2022 Jan 23 | Winter #5
In response to the number of COVID-19 cases in Westchester County, and with a commitment to protect the most vulnerable among us, CUUC is returning to ONLINE ONLY worship and activities until further notice.
Upcoming Worship
Sun Jan 23, 10:00am ~ “Do You Talk to Your Car?
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

Explain things to your pet? Believe in the perversity of inanimate objects? It's probably good for us to have beliefs that we don't really believe as long as we sometimes take a step back and recognize the status of such beliefs.

Religious Education: Diane invites young children to gather for check-in, a story, and rhythm/movement activities at 9:45am. Online Religious Education classes for 1st-9th grades meet this Sunday at 9:50am, 10:00am, and 10:10am. See the RE box below for more information.
Sun Jan 30, 10:00am ~ “Funding Our Fears?"
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

Do we pay for systems that function to generate fear? Are the fears unreasonable and ungrounded? Is there a way not to? Good questions. Let's reflect on them.
or phone in (audio only): 646-876-9923 · Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468

or phone in (audio only): 929-436-2866 · Meeting: 336 956 2210 · Passcode: 468468

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Messages from Ministry

Click here for this weeks Minister's Post.

This week's practice: "Turn Things Around"

Catch up and review our UU history -- see the "Table of Contents" with links to all the "UU Minute" segments -- both text and video.

See text of past sermons at The Liberal Pulpit.
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Sun 23 Jan, 9:45am, 9:50am, 10:00am, 10:10am
Diane invites young children to gather at 9:45am for check-in, a story, and rhythm/movement activities. 1st-9th grade Religious Education classes also meet this Sunday. The 1st-5th grade class begins at 9:50am, led by Laura S and Norm H. The 6th-7th grade class begins at 10:00am, led by Gail J and Christine H. The 8th-9th grade class begins at 10:10am, led by Betsy W and Nicholas A. Everyone logs in to Zoom 8428 then Tracy moves them into their own breakout rooms. Click here for the January/February RE schedule, Zoom links, and program information. This week’s RE newsletter offers information about what each class will be doing, click here

An apostrophe to a majestic old pine, visions of dancing snow flakes, poems to the sea---this Sunday's musical selections speak to the human capacity to anthropomorphize in the quest for beauty and meaning... Click here to read Adam Kent's blog post.
Congregation & Community News
Science & Spirituality Group

Online Science & Spirituality, Thu Jan 27, 11:30am, Zoom 7899
We meet online on the second and fourth Thursday to discuss books and articles on the intersection of spirituality and science. We are reading Mindwise: Why We Misunderstand What Others Think, Believe, Feel and Want by Nicholas Epley. Grab a copy and join us on Zoom! Contact: Norm Handelman (yakman42@gmail.com)
Thinking of Membership?

According to our bylaws, an individual must have be a member of CUUC at least 30 days prior in order to be eligible to vote at congregational meetings. If you are considering joining our faith family, and would like to be able to cast a vote at our next congregational meeting on Sun Feb 27, please contact the office (admin@cucwp.org) or Rev. Meredith Garmon (minister@cucwp.org) to make arrangements before Thu Jan 27
Virtual Congregation Activity
"Celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Kungs," Sat Feb 12, 5:00pm, Zoom 7899 
Come celebrate the Year of the Tiger with the Darwei and Terri Kung! The couple will share some typical Chinese New Year traditions while we make dumplings together. Terri will show you up close and personal on Zoom how to make the filling, fold, and cook the dumplings. Click here for a detailed recipe including pictures of the ingredients. If we have enough young folks at the event, maybe we can even hear/see a Chinese New Year's tale while eating our dumplings. This event is for ages 4 through adults. RSVP Terri Kung (madterri@gmail.com). Terri will also be offering to go shopping with or collect some of the ingredients for folks, as well as sending a recipe for a celebratory adult beverage.
From the Democracy Matters team

Reclaim Our Vote Postcard Campaign: Texas, Mail Date: Feb 14
The Center For Common Ground's Reclaim Our Vote (ROV) Campaign, whose partners include UU the Vote and others, is a non-partisan voter rights outreach campaign to empower underrepresented voters of color. ROV organizes phonebanking, postcarding, texting, and canvassing campaigns. This year, their Get Out The Vote postcarding campaigns will target 8 or 9 states, and the first campaign focusing on Texas is already underway! Getting involved is as easy as 1–2–3:

  1. Read the guidelines for writing postcards here.
  2. Watch the Postcarding Training Video.
  3. View a sample postcard here

We may have missed our chance to be The Greatest Generation, but this year could be our best opportunity to be part of an effort of historic consequence for our country. To join the campaign or learn more, contact Norm Handelman (yakman42@gmail.com).
Bed Donation Needed
The Refugee Resettlement team is seeking a donation of a queen size bed. Contact Robin Rocchi (robinandal@verizon.net) or Paula Meighan (paula.meighan74@gmail.com).
Mission In Action
The Community Center of Northern Westchester posted thanks to CUUC member Carole Mehta, who has been donating beautiful “Happy Birthday to Me” bags every two months, containing everything a family in need can use to create a birthday celebration at home. Carole’s food ministry also includes creating plentiful egg salad for CUUC's Meals for HOPE project. Thanks, Carole, for your energy, compassion, and dedication, and for putting into action our congregations mission to “engage in service to transform ourselves and our world.”
Move It!

Past Prime Time Dance Party Online, Wed & Fri, 9:00-10:00am, Zoom 6161
Get dancing! Join us online Wed and Fri mornings for movement, music, and some laughs. Contact: Terri Kung (madterri@gmail.com)
Have a Car You Don't Want?
An indigent person who has been helped with funds from the Minister's Discretionary Fund depends on their car but it's dying. If you have an old one you're ready to donate, please email the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org). Thanks!
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to this month's primary caregivers: Barbara Mair (914-391-5382, barbara.k.mair@icloud.com), or her backup Joan Traber (914-617-9622, joantraber@yahoo.com). You may also contact the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org).
Share the Plate for January: Meals for HOPE

Since May 2020, volunteers of CUUC’s “Meals for HOPE” project have prepared and delivered dinner trays and sandwiches each week to the soup kitchen at HOPE (Help Our People Eat) Community Services. More recently, the team also added food trays for the Open Arms men’s shelter in White Plains. Our plate share collection allows this good work to continue by helping pay for ingredients and supplies. UPDATE: Thanks to a recent grant, the HOPE Soup Kitchen will receive meals from local restaurants during January and February. CUUC's Meals for HOPE team will be taking a short, well-deserved break and will be back in the kitchen in March, using your donations to again feed our neighbors in need. Mail checks to CUUC with the memo “Share the Plate - HOPE” or click here to pay online, and select “Share the Plate.” You may also select Other and type in Meals for HOPE in the note if you'd like your full donation to benefit the project.
Online Offering
To make your offering or donate to our Share the Plate online, use our PayPal button here. Or go to our website, cucwp.org, and click "Donate." Or click on the chalice picture at right.
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Weekly Calendar and Logins

Visit cucwp.org/calendar on our website and click on an event for login information. To reserve a Zoom online meeting room, contact admin@cucwp.org.

Fri Jan 21 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Zoom 6161); f10:30am COM Subgroup (Zoom 8428); 11:00am Journey Group: Rev. Garmon (Zoom 7899); 3:00pm A Tempo with Adam (A Tempo Zoom and Facebook Live); 7:00pm Journey Group: Sehdeva/Cox (Zoom 7899)

Sat Jan 22 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Zoom 7899)

Sun Jan 23 - 9:45am Pre-K/K Online Activity (Zoom 8428); 9:50am 1st-5th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 10:00am 6th-7th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 10:00am Online Worship (Worship Zoom); 10:10am 8th-9th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 11:15am Virtual Coffee Hour (Coffee Hour Zoom)

Tue Jan 25 - 7:30pm Virtual Choir Rehearsal (Zoom 3131)

Wed Jan 26 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Zoom 6161); 7:00pm RE & PlaceKeeping (Zoom 8428); 7:00pm Virtual Choir Rehearsal (Zoom 3131)

Thu Jan 27 - 11:30 Science & Spirituality (Zoom 7899); 7:15pm Story Time (Zoom 3131); 7:30pm Journey Group: Majsak (Zoom 7899); 8:00pm Refugee Resettlement/ICNAW Leadership (Zoom 2210)

Fri Jan 28 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Zoom 6161); 3:00pm A Tempo with Adam (A Tempo Zoom and Facebook Live)

Sat Jan 29 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Zoom 7899)

Sun Jan 30 - 9:50am 1st-5th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 10:00am 6th-7th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 10:00am Online Worship (Worship Zoom); 10:10am 8th-9th Grade Online RE Class (Zoom 8428); 11:15am Virtual Coffee Hour (Coffee Hour Zoom)

or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468

Zoom 2210 / Coffee Hour Zoom - Login: zoom.us/j/3369562210?pwd=c21oYkVjczF3Vk9UcVRSWkVILzdPZz09,
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
Meeting: 336 956 2210 · Passcode: 468468 
or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
Meeting: 289 850 7899 · Passcode: 468468

or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
Meeting ID: 313 195 3131 · Passcode: 468468
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
Meeting: 616 163 6161 · Passcode: 468468

or phone (audio only): 646-558-8656
Meeting: 602 164 635 · Passcode: 468468
or phone (audio only): 646-558-8656
Meeting: 817 388 428 · Passcode: 468468 
Zoom 5149 / "A Tempo with Adam" Live Concerts (also on Adam Kent's Facebook)
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
Meeting: 939 6077 5149 · Passcode: 468468
Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon, minister@cucwp.org, 914-946-1660 x3
Dir of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development: Tracy Breneman, cuucwptracy@gmail.com, 914-434-7539
Youth Ministry Intern: Raquel Belkin, youth@cucwp.org
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner, amoloros@gmail.com
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra, getreal714@gmail.com, 914-830-1509
Music Director: Adam Kent, music@cucwp.org
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer, choir@cucwp.org
Choir Pianist: Georgianna Pappas, georgianna.pappas@gmail.com
Administrator: Pamela Parker, admin@cucwp.org
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Board of Trustees
Board Chair: Joe Majsak, jmajsak@verizon.net
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Social Justice Coordinators
Mary Cavallero, marycava4@gmail.com
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Jeff Tomlinson, jefftomlinson8@gmail.com
Rev. Meredith Garmon, minister@cucwp.org