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On the Journey: Renewal (2019 Apr) - HERE
Practice of the Week: Walking as a Spiritual Discipline I learn about my body, how it's related to my thoughts and emotions, and how it responds to the world as I walk. I feel the connection of my skin. I become part of the world I am walking through. The discipline of attentive walking brings me awareness and connection. READ MORE
Religious Education   Last Sunday in the sanctuary, the revamping of The Sound of Music to "The Sound of Money" for our canvass kick-off was not only original (written by Rev. Garmon) but beautifully executed by Kim Force and the ensemble. In RE some classes learned about female composers who often didn't get credit while other students were asked "Is there a God?" Another Sunday of entertaining, thought provoking, and insightful engagement!... READ MORE
From the Music Director   April's theme of Renewal finds expression in this Sunday's solo piano selections, which include a wealth of inspirations from the natural world and Unitarian composer Edvard Grieg's celebration of regeneration in the Offertory. Francis Poulenc's lively reworking of Renaissance-era courtly dances in a more modern, dissonant idiom represents a specifically musical sort of renewal... READ MORE
Upcoming Worship Services

Sun Apr 7, 10:00 AM
Rev. Meredith Garmon

Sun Apr 14, 10:00 AM
"Animal Blessing"
Rev. Meredith Garmon
Join us as we celebrate animals and Earth Day! We invite you to bring your companion animals (if you and they would be comfortable) or bring a photograph for this annual tradition. Multigenerational worship - children welcome!
Our Faith Family
With great sadness we share that Perry Montrose's father, Dr Stuart Montrose, passed away this week. He was surrounded by all his children and his wife, Valerie. Our deepest sympathies go out to Perry and his family.

From the Hunger & Homelessness Team
Appliance & Sports Equipment/Games Collection, Sun Apr 7 - Sun Apr 21
Donate small home appliances for the clients of Furniture Sharehouse, and sports equipment and games for Coachman Family Center. Bring items to lobby on Sundays, or room 44 during the week. Questions? Sports equipment/games: Ray Messing (; Furniture: Scott Damashek (
Cooking for HOPE
Meal Prep for HOPE Soup Kitchen, Sun Apr 7, 11:30am, Kitchen
Support members of the Hunger and Homelessness social justice team as we prepare a hot meal for the 100 clients of the HOPE Community Services soup kitchen. Contact: Nicole Turygin (
"Our Dreams Are Inspired"
2019 Annual Giving Campaign
CUUC is an important part of our lives, and our religious faith is a necessary force for good in the world. Both require our support to remain healthy and vital. Help make "Our Dreams" come true. Return your pledge form promptly, or pledge online at Contact: Chris Kortlandt (
From Environmental Practices
Thinking of hitting the road this summer? The 2019 new car lineup offers 24 hybrid vehicles from 12 manufacturers: Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Chevy, Lexus, Ford, Lincoln, Buick, Acura, Audi, and Mercedes Benz. Unless you have a second car, hybrids avoid the "range-anxiety" of an all-electric vehicle. Click through Car and Driver's photo gallery and reviews to get a read on gas mileage HERE. In other exciting car news, all-electric vehicles ("EV") are expected in 2020 from manufacturers such as Austin-Martin, Bolinger, Jeep, Mercedes, and Porsche. Learn more HERE.
Wise Aging
Wise Aging Group, Tue Apr 9, 3:00pm, Fireside
Join our group where we explore aging as a personal and spiritual practice, and support one another in our journeys. We follow the book, Wise Aging: Living with Joy, Resilience, and Spirit. Contact: Rev. LoraKim Joyner (, 914-948-1696). 
Science & Spirituality
Science & Spirituality, Thu Apr 11, 11:30am, Fireside 
We meet the second and fourth Thursday and discuss books and articles on the intersection of spirituality and science. Join us! Contact: Barbara Mair (
Faith Development Friday
Faith Development Friday, Fri Apr 12, CUUC 
Our monthly evening of learning, spiritual growth, and community. 6:15pm Pizza & Salad Community Dinner; 7:00pm Programs; 8:30pm Coffee. Programs include "Faith Like a River" Adult RE and Family Journey Group. All are welcome to stay to share coffee and a chat. RSVP to by Fri 12:00 noon (so we know how much pizza to order).
Adult Religious Exploration  
"Faith Like a River" Adult RE, Fri Apr 12, 7:00pm, Fireside Area
Join us as we trace the unique history of theological and institutional Unitarianism, highlighting important people and turning points. RSVP You may also join online via Zoom videoconferencing (online at, by phone at 646-876-9923).
Book Discussion
White Fragility Book Discussion, Sun Apr 14, 11:40am, Fellowship Hall
According to the New Yorker, "The value in White Fragility lies in its methodical, irrefutable exposure of racism in thought and action, and its call for humility and vigilance." Reading the book isn't necessary for participating in our discussion; just by living in the U.S. you'll have plenty to share from your own "lived experience." But the book presents interesting ways of thinking about racism, as described in the New Yorker review HERE. You can find a Cliff Notes-type summary of the book on Amazon HERE. Copies are available for sale after service on Sundays. 
Variety Show
CUUC Variety Show 2019, Sat May 4, Sanctuary
Tickets on sale this Sun Apr 7 for the annual event that puts the FUN in fundraiser! All ages take the stage to show their skills as we raise money for the organization PrideWorks. Sign up your act on the board in the RE hallway, get out your cookie sheets and cake pans to contribute to the bake sale, and solicit donations from your favorite shops for our prizes. Contact: Kate Breault ( Bake sale: Benetta Barnett (
Recycling Tour 
Tour of Materials Recovery Facility, Mon Apr 22, 11:00am, Yonkers
Come see firsthand how the items you recycle are processed and reused. Children welcome - a great educational family outing to plan during school vacation. Carpool from CUUC leaves at 10:30am. Join us afterward at Grassy Sprain Diner in Yonkers for lunch and discussion. Organized by the CUUC Environmental Practices Group. Learn more HERE. RSVP by Thu Apr 18 to Joe Majsak ( ).   
Music at CUUC 
CUUC Spring Concert, Sun Apr 28, 12:30pm, Sanctuary
Come hear clarinetist Pascal Archer and pianist Adam Kent performing the music of Brahms, Poulenc, and Leo Werner, plus the CUUC Choir singing pieces by Schubert, Brahms, and Bernstein, including favorites from West Side Story , On the Town , and Candide . Discount tickets on sale Sunday during coffee hour. See flyer HERE. 
Nominating Committee Members Wanted

The Board of Trustees is seeking two members of the Congregation to serve on the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee for a three-year term beginning this June. The role of the Committee is to select candidates, from among the members of the Congregation, for vacancies on the Board of Trustees, including the offices of Secretary and Treasurer. Nominees should have a familiarity with members of this Congregation to aid in the nomination process. The Committee also has the authority to sponsor leadership development activities for the Congregation. If you are interested or would like to recommend someone (with their approval), please contact Board Chair Dean Silverberg (, 212-351-4642). The deadline for nominations is Sun May 5. 
Do You Have a Sermon in You?

The Summer Services Task Force Wants to Know!
Would you like to lead a summer service? Or do you know a speaker you want to have lead a worship? We have several summer dates available. Please email your interest, your topic, or the name of the speaker you recommend, to Pam Parker ( by Mon Apr 15.  
Social Justice Opportunities
"Fact or Fake: Exploring the Role of Media in Politics" Workshops, Local Libraries, Apr 11 - Tue Apr 30
Presented by the League of Women Voters in collaboration with the Westchester Library System, as part of their "Know Your Government" series. Find venues HERE.
See more environmental and social justice opportunities HERE
Share the Plate for April: Furniture Sharehouse
We share half our non-pledge collection this month with Furniture Sharehouse, an organization that provides free furniture to economically disadvantaged individuals and families living in Westchester, giving them basic household furnishings to enable them to rebuild their lives and live with dignity. Founded in April 2007, the charity has helped over 4,000 households/12,500 people in need, and distributed over 67,000 pieces of furniture. Learn more at  
Caring & Sharing Circle

If anyone knows of another among us who is in need of a caregiver, please contact Carole Mehta (914-234-6294, or Julie Gans (914-937-7899, Or contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
This Week at CUUC
The full calendar can be found HERE. Room numbers subject to change; please check the board on Sunday morning. To reserve a room or Zoom online meeting, contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
Fri Apr 5 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 6:00pm Animal Advocacy

Sat Apr 6 - 9:00am Metro NY Junior Youth Con; 10:00am Zen; 12:30pm Journey Group Facilitators

Sun Apr 7 - 6:30am Metro NY Junior Youth Con; 9:30am Nursery Care; 10:00am Worship; 11:15am Coffee Hour; 12:00pm Meal Preparation for HOPE; 2:30pm Journey Group - Rev. Joyner

Mon Apr 8 - 5:00pm Rental: Exercise; 6:30pm T'ai-ch'i

Tue Apr 9 - 10:00am Rental: Exercise; 3:00pm Wise Aging Group; 7:00pm  Rental: WCSPP; 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal

Wed April 10 - 7:30pm Board of Trustees

Thu April 11 - 11:30am Science & Spirituality Group; 7:30pm Journey Group - D. Manetta, K. McGahren-Clemens

Fri Apr 12 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 11:00am Journey Group - Rev. Garmon; 6:15pm Faith Development Friday - 6:15 Pizza, 7:00 Programs, 8:30 Coffee

Sat Apr 13 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 10:00am Zen; 1:00pm Rental: WCBNY; 3:00pm Rental: Private Party

Sun Apr 14 - 8:15am RE Council; 9:00am Environmental Practices; 9:30am Nursery Care; 10:00am Worship: Animal Blessing; 11:15am Coffee Hour; 11:40am White Fragility Book Discussion     

Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon,, 914-946-1660 x3
Director of Faith Development: Perry Montrose,, 914-946-1660 x4
Coordinator of Religious Education: Michele Rinaldi,, 914-946-1660 x4
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra,, 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner,
Music Director: Adam Kent,, 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer,
Congregational & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker,, 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson,, 914-946-1660 x5
Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Dean Silverberg,
Vice Chair: Al Rocchi,
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt,
Social Justice Coordinators
Jeff Tomlinson,
Mary Cavallero,
Rev. Meredith Garmon,
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From the Minister

In spring, butterflies emerge from the cocoons into which they went, as caterpillars, about a week before. If you were to open a cocoon midway through that week, you would find it filled with whitish mush. I do not recommend this, because it kills the butterfly-to-be. Still, I recall as a child that I did once open a cocoon. The mush inside is not a caterpillar, nor is it a butterfly, nor is it some in-between half-caterpillar-half-butterfly. There is, in fact, no recognizable portion of anything alive. It's just unpromising goo.

You might have thought that some logical and orderly transition was going on inside that cocoon: that the caterpillar's body was becoming sleek and segmented and wings were sprouting out of its back. But no. The caterpillar dissolves away entirely into goo. I imagine it wondering, in some dim gooey way, whether it should have remained a caterpillar. From the undifferentiated goo, a butterfly begins to form. The transition's logic and order, if it has any, are invisible mysteries.

Transformation requires this courage: to let what you have been melt into a sticky puddle.

To get from the caterpillar that we now are to the butterfly that we may become sometimes requires a goo phase: some time spent being nothing at all - just a mushy mess. This is not a matter of intentional choice. You can't deliberately decide to be a mushy mess for a while. Rather, we simply find that, through no power of our own, the life we have known has dissolved, and we along with it have become undefined and shapeless: an indeterminate mystery of limitless possibility.

If you happen to be in a goo-ish time right now -- or if you know someone who seems to be -- just keep in mind that, even though it seems that nothing is happening, quite likely, something is cooking. Inside the chrysalis, molecules rearrange themselves, following a DNA recipe far beyond the ken of caterpillar or butterfly. Inside us, too, in times when our lives seem to be goo, imperceptible rearrangement is occurring, beyond the ken of our understanding. Out of the opaque mysterious soup, a new life is forming. Have faith.

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