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MSA Successful on House Committee Appropriations for MSAP
The House Appropriations Committee is sending to the House floor education funding that includes a $2M increase in MSAP grants from $107M to $109M. Given other changes in the bill (such as a $40M cut from charter schools), MSA feels fortunate to have an increase at all. The House vote should occur in the next two to three weeks. Timing has not yet been set for Senate deliberations, due to uncertainty with the priority being given to the next round of COVID funding.

The greatest testament to the progress MSA is making with legislators is this language in the Committee's report to the full House:

The evidence base in support of increasing student diversity as a means of school improvement is extensive, which is why the Committee continues to support the Magnet School Assistance program.
Digital Divide
MSA continues to work with a vast coalition of education organizations to support significant funding for internet access for those K-12 students in need. A relatively recent survey by Common Sense and the Boston Consulting Group contained new estimates of the number of students without access. After eliminating cell phones, the homework gap climbed from nearly 12 million to a new estimate of 15-16 million who either do not have internet or a device. Approximately nine million have neither. Moreover, this study found that close to 400,000 teachers do not have access.

The new analysis now forecasts that the first-year cost to close the digital divide is between $6 billion and $11 billion for students, and another $1 billion for teachers.

The chart below shows the 10 states with the highest proportion of students lacking adequate connectivity.
MSA Updated Mission and Vision
In addition to completing a new Strategic Plan, which will lay out a direction for MSA for the next several years, we also updated our Mission and Vision.

You may view the Strategic Plan here. You may read the new Mission and Vision here.
Join Us Online for the Fall Technical Assistance Conference
Join us this fall, October 14-16, as we re-imagine the role of magnets in the new normal. Be part of the conversations and discussions as we re-imagine the role of magnets in the new normal. #inthistogether #msavirtual

MSA Certification
You can do this ( virtually )! Your work is not dependent on your brick and mortar buildings - you have ensured strength in theme implementation and integration, collaboration, and partnerships prior to staying home.  This journey can begin with your team working collaboratively to celebrate your strengths and zero in on your challenges.  Sign up today!

Some feedback from those who have participated:

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