Practice Round #3
College Nicknames

Living in the Chicagoland area, you undoubtedly know the nicknames of all of the Big 10 schools, even Rutgers, Maryland, a nd Nebraska. You can also probably recite the moniker for every team in your alma mater's conference.  Many might even add their school's rivalry game opponent to that list as well.
Test your knowledge of college athletics by taking this quiz and trying to match the school with their noted nickname. Que stions of nickname s are likely to come up at the Sports Trivia Night on Friday, June 16.

This new fundraiser will take place in our air conditioned gymnasium from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  We are looking to attract 20-25 teams of 5 players each.  The entry fee is $125 per person or $500
for a team of 5 whioh includes pizza and snacks. 

The winning team gets their choice of three prizes:  A $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice, a foursome at our September 11 Golf Outing, or a table at next year's Auction. 

To find out more information on how to sign up your team, click here
       A.  Arizona                                     ___ Rebels                     
       B.  Mississippi                                 ___ Billikens
       C.  Arizona State                             ___ Bearcats     
       D.  Pennsylvania                             ___ Vandals
       E.  Arkansas                                   ___ Bulldogs     
       F.  Bradley                                     ___ Rams
       G.  Marquette                                 ___ Friars
       H.  Brigham Young                          ___ Cougars
       I.   New Mexico                               ___ Bears
       J.   UC Irvine                                   ___ Black Knights
       K.  Oklahoma State                          ___ Blue Jays
       L.  Central Michigan                         ___ Sooners     
       M.  Rutgers                                     ___ Blue Jays
       N.  Cincinnati                                  ___ Sun Devils
       O.  Creighton                                  ___ Cowboys
       P.  Providence                                 ___ Razorbacks
       Q.  Drake                                        ___ Anteaters   
       R.  St. Louis                                    ___ Golden Eagles
       S.  Fordham                                    ___ Lobos
       T.  Idaho                                        ___ Quakers
       U.  Rice                                          ___ Chippewas
       V.  Johns Hopkins                            ___ Scarlet Knights
       W. Lehigh                                       ___ Wildcats
       X.  Oklahoma                                  ___ Owls
       Y.  Army                                         ___ Braves
       Z.  Baylor                                        ___ Mountain Hawks

Scoring :
      23 or better          You're so hot it's time to turn on the air 
      19-22                   Nobody should underestimate you.
      15-19                   Do you ever listen to THE SCORE?
      14 or less             At least you're going to enjoy the pizza.  
Answers may be found on the June 1 E-Envelope under Sports Trivia Night.

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