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We have been hearing a lot about this topic as distance learning has been implemented. Lost in all this are the 8.5 million+ students (according to Pew Research) who are not equipped to be educated remotely. This may be due to not having the hardware. It could be due to no access to the internet, broadband, and WiFi.

MSA was invited to join the board of a new coalition put together by the National Education Association (NEA). Essentially, the goal is to advocate on behalf of the students who are beset by the “homework gap,” making it difficult for these students to receive online education. Meetings with the NEA and others begin today, and we will keep MSA members apprised of our work.

MSA is collecting stories about how schools and districts are dealing with the changes, like distance learning and equity, due to the virus. Please share yours, and then we will be sharing them all! Email us: [email protected].
MSA Certification
The MSA Certification window will remain OPEN! We are here for you knowing that COVID-19 and school closures are a national reality. If you think that your school will be applying for this NEW Certification cohort, please complete the online application and we will address the payment at a later date. We will extend the payment deadline through September of 2020. Allow YOUR school the chance to attain MSA's National Certified status and join the 150+ schools that have successfully completed this worthwhile effort!  Watch a quick 3-minute video to hear what those who have been Certified say about the process.
MSA Virtual Roundtables
In an effort to keep members connected to each other, and to learn at the same time, MSA launched its Virtual Roundtable sessions. The first one was focused on distance learning, and last week’s highlighted the Coronavirus Aid Package. At 1 p.m. ET today, we have an incredible thought-leader session on equity. Register for today's Roundtable. You won’t want to miss this.

And save the date and register for our Virtual Roundtable on Distance Learning, and Creating a Community, Virtuallyat 1 p.m. ET Thursday, April 23.
It is still uncertain when Congress will reconvene, and when it will tackle appropriations spending for education. Meanwhile, we worked with Members of Congress until they left town at the end of March to further MSAP funding. At our request, many MSA members wrote to Members of Congress requesting continued support of MSAP funding as Appropriations Committee Members assembled budget line item requests. These communications, on top of MSA’s work with Congressional staff, resulted in an all-important increase in Senate support. The number of Senators signing MSA’s letter rose from three last year to twelve this year. MSA will keep our membership apprised of the outcomes with the final bill.

Meanwhile, MSA has reached out to the Department of Education to let them know that some of our members are having difficulty finishing their APRs and may be challenged in hitting the deadline for grant applications. Our communication was received and appreciated.
NIMSL Services Update
NIMSL has analyzed our Professional Development Services that districts have grouped together in the past to help YOU target your magnet school's professional development needs.

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Contact Director Kelly Bucherie at [email protected] to schedule your PD today!
Magnets in the News
Dual language teachers try to 'stay the course' separated from classrooms
In late February, Holbrook Language Academy in Concord, California, a two-way, Spanish and English dual immersion magnet school, held a workshop to educate parents about the domains of language learning — reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking. Read more.

District addresses technology gaps
At the beginning of the Minneapolis school district’s second week of remote education, the district had distributed internet-connected devices to about 70% of the roughly 13,000 MPS students who need one, communications director Julie Schultz Brown wrote in an email. Read more.

MSA is collecting stories about how schools and districts
are dealing with the changes due to the virus.
Please share yours, and then we will be sharing them all!
 Send along to [email protected] .

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