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On the Journey: Beauty (2019 May) - HERE
From the Minister: Fri May 10 - HERE
Practice of the Week: Rare, Precious Fluke Of all the species that have ever lived, 99.9 percent are extinct. They evolved into being, lived for a time, and are now gone. We humans, tiny newcomers on the cosmic stage, are rare and precious-a gem indeed. Yet every species emerged from the tangled thicket of evolutionary history going back to the beginnings of life. They are all rare and precious gems. READ MORE
List of all Practices of the Week - HERE
From the Music Director  Unlikely beauty is embodied in much of Beethoven's music, which sometimes baffled his contemporaries with its sudden juxtapositions of diverse moods and affects... In the Centering Music, female composers of Ragtime are featured, in recognition of Mothers' Day and to call attention to the contributions of overlooked demographics. Elsewhere, the CUUC Choir is on hand, with a touching lullaby from the Sephardic tradition and a timeless expression of beauty by John Rutter... READ MORE
Religious Education  Last Sunday we had dinosaurs, fossils, turtles, and the like in our Wonder Box story, as Perry Montrose read the whimsical poems of Ogden Nash while Adam Kent provided music. Later the 4-7 students became "Eco Experts" with the help of Janet Bear and the Environmental Practices Group. This week Social Justice Sundays continue when the 4-7 kids hear about giving from Ray Messing with Ivan Smith of the Coachman Family Center. RE This Sunday: Grades K-3 start in Fellowship Hall for Children's Worship. Grades 4-12 start in class... READ MORE
Upcoming Worship Services

Sun May 12, 10:00 AM  
" Beauty"
Rev. Meredith Garmon
Is it really in the eye of the beholder? What's the connection between The Beautiful and The Good and The True? What is beauty and why do we need it? 
Sun May 19, 10:00 AM  
"Beauty of Differences"
Rev. Kimberley Debus, Rev. Meredith Garmon
Rev. Kimberley Debus shares the pulpit with Rev. Garmon as they talk about different approaches to ministry. Kimberley will be our minister while Meredith is on sabbatical from October 2019 to April 2020.
Faith Development Friday
Faith Development Friday, Fri May 10, CUUC
Our evening of learning, spiritual growth, and community. 6:15pm Pizza & Salad Dinner; 7:00pm Programs; 8:30pm Coffee. Programs include "Faith Like a River" Adult RE and Family Journey Group. RSVP to by Fri 12:00 noon so we know how much pizza to order. 
Adult Religious Exploration
"Faith Like a River" Adult RE, Fri May 10, 7:00pm, Fireside Area
Join us as we trace the history of theological and institutional Unitarianism, highlighting important people and turning points. RSVP You may also join online via Zoom videoconferencing (, by phone at 646-876-9923).
Music at CUUC presents
JazzFest! Sat May 18, 8:00pm, Sanctuary  
Jazz legend Valerie Capers & her trio return to CUUC for an evening of jazz standards all transformed by Ms. Caper's inimitable touch and style. An evening not to be missed! Discounted tickets will be available during Sunday coffee hour, or you can order online HERE . 
Tables Wanted  
Do you have a card table CUUC can borrow? We want to use it to transform the sanctuary into a cabaret for the Jazzfest concert on Sat May 18. If you can help, please mark the table with your name and bring to CUUC on Sun May 12. Questions? Contact Janet Bear (, 914-833-3695).
Annual Meeting 2019
Annual Meeting, Sun Jun 2, following Worship
The Board of Trustees will call the Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, June 2, 2019, for the purpose of:
  • receiving annual reports;
  • voting on the Board of Trustees slate presented by the Nominating Committee;
  • electing members to the Nominating Committee; and
  • voting on CUUC's operating budget for July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.
Please plan to attend this important meeting. Committee Chairs, please submit your reports to the administrator by May 15.

Voting on the Annual Budget for Longtime Friends
The Board shall allow nonmembers sixteen years of age or older who have been more than occasional attendants at the worship services and who have made annual recorded contributions to the financial support of the Congregation during each of the preceding 10 years, who so request it in writing, to be permitted to vote on approval of annual Congregation operating and capital budgets. If you would like to make a request, please contact the congregation office (, 914-946-1660 x2). 
Household Recycling Day  
Spring cleaning? Household Recycling Day is Sat May 18, when you can bring your discards to the MRF (Material Recovery Facility) on Stew Leonard Drive in Yonkers for recycling (see flyer HERE for details). Your local sanitation department will also designate a day or more for curbside pick up of these household waste materials - contact them for details. If you have hardcover bound books, you may wish to stockpile them because Westchester County may begin to recycle hardcover bound books in the future. 
CUUC on Facebook
Stay informed and connected! Check the latest on congregation events at our public CUUC page, . And join CUUC Forum , the private Facebook group for Members and Friends, where we share info, opinions, photos, or a thought for the day. Go to and click "Join." Not a Member yet and want to be? Contact to set up an appointment with Rev. Garmon.  
Outside Events at CUUC
Holocaust Remembrance Day Program, Sat May 11, 2:30pm, Fellowship Hall
The Westchester Community for Humanistic Judaism hosts a special screening of Disobedience: The Sousa Mendes Story, a documentary about a Portuguese Consul General stationed in Bordeaux, France, during World War II who defied orders and issued more than 30,000 visas to people fleeing the Holocaust. Free; donations welcome.  
The Pulpit Editorial
Members of CUUC have the privilege to speak from the pulpit during worship services on matters of conscience. To reserve pulpit editorial spots, speakers will first contact Rev. Garmon to inform him of the topic and obtain his consent. Speakers should then contact the office to confirm a date on the worship schedule. Editorials will be no more four minutes long (about two double-spaced typewritten pages), and printed copies will be made available after the service to anyone interested. The opinions expressed will be clearly announced as those of the speakers. At the beginning of their editorials, speakers will say they are willing to participate in further discussion after the worship service.  
Rental Request
Aiden Braun, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, NJ, is looking for a short term rental while he works as a substitute music teacher in Mamaroneck. Rooms in a house are OK. If you can help, contact Aiden at .  
College Scholarship Awards
Each year CUUC offers two scholarships in the amount of $250 for ourgraduating seniors. Please send a short essay on your contributions and leadership at CUUC, with a brief explanation of how the scholarship will be used and the names of two CUUC references to by Fri May 31. 
From the Auction Committee  
We Need Sheets!
Please donate your gently used sheets so the Auction decorating committee can get to work making their magic! Light colored, flat sheets, any size wanted. Drop off in lobby. Contact: Claire Flower (   
Neighboring Faiths

The American Muslim Women's Association (AMWA) invites us to these local programs for Ramadam:
Breaking of the Fast, W ed May 15, Westchester Muslim Center, 22 Brookfield Rd, Mt. Vernon, 7:15pm  Please RSVP to
Interfaith Iftar/Dinner, Wed May 22, County Center, White Plains, 6:30pm
Hosted by the Masajid Collaborative of Westchester. Contact: Paula Yakout (  
GA 2019

UUA General Assembly (GA), June 19-23, Spokane, WA
Visit for * Programming Information * Registration and Housing * Financial Aid Information * Volunteer Opportunities * Off-site registration also available. Learn more at . If you are interested in being a delegate to GA from CUUC, contact board chair Dean Silverberg (
In the Region

Our Whole Lives Trainings are now scheduled for the summer. The Central East Region is sponsoring 8 Trainings - 2 Elementary level, 2 Young Adult/Adult/Older Adult and 4 Junior/Senior High School level, in nine locations on six different weekends over the summer. Visit . 
Share the Plate for May: WCC Student Aid Programs
We donate half our non-pledge collection this month to programs that support local low-income college students. Westchester Community College (WCC) has established an Emergency Transportation Fund to offer metro/bus passes to eligible students, and a Food Pantry to support students with food insecurity.
Caring & Sharing Circle
If anyone knows of another among us who is in need of a caregiver, please contact Carole Mehta (914-234-6294, or Lois Holt (914-329-0603, Or contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
This Week at CUUC
The full calendar can be found HERE. Room numbers subject to change; please check the board on Sunday morning. To reserve a room or Zoom online meeting, contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
Fri May 10 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 11:00am Journey Group - Rev. Garmon; 6:15pm Faith Development Friday - 6:15 Pizza, 7:00 Programs, 8:30 Coffee
Sat May 11 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 10:00am Zen; 10:30am Auction Event - Myers-Briggs Personality Types; 1:00pm Rental: WCBNY; 2:30pm  Rental: WCHJ
Sun May 12 - 8:15am RE Council; 8:45am Choir Rehearsal; 9:30am Nursery Care; 10:00am Worship; 11:15am Coffee Hour
Mon May 13 - 5:00pm Rental: Exercise; 6:30pm T'ai-ch'i; 8:00pm Rental: Amnesty International
Tue May 14 - 10:00am Rental: Exercise; 7:00pm Rental: WCSPP; 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal
Thu May 16 - 7:00pm Journey Group-Van Hoomissen; 7:30pm Building Committee; 7:30pm Committee On Ministry
Fri May 17 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 7:30pm BOT Meeting with Sabbatical Minister
Sat May 18 - 9:00am Meetings with Sabbatical Minister; 9:00am Rental: Exercise; 10:00am Zen; 10:00am Welcome Committee; 2:30pm Rental: WCHJ; 8:00pm Concert: Valerie Capers & Trio
Sun May 19 - 9:00am Hunger & Homelessness; 9:30am Nursery Care; 10:00am Worship; 11:15am Coffee Hour; 11:20am Newcomers' Conversation; 11:40am Sunday Journey Groups; 2:00pm Rental: Hoff Barthelson; 5:00pm Journey Group-Leahy

Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon,, 914-946-1660 x3
Director of Faith Development: Perry Montrose,, 914-946-1660 x4
Coordinator of Religious Education: Michele Rinaldi,, 914-946-1660 x4
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra,, 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner,
Music Director: Adam Kent,, 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer,
Congregational & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker,, 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson,, 914-946-1660 x5
Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Dean Silverberg,
Vice Chair: Al Rocchi,
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt,
Social Justice Coordinators
Jeff Tomlinson,
Mary Cavallero,
Rev. Meredith Garmon,
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Boundless Way Zen of Westchester
There are many noncongregational ways to pursue spiritual development - books, classes, regular sessions with a spiritual counselor. Congregational life brings some unique features to the spiritual path. For better and for worse, congregational life includes these five features you won't find on other paths of spiritual development.

1. Self-governance: involvement with committees; democratic participation in, and approval of, the budget process; deliberating about policies, procedures, bylaws; creating and leading programs. Congregations give you a role in running the place. Yoga classes or sessions with a spiritual therapist don't. I know that the prospect of being on a committee may not be very appealing. Spiritual community that is run by the seekers themselves offers a unique level of richness, meaning, and connection.

2. Group Identity and Belonging. There is deep satisfaction in being a member of the Unitarian Universalist "tribe." Belongingness in a community of care and concern is a deep human need. Many such communities, including Unitarian Universalist ones, work at mitigating the insular aspects that some communities develop. We want to ensure that our identity as "UUs" doesn't exclude other identities. UU Christians, UU atheists, UU Buddhists, UU pagans, UU Jews, UU Humanists, and others, all find belonging as Unitarian Universalists.

3. Family membership. Family belongingness -- both parents and children in a context of multiple generations -- is an integral feature of congregational life. You don't get that with a spiritual counselor or a meditation class.

4. Caring for each other. Congregation members show love and care to other members - building friendships at congregation gatherings, visiting each other for social occasions and when one of us is sick. These things will naturally happen among a circle of friends, but congregational life affords the chance to have a bigger circle. It's nice to care and be cared about by people that know you well. Caring and being cared about by group members that may not (yet) know you all that well adds a rewarding layer of meaning to life.

5. Social justice action as a faith community. You don't have to be in a congregation to work for social justice, but in congregations, justice and spirituality are integrated. This may not be so true in some denominations, but it tends to be the Unitarian Universalist way. Working with fellow congregants on justice projects is an essential part of our spiritual path.

Yours in faith,
Your Moment of Zen: The Best Turning Points Owl came forward one evening and called up to Raven on his perch, saying, "Jackrabbit Roshi was the first teacher you met." Raven said, "That's right." Owl said, "I've heard he said the best turning points come out of your own situation. Did you ever hear him say such a thing?" Raven said, "What's...READ MORE
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