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October issue of On the Journey: Awe -- Click HERE
This week's post from the Sabbatical Minister HERE 
Practice of the Week: Fall in Love
Try this with your spouse -- or a prospective spouse. Or try it with any friend if the two of you are game for being drawn closer together. It's a remarkably effective procedure for two people to develop closeness in a about an hour or two. For people on a first date, the process almost always makes them feel better about each other and want to see each other again... READ MORE
Classes meet this Sunday and we have our first Children's Worship service! We will all begin in the sanctuary at 10:00am. After the Time for All Ages story, we leave for classes & children's worship where we meet until 11:30am. Remember, children 3rd grade and younger must be picked up at 11:30am. Those 4th grade and older will be dismissed to head to coffee hour... READ MORE.
Ermst Bloch and Max Bruch: their names may summon up a wad of phlegm, but they are best remembered for some of the most poignant Jewish-sounding music in the classical repertoire. We welcome back cellist Caleb van der Swaagh to perform their music, including Bruch's celebrated arrangement of Kol Nidre. The CUUC Choir offers a Hebraic song and a powerful statement of faith in the midst of vulnerability by K. Lee Scott. .. READ MORE .
Upcoming Worship Services
Sun Oct 6, 10:00am
"The Days of Awe
Rev. Kimberley Debus   
Jews around the world celebrate the time between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as "The Days of Awe" - a time of forgiveness, reconciliation, and preparation for the new year. Together, we will celebrate our own version of these holy days.
Sun Oct 13, 10:00am
"Eat More Pie"
Rev. Kimberley Debus
There is something about pie that speaks to all of us - it is one of the few truly universal foods. We'll explore what pie means, what we can learn from pie, and how taking time for pie feeds our souls as well as our bodies.(Whole Congregation Worship - bring a sweet or savory pie to share at coffee hour!) 
Our CUUC YouTube Channel has videos of many past services. Check it out HERE!
Rev. Kimberley is Here!
Our sabbatical minister, Rev. Kimberley Debus, has arrived! She will be with us until Rev. Meredith Garmon returns on April 1. Stop by and say Hi during her open office hours, Wednesdays 9:00am-1:00pm and Thursdays 3:00pm-7:00pm. You can contact her at, 518-423-1964. Like Rev. Meredith, Mondays are her regular day off
Cooking for HOPE
Cooking for HOPE, Sun Oct 6, after Worship, Kitchen
Help us feed our neighbors facing food insecurity. Join volunteers from the Hunger & Homelessness Social Justice Team in the kitchen to prepare a meal for HOPE Community Services soup kitchen in New Rochelle. Contact: Nicole Turygin ( 
Be Moved   
Past Prime Time Dance Group, Wed Mornings, 8:30am, Fireside
Have you heard? Dancing can reverse the signs of aging. Join us to have fun and stay young! Free for members; donation of $5 for non-members. All are welcome! Contact Terri Kung (
Science & Spirituality
Science & Spirituality, Thu Oct 10, 11:30am, Fireside
We meet the second and fourth Thursday to discuss books and articles on the intersection of spirituality and science. We are reading The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. Join us! Contact: Barbara Mair ( ). 
Bring Pie! 
"Eat More Pie" Community Coffee Hour, Sun Oct 13, 11:15am, Fireside
We will officially welcome Rev. Kimberley Debus by bringing a pie to next week's community coffee hour. Rev. Kimberley's sermon is "Eat More Pie," so let's take her advice!
Pitch in to help us set up, serve, and clean up together. Many hands make light work!  
Faith Development Friday
Faith Development Friday, Fri Oct 18, CUUC
Our evening of learning, community, and spiritual growth - 6:15pm Pizza & Salad Community Dinner; 7:00pm Programs, including "Habits of the Heart" Adult RE; separate Adult and Children's Journey Groups; and Youth Group. All are welcome to stay after programs to share coffee and a chat. RSVP to by Fri Oct 18, 12:00 noon, so we know how much pizza to order. 
Adult RE Update
You voted and the results are in! Rev. Kimberley will offer the class, "Habits of the Heart" during Faith Fridays held on the 3rd Friday of each month. Class description: "We don't have to be Zen masters or devout monks to be spiritual. In this course, we will explore methods for spiritual deepening, take stock of our spiritual identities, and experience a variety of spiritual practices that we can use to achieve a sense of wholeness and satisfaction, deepen our faith, and make meaning in these uncertain times." Our first meeting is Fri Oct 18 at 7:00pm. Contact Tracy Breneman to be added to the class list. Then RSVP each month so we order enough food for all!
You're Invited 
Arturo Cruz Avellán's 18th birthday, Sun Oct 20, 12:30 - 3:30pm, Fellowship Hall
The congregation is invited to celebrate Arturo's big day along with his family. We will have Alice in Wonderland decorations (no peeking!), a DJ, and the Mad Hatter or Alice herself may appear! Lunch served - please sign up in the lobby and RSVP so we have a head count for food. Contact: Mary Kingsley ( , 917-292-5378).
Woodstock: 50!
DONATE! Our sanctuary will soon be transformed into a Garden of Delight. There's no telling what wild items you may find up for bid. Where will these gems come from? YOU! If every family donates one item or service, we will have over 200 to bid on! Can you ask your favorite shop to donate a gift certificate? Can you be a "People Helping People" person maybe planting daffodils in someone's yard? Can you host a Bid & Bump event? Just pick the theme, date, and number of guests and we'll fill the seats. Contact Nicky Klemens ( We would love any NEW IDEAS you can dream up! See our flyer HERE. Download and print our donation form HERE or pick up in the lobby. Auction 2019, Sat Nov 16, Doors open 5:30pm, advance tickets $45 until Nov 10, or $50 at the door. 
News From Environmental Practices
Not all meat carries the same greenhouse gas effect. Beef, buffalo, lamb & goat should be limited due to the methane emitted. Likewise it's recommended that we limit cow cheese, cow dairy, and goat cheese because methane is a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon. Enjoy an upbeat article from Reuters HERE. 
Greeters Needed
Make our Sunday visitors feel welcome - come a little early to share your smile and a warm greeting. You can sign up for one or more Sundays HERE. Contact: Jane Dixon ( 

Supporting Sanc tuary

On Sun Sep 29, some 30 people attended our "Supporting Sanctuary" forum to learn how we can help people facing deportation. We heard from New Sanctuary Coalition 's Ravi Ragbir about his first-hand experience, and from  South Presbyterian Church about plans to construct of a sanctuary apartment in their building. CUUC is looking to form a new social justice team dedicated to sanctuary . Contact Mary Cavallero ( ) to learn more. ( Pictured with CUUC's Jeff Tomlinson, Mary Cavallero, and Al Rocchi: Ravi Ragbir of New Sanctuary and Kay O'Keeffe & Rev. Andrew Paton of South Presbyterian Church.) 
Be an RE Assistant
All adults have the opportunity to get to know our children and youth this year by serving as assistants in Religious Education classes. No preparation required! Just spend an hour with our amazing children and youth while you fulfill our Safe Congregation practice of having two adults with our young people at all times. Click HERE to view available dates - then volunteer!  
UUA/Create Climate Justice
"What's Next After the Climate Strike" Webinar, Wed Oct 16, 7:00pm
Hear from local, regional and national leaders on the impacts of the Climate Strikes and explore new opportunities to create a sustainable economy for our climate. Register HERE to join us live or be notified when the recording is available.
Free Racism Workshop
"Faith and Racial Justice: Addressing Racism," Sat Oct 19, 9:30am - 12:30pm, UUCHV, Croton
By looking at the impact of racial hierarchy, we see racial justice work as a source of spiritual healing. We will ask "How is the church accountable for working to end racism?" and consider next steps. Free for local faith congregations. Register HERE. Contact: 
Students and Climate Crisis 
United Nations Day 2019: "Our Planet, Our Future," Sun Oct 20, 3:00pm, Sanctuary
CUUC is a co-sponsor of UNA-Westchester's celebration of United Nations Day, featuring a county-wide showcase of student projects and campaigns that respond to the climate crisis. All are invited. ZERO-WASTE reception to follow. Register HERE . 
In the District - Save the Date 
New Day Rising UUMNY 2019, Sat Oct 26, 9:00am - 4:30pm, UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, Manhasset, NY
Join staff from CER (Central East Region of the UUA) Metro NY and our neighboring congregations for an day of worship, workshops, and sharing, focused on helping us work to dismantle white supremacy culture.  
Share the Plate for October: WCC Student Aid Programs
We donate half our non-pledge collection this month to programs that support local low-income college students. Westchester Community College (WCC) has established an Emergency Transportation Fund to offer metro/bus passes to eligible students, and a Food Pantry to support students with food insecurity.
Caring & Sharing Circle
If anyone knows of another among us who is in need of a caregiver, please contact Liz Laite (914-366-4211, or Catherine Kortlandt (914-834-7112, Or contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
This Week at CUUC
The full calendar can be found HERE. Room numbers subject to change; please check the board on Sunday morning. To reserve a room or Zoom online meeting, contact the CUUC office (914-946-1660 x2,
Sun Oct 6 - 8:45am Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary); 9:00am Welcome Committee (43); 9:30am Nursery Care (32); 10:00am Worship (Sanctuary); 10:00am Children's Worship (Start in Sanctuary); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Fireside); 11:30am Auction Committee (43); 11:40am Environmental Practices (41); 12:00pm Cooking for HOPE (Kitchen)
Mon Oct 7 - 5:00pm Rental: Exercise (Fireside); 6:30pm T'ai-ch'i (Fireside); 7:00pm Rental: Straight Spouse Network (14)
Tue Oct 8 - 10:00am Rental: Exercise (Fireside); 7:30pm Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
Wed Oct 9 - 8:30am CUUC Dance Movement Group (Fireside); 9:00am Rev. Kimberley Debus Open Office Hours (Study); 6:00pm Rental: WCHJ (Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall); 7:30pm Board of Trustees (41)
Thu Oct 10 - 11:30am Science & Spirituality (Fireside); 3:00pm Rev. Kimberley Debus Open Office Hours (Study); 7:30pm Journey Group - D. Manetta, K. McGahren-Clemens (Parsonage)
Fri Oct 11 - 8:00pm Rental: WCSPP Scientific Meeting (Fellowship Hall)
Sat Oct 12 - 9:00am Rental: Exercise (Fireside); 10:00am Zen (24); 1:00pm Rental: WCBNY (41)
Sun Oct 13 - 8:15am RE Council (41); 8:45am Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary);
9:30am Nursery Care (32); 10:00am Worship (Sanctuary); 11:00am  Journey Group - Rev. Debus (Parsonage); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Fireside); 11:30am Choir Open House (Sanctuary) 
Mon Oct 14 - Office Closed

Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon,, 914-946-1660 x3
Sabbatical Minister: Rev. Kimberley Debus,
Dir of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development: Tracy Breneman,, 914-946-1660 x4
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra,, 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner,
Music Director: Adam Kent,, 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer,
Choir Pianist: Georgianna Pappas,
Children's Music Director: Lyra Harada,
Congregation & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker,, 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson,, 946-1660 x5
Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Al Rocchi,
Vice Chair: Joann Prinzivalli,
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt,
Social Justice Coordinators
Jeff Tomlinson,
Mary Cavallero,
Rev. Meredith Garmon,
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Boundless Way Zen of Westchester
One of the blessings of our Unitarian Universalist faith is that we draw inspiration, wisdom, and insight from many sources. From the writings of prophetic people to our personal experiences of awe and wonder, from the great lessons of the world's sacred texts to the great lessons of what it means to be human on this precious earth, we draw song, ritual, poetry, meaning, and connection.

This week, we draw on the sacred writings and rituals of Judaism as we celebrate this holy week, known as the Days of Awe.

For some among us, the rituals and celebrations of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are at the root of religious experience; for some, this may include elements that a younger self rejected and for others it may be the one thing that still connects adulthood to childhood. Celebrating them together, at CUUC, may offer a new experience of the rejected or lost religion of their youth; in her Wall Street Journal article "Religion for Adults Means Embracing Complexity," Sarah Hurwitz argues that "mature forms of religion don't traffic in simplistic or implausible answers" and that "seen through adult eyes, [these rituals] reveal layers of unexpected meaning.

For others among us, the Days of Awe are a mystery, or misunderstood, or seemingly "not for us." As a gentile myself, I was never invited into the mysteries of these holy days. Yet my Unitarian Universalism invites me - and others - to learn and experience these rites and prayers that that show us what it means to forgive and be more gentle to each other and ourselves. Celebrating the Days of Awe in a spirit of honor and covenant with those for whom the Days of Awe are central allows all of us to draw wisdom and solace from them and strengthen our collective spirits.

Our service this week is the first of many that will explore our sources - traditions, texts, rituals, perspectives, ways of making meaning. As the Committee on Ministry continues its study of CUUC's spirituality and theology, these services will invite you to both experience and interrogate your connections to the various sources from which we draw wisdom.

Additionally, in our Friday Faith Formation series, we'll explore this further - through spiritual practice and other exercises, we will seek spiritual deepening. I hope you will join us on third Fridays from October through March.

Now... some of you may be wondering why this Days of Awe service is my first with you all; it's admittedly an unusual start for me too. In other sabbatical ministries, I start with some fun, and some pie. And I can assure you there will be fun and pie next week. But there is something special about celebrating the Days of Awe with you right from the start - after all, it's a new year (5780 in the Jewish calendar), and so we get to start off anew, letting go of old ways of being, old grudges, old attitudes, and open ourselves to new ideas and new experiences.

By starting this sabbatical period (and here's a tip: it's your sabbatical too) on a new year, we get to create anew an atmosphere of excitement and wonder when great things happen, and generosity and forgiveness when things go... differently than expected.

But most of all, this Sunday we get to make an important connection: for the next six months, as written in the Book of Ruth, "your people are my people." I am honored and excited to be starting this time with you - to learning about you, your ministries, your spirituality, your joys and sorrows, your faith.

L'shanah Tovah!

~ Rev. Kimberley Debus
Your Moment of Zen: Mutually Dependent Arising  When Raven was living near Jackrabbit Roshi, she visited him frequently to inquire about the Way. One day she asked, "I hear that Buddha Macaw looked up from the branch of her Jobo tree and saw the morning star and announced her realization. I get the feeling that something is missing from the story. What happened when she saw the star?"... READ MORE
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