and cilantro), Bombay Potatoes, Pilau Rice and a fresh Kachumber Salad.
Mango BBQ Chicken Entrée
Majorly mouthwatering!

Herb Roasted Chicken Thigh with house-made Mango Chipotle BBQ sauce. Served with red skinned garlic mashed potatoes & seasonal roasted vegetables
Asian Mixed Greens Salad
Absolutely Appetizing!
Spring greens, romaine and pea shoots mixed with fresh vegetables, mandarin oranges, and edamame. Garnished with crispy wonton and slivered almonds. Served with a house-made cilantro miso dressing. 

Kachumber Salad
Categorically cool!
Cucumber, carrot, tomato, peppers and onion with fresh lemon, cumin seeds and fresh cilantro. (This salad is included with the Tandoori Chicken Meal pictured above.)
Making Better Catering Decisions
There’s a meeting or event coming up and guess who was assigned to get the food?

A little exciting?

A little stressful?

There are only 2 trillion kinds of food in the world. (Approximately — we may have missed one or two when we counted.) You’re going to need to narrow down the options!

First, of course, the no-brainer is to order from Pacific Coast Catering! 😉 Our menu items have all been chef-created and customer tested. We also thoroughly test them to be sure they maintain their taste, texture, temperature and appearance when being delivered or catered.

Next are the obvious questions to ask when narrowing it down:
  1. What time of day do you want the food for?
  2. How hungry will people be when it’s time to eat?
  3. What’s your budget?

Those are great questions, but often they miss the most important one: What is the purpose of your meeting or event?

How can the food you order help make your meeting or event better (more productive, effective, impactful, memorable, connecting, fun, etc.)

Here are some things to be thinking about:
  1. Do you want drop-off service where we deliver, set-up and leave or catered event service where we stay to serve and/or replenish the food and beverages?
  2. Would you like a working lunch or quick meal? Check our our sandwiches and wraps or salads and power bowl.
  3. How about something to help people get going in the morning? We’ve got great breakfasts.
  4. Do you want to get people moving, mingling and mixing? Our platters and grazing tables are perfect options. Or take a look at our canapés and stations and dessert bars.
  5. Would it be good to have people sitting down for a meal? Take a look at our drop-off hot meals or catered event meals.
  6. Do you have larger group numbering in the hundreds or thousands, We have a variety of options for BBQs that are quick and easy.
  7. Would you like a simple meal or snack? Our Drop-Off menus have lots of options.
  8. Do you have a large number of people or are considering something more involved? Take a look at our Catered Events menus.

When you're ready for more information or ready to order, connect with our Catering Consultants. They will guide you through the process. (Online ordering is also available for drop off orders.)
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What is your favourite type of food that we create?
Sandwiches and Salads
Hot Food
Pastries and Desserts
Canapes, Stations and Platters
Last Month’s Poll Results
We asked: When do you start barbecuing? And you answered:
  • I never stopped — 21%
  • A particular day on the calendar, like the first day of spring — 18%
  • It has to be warm enough — 23%
  • BBQ - what's that? — 20%
  • I'm waiting for Pacific Coast Catering to fire up their grills —18%

Interpreting last month’s results
We had no idea that we would set off such a hot debate. Truly sizzling! The responses were so evenly divided. To all of you who answered last month's poll about barbecuing -- well done!
Seriously, if you don't get some barbecue from us this season, it might be your biggest missed steak of the year. Our Chef is so excited about it -- we think he's met the grill of his dreams!
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