January 26, 2023

CUC Masking Policy

Masking has been a significant part of our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 since we resumed in-person services in October 2020. The Deacons and Ushers have appreciated the understanding and cooperation of our congregation and singers in the more than two years since we asked all to mask. As COVID and its evolving variants have become part of daily life with little sign of letting up, mask fatigue has set in, and requests to make masking optional have increased. Vaccines have definitely helped reduce the severity of COVID illness, but not so much the risk of COVID infection as newer variants have succeeded in evading the wall of immunity put up by vaccines and previous infection. That leaves masking and distancing the primary tools we have to avoid infection in ourselves as well as passing it to others.

Fatigue after nearly three years of masking is certainly understandable, particularly as we see masking greatly decreased on the street and in other venues. We should be aware, though, that in venues where health of people is of greater concern than commercial interests, masks continue to be required. So where should we be in this regard? Feedback from other United Church of Christ (UCC) churches via the Hawai‘i Conference UCC finds that, as you might expect, they vary in their policies. However, the move toward optional masking is increasing.

Though we have done well in preventing spreader events with our masking policy in these past two years, we do feel it is time to consider moving to optional masking. It would be prudent, however, to wait the two months or so to early Spring to allow the Winter surge of the respiratory trifecta (COVID variant, RSV, Flu) to subside before we do. We will continue to monitor the result as well as welcome your feedback as we proceed. Do remember that COVID, in its constantly changing and infectious forms, will continue to be with us—so wearing a mask while among people still protects one’s neighbor as much as, or more than, it protects oneself. And get vaccinated and boosted!

—Dr. Nathan Wong, on behalf of the Reopening Liaison Team and the Church Council


January 29, 2023


Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Sermon by Rev. Mary Herbig

"For Such a Time as This"

10 AM - Sanctuary

Joint worship service

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10 AM - Online

Via Zoom or Facebook

2023 Annual Budget Meeting

& Vision Team Presentation

11 AM in the Parish Hall

This Sunday, following our 10 AM in-person and online worship services, we will gather for our Annual Budget Meeting at 11 AM both in the Parish Hall and on Zoom for the dual purpose of approving our 2023 Budget and hearing a presentation by the Vision Team on the future of Central Union Church.

Members are encouraged to register for the meeting via the email notice ("NOTICE: CUC 2023 Annual Budget Meeting & Vision Team Presentation") sent on Sunday, January 8. A second email will be sent to members tomorrow with further instructions and reminders. Contact kristen-young@centralunionchurch.org OR 808-440-3014 if you need assistance accessing the information to participate.

More info


Our nursery is open once again to serve our families with childcare for children from birth to age 3 during our 9 & 11 AM Sunday worship services!

Contact: cayanna-herrera@centralunionchurch.org

Sunday School is available for children (ages 3 – grade 5)

during the 9 and 11 AM worship services.

View the Youth schedule for this Sunday:

Youth will meet in the Sanctuary at 10AM and head over to the Youth room shortly into the combined service. Afterwards those who are able are invited to help Miss Cayanna for child care during the church budget meeting. When the meeting is over at 1pm we'll have lunch and then paint the lines for our Punahou Parking fundraiser. If it rains on Sunday, we will paint the lines later in the week, but rain or shine, we will have parking on Friday 2/3 and Saturday 2/4.

Any youth (grades 6–12) are always invited to participate!

Contact: melissa-thach@centralunionchurch.org


Central Union Windward Ministry

Sunday Worship

10 AM - Windward Sanctuary

Sermon by Kahu Dick Walenta

“The Be-Attitudes”

38 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kailua, Hawai‘i 96734 • (808) 254-3802 • cuwindward@gmail.com

CUC Pohnpei Ministry

Sunday Worship

The Pohnpei Ministry will participate in the 10 AM service in the Sanctuary.


A New Season for Faith Action

January 2023 Update

"With the departure of three deeply committed and beloved staff members, who resigned at the end of 2022, and the completed terms of recent board members, Faith Action is poised to step into a new future, still with faith as our foundation."


The Steering Committee, made up of representatives from the member units of Faith Action, has recommended that action be taken to seriously consider if and how the organization can continue. Many different voices will be needed as Faith Action envisions its path forward.

Please join us for a special gathering:

Treasuring the Past, Reimagining the Future

Saturday, February 18, from 10 AM to 1 PM at Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church (5339 Kalaniana’ole Highway).

All who wish to put faith in action are welcome to participate!

If you would like to attend, or if you have ideas or concerns to share but are unable to attend the gathering, please contact CUC's Steering Committee representative, Evy Hao (evyhao@gmail.com).

Read more

Support Our Youth!

Volunteers Needed for Youth Fundraiser

The CUC youth group's annual Punahou Parking Fundraiser is happening on February 3 & 4 and volunteers are needed! This year's funds will go toward a Kaua‘i youth retreat in the Summer. ALL are invited to help and join in on the fellowship in the fresh air!

Youth that want to participate in the Kaua‘i retreat should plan to volunteer. There's plenty of opportunity to volunteer—between 10 AM and 10 PM on both days. New youth are welcome!

If you are willing and able to serve on Friday or Saturday, please email Youth Director Melissa (melissa-thach@centralunionchurch.org) or sign up for a shift by clicking here.


View the January 2023 edition of The Spire:

The content deadline for the February 2023 publication of The Spire is Friday, January 27.

Please submit articles to news@centralunionchurch.org.

Don't Get Scammed!

BEWARE! Scammers often pose as pastors and try to take advantage of unsuspecting church members by contacting them through email or even text message, asking for a favor. If you receive any vague or strange message that appears to be from one of our pastors, check the sender's email address. If it does not match our pastors' email addresses, it is likely a scam. Delete the message and don't respond!

Our pastors' email addresses:



Please respond to messages from the above addresses!

If you are ever in doubt, call the church office: 808-941-0957

Read: New phishing scam uses church pastors' names as bait


Centering Prayer Meditation

All are welcome to join the Centering Prayer group:

  • Mondays, 7:30 PM on Zoom, contact margie3@mac.com for more info.
  • Wednesdays, 6:30 PM, in person at Central Union Church, Music Building.
Mindfulness with Marion

Mindfulness Meditation

Mondays, 5-5:30 PM on Zoom

Join on Zoom

Mindful Movement with Bamboo Sticks

Wednesdays, 4:00-4:45 PM on Zoom

Join on Zoom


  • Pray for the facilitators, leaders, and attendees of Sunday's Budget Meeting as we come together to consider how to best sustain the vital ministries of our church.

  • Pray for minds and hearts to be open as the Vision Team shares about possibilities for the future of our church.

  • Pray for those weighing and making decisions, big and small.
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