2021 Jul 25 | Summer #5
Upcoming Online Worship
Sun Jul 25, 10:00am ~ “Habits
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

Habits. We've all got 'em. Some are good. Some, not so much. Will power isn't enough to change a deep habit. What might be? And what does this tell us about what it means to be the sort of creatures that we are?
Sun Aug 1, 10:00am ~ “You Gotta Serve Somebody
~ Irene Cox, guest worship leader

Irene Cox is a member of CUUC.
The Sunday's worship will be held in our Summer Worship Zoom

or phone in (audio only): 1-929-436-2866
Meeting: 336 956 2210 · Passcode: 468468

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The RE Council is busy planning fall RE activities. Read about upcoming plans for RE HERE. Your input is important! Continuing and new RE volunteers, please let us know your availability, interests, and comfort level with various activities by completing this RE Volunteer survey. Families, please submit new RE registration using this online registration form so we know how to organize classes. And everyone reply to the CUUC Reopening Survey, which has specific questions for families. We look forward to hearing from you!
I take the bulk of my vacation in July. While I'm away, please contact RE Council Co-Chairs, Christine H (christineharan@yahoo.com) and Laura G (lkgoodspeed@gmail.com); Administrator Pam P (admin@cucwp.org); or Rev. Meredith (minister@cucwp.org).
Congregation & Community News
From the Reopening Committee

Take our Reopening Survey by Tue Jul 27
As we contemplate returning to our building in person, we ask everyone to think of our community as a whole - from the youngest to the oldest, the healthy to the vulnerable, the vaccinated to the un-vaccinated - and consider what would be the safest way for CUUC to reopen this fall. Click here to take our Reopening Survey to give us your input. If you'd like a paper copy mailed to you, contact the office (admin@cucwp.org, 914-462-1260). Survey open until Tue Jul 27.
From PlaceKeepers

First Saturdays PlaceKeeping Practice, Sat Aug 7 
We need folks who love our community, love our place, and want to help prepare the grounds for our return as a congregation this fall. Much of the RE program will be outdoors in Sep and Oct, and we need to make the paths safe and create gathering places. We are looking for helping hands to form a wheelbarrow brigade to spread wood chips on our path network. We have the wheelbarrows and the tools (though more are always welcome). Come for a half hour or make a day of it! Contact: Bice Wilson (bicewilson@gmail.com).
District Happenings

Webinar Workshop: "Reparations: A Congregational Opportunity to Engage Repair!" Sun Aug 8, 3:00-4:15pm EDT. Hosted by the New England Region. Click here to register
Inspired by the recommendations of the UUA's Widening the Circle of Concern report, this webinar will highlight Reparations within Unitarian Universalism as a theological imperative. It will also invite congregations into examining implications for accounting and redress of injustices as well as opportunities to engage the labor of repair together.
Nurture Nature Show

Nurture Nature Show, Thu Aug 12, 4:00pm, Webinar Zoom 1991 and Facebook Live
Revs Joyner and Garmon present the “Nurture Nature Show” on Facebook Live (through One Earth Conservation) and Zoom (Webinar 1991). They highlight topics related to understanding other species; human relationships to life around us; and how to connect more deeply to nature, human and other. Come join our 20 minute live program where we share ideas and take questions from viewers.
From the Democracy Now team

Letter Writing Campaign, through Sep 18
Vote Forward has launched a “summer of letter writing” to reach voters in Virginia, where boosting turnout is crucial, in advance of their Nov 2 general elections. The CUUC Democracy Now social justice team invites you to join them in the campaign - it's easy to get started. Check instructions here. As team member Norm Handelman puts it, “It's been hard for me to decide how to respond to these upsetting times, but for now at least, I can count on feeling better whenever I do something that might help.” The team can help with postage and supplies, or you may donate your own. Contact: Karen Leahy (karenleahy101@gmail.com).
From Environmental Practices Group
Let's follow plastic-free July with eliminate-just-one-thing August. The point is to keep it going. This article from treehugger.com suggests substituting one plastic item at a time. Following the article are several more interesting suggestions for plastic substitutions.
Worship in our Summer Zoom Room

Our summer services in person were closer, more intimate gatherings, so we are doing something similar for our virtual worship. Instead of using our webinar Zoom, we will log in to our summer Zoom meeting room, so we can see one another's faces. We will still keep our microphones muted during the service, and use the chat to communicate. Click here to log in to worship.
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to our July primary caregivers: Janet Giewat (914-617-2137, bean1a2@aol.com), or backup Paula Meighan (914-924-0204, paula.meighan74@gmail.com). You may also contact the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org).
July/August Share the Plate: Furniture Sharehouse

Furniture Sharehouse collects new and gently used furniture to distribute free of charge to Westchester families in need. Their motto is “Furnishing Hope, Furnishing Dignity, Furnishing Families.” Learn more at furnituresharehouse.org. Mail checks to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - Furniture" or click here to pay online, and select "Share the Plate."
Online Offering
To make your offering or donate to our Share the Plate online, use our PayPal button here. Or go to our website, cucwp.org and click "Donate." Or click on the chalice picture at right.
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Visit cucwp.org/calendar on our website and click on an event for login information. To reserve a Zoom online meeting room, contact admin@cucwp.org.

Thu Jul 22 - 11:30am Science & Spirituality (In Person & Zoom 7899); 7:15pm Children's Story Time (Zoom 4635)

Fri Jul 23 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Sat Jul 24 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899)

Sun Jul 25 - 10:00am Sunday Summer Worship (Zoom 2210); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Zoom 2210)

Mon Jul 26 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Thu Jul 22 - 7:15pm Children's Story Time (Zoom 4635)

Fri Jul 23 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Sat Jul 24 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899)

Sun Jul 25 - 10:00am Sunday Summer Worship (Zoom 2210); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Zoom 2210); 11:45am Journey Group: Freiberger (Zoom 7899)


or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
Meeting: 336 956 2210 · Passcode: 468468 
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Zoom 5149 "A Tempo with Adam" Live Concerts (also on Adam Kent's Facebook)
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
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