Spring Training Study Guide #1
       'Chicago's Own'
Nobody expects to march into the gym for the first ever Sports Trivia Night contest on Friday, June 16 and be in mid-season form. While people may do an amazing job of answering questions on Jeopardy when they're watching from their couch, it's another matter when the clock is ticking and the pressure is on.

To help shake the cobwebs and get the creative juices flowing, we'll be lobbing some softball questions to your team over the next few weeks so you can start practicing for what promises to be an exciting night.
Batter Up!!

1.  Nicknamed "Popeye," this Cub was their last manager to win the National League Manager of the Year award. Who is he?                                  

2.  What former NBA lottery pick is the last Chicago Bull to win the league's 6th man of the year award?

3.  Walter Payton is the Bears all-time leader in rushing yards. What Pro Bowl running back ranks #2?

4.  Who holds the White Sox record for hitting the most HRs in one season? 

5.  What Hall of Fame defenseman holds the Blackhawks career record for penalty minutes?

6.  What former defensive legend was voted to the most number of Pro Bowls as a Chicago Bear?

7.  What 7-time All-Star reliever has the most saves in Chicago Cubs history?

8.  The Chicago Bulls last had a Hall of Famer on their team during the 2003-2004 season.
Wh o is he? 

9.  What Blackhawks goalie, and noted bird enthusiast, holds the record for most wins in a season?  

10. Who was the last Chicago White Sox pitcher to take home a Cy Young award, which he did in 1993?


    9-10        You're ready for prime time. 
                     No need for more training. 

    6-8          You show promise, but need more

    3-5          Is there still an opening on your team for
                    somebody who knows sports?

2 or less      Take your golf clubs and spend your time 
                     at the driving range getting ready for our
                     Golf Outing on September 11.
Answers can be found on May 18 E-Envelope under Sports Trivia Night.      

Volume 4, No. 34

May 17, 2017
There is less than a month to sign up for the
8th annual
Paul Pavlishin
Memorial Golf tournament
scheduled for June 12
at the beautiful
Stonebridge C.C.

 Paul, and his wife Patra, are parents of two alums...
Alex '06 and Nick '11

Proceeds from this event will
continue to support
Saints Peter and Paul School 
the Aurora Aces Baseball Club, and the 
Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
Golfers are asked to register online by using this link:


This new fundraising event will be held in our air conditioned gym on Friday, June 16, during Father's Day weekend.    
Check our sch ool we bsite 
for registration information.


We remain grateful for the 113 school families who have already made their tax-deductible gift to this year's Annual Fund.    
Unfortunately we are still short of our $75,000 dollar goal,and need another 95 gifts to reach 75% parent participation.

The AFD runs through June 30.

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