Practice Round #4 
 General Sports Knowledge
There is little time left.  To be exact, there are only eight days left to register your team for the first-ever Saints Peter and Paul School Sports Trivia Night   which takes place on Friday, June 16, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. in our gym. Registration is $125 per person or $500 for a team of five. Your fee includes pizza, snacks, and pop. You are welcome to bring your own beer and wine.

Each week we've provided you with some sports trivia questions to help prepare your group for the 'real deal.'  Let's see how well you do today! 
To register your team, click here
 1.  Who was the last horse to win the Triple Crown?
       Seattle Slew            American Pharoah        Secretariat
2.  Who was the Hall of Fame pitcher who was
     also a senator from Kentucky? 
        Roger Clemens    Jim Bunning    Jesse Ventura
3.  Which basketball Hall of Famer was also a    
     senator from New Jersey?
         Earl Monroe         Jack Kemp       Bill Bradley
4.  Why was there no World Series in 1994?
         Earthquake             Hurricane                   Player's strike

5.  How many pins do you have to knock down to bowl a perfect
          144                       120                           100
6.  How high is the basketball hoop?
          9 feet             10 feet               11 feet
7.  Raging Bull, the classic 1980 movie is about which real life 
           Mike Tyson   Rocky Marciano      Jake LaMotta   
8.  Which NFL team appeared in four consecutive 
     Super Bowls from 19911994 and lost them all?
 Green Bay Packers   Buffalo Bills    Minnesota Vikings

9.  Which boxer inflicted Muhammad Ali's first
     defeat in professional  boxing?
    Leon Spinks        Buster Mathis        Joe Frazier
10. Who is the NFL's all-time leading rusher?
       Walter Payton      Jim Brown       Emmit Smith
11. Who is the only athlete to ever play in the
      World Series and Super Bowl?
             Bo Jackson          Deion Sanders        Jackie Jense n 
12. Which team did the Cubs play in the 1945 World Series?
       White Sox     NY Yankees    Detroit Tigers
13. Which Australian tennis player is the only player to complete the
      Grand Slam (winning all four major titles in the same season) on two
         Pancho Gonzales      Bill Tilden          Rod Laver

14. Who is the first African-American to play
      baseball in the American League? 
     Satchel Paige   Larry Doby    Minnie Minoso
15.  Which NFL quarterback has been to the
       most Super Bowls?
         Tom Brady     Brett Favre   Jim Kelly 
16. Which hockey player has won the most
     Stanley Cups with 11 titles  
        Wayne Gretzky       Henri Richard         Bobby Hull
17. Where did the sport of curling originate?
             England                 Wales                    Scotland
18. In what country did table tennis originate?
        England              Japan                China

19. Which was the first NFL wild card team to win the Super Bowl? 
        New England        Pittsburgh          Oakland
20. Who is the only player to be named MVP in both the
      American and National League? 
         Jackie Robinson       Frank Robinson        Alfonso Soriano
21. Which Big Ten team has won the most Rose Bowl's
       Ohio State     Michigan   Michigan State
22. Who beat Roger Maris' record for the
      most homer runs in a single season?
       Hank Aaron   Willie Mays    Barry Bonds
23. Which of these schools does not call
      the tiger its mascot?
        Princeton   Missouri    Clemson   Maine
24. Who is the only player ever to score
     100 points in an NBA game? 
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar    Wilt Chamberlain     Michael Jordan
25.  Before the Bulls, Chicago had two other entries in the NBA.  
      Which of the following was not one of their nicknames?
                 Zephyrs               Rush                 Packers
       21 +              You're going to be a force to be reckoned with.
       17-20             Nobody should bet against you.
       13-16             Start cramming.
       10-12            Dress well so at least you'll look good.
         9 or less      At least you're getting out of the house. 

Volume 4, No. 38

June 7, 2017


This exciting new fundraising event is a great opportunity to match your knowledge of sports with others.

Get your team of five together for the competition that will be held in our air conditioned gym on Friday, June 16, during Father's Day weekend.    

Paul Pavlishin
Memorial Golf tournament
Scheduled for June 12   
at Stonebridge C.C.

Proceeds from this event
continue to support
Saints Peter and Paul School 
the Aurora Aces Baseball Club, and the 
Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
Register online by using  this link:

We remain grateful for the 113 school families who have already made their tax-deductible gift to this year's Annual Fund.    
Unfortunately we are still short of our $75,000 dollar goal,and need another 95 gifts to reach 75% parent participation.

The AFD runs through June 30.

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