2021 Jul 4 | Summer #2
Upcoming Online Worship
Sun Jul 4, 10:00am ~ Juneteenth: And How Are the Children?
~ Rev. Petra Thombs

The title of this service is a Masai greeting, which causes us to check the pulse of the society. Is it well with us? If it is well with the children, then it is well with us. Well, is it?
Sun Jul 11, 10:00am ~ “How to Be Agnostic, and Why
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

Are you honoring or alienating people if you say “Latinx” instead of “Latino”? Some people are reclaiming, and identifying as, “fat,” so is it OK to describe someone that way? When and where should a cisgender person declare with what pronouns she or he prefers to be referred to? Are straight people a supportive or annoying presence at Pride events? Defund the Police? Some of us have definite opinions on some of these questions. Many of us aren't so sure. Many UUs are adept at being agnostic on religious questions. Those skills serve us well on a number of other questions as well.
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The RE Council is busy planning activities that will resume in September. Your input is important! Continuing and new RE volunteers, please let us know your availability, interests, and comfort level with various activities by completing this RE Volunteer survey. RE Families, please watch for the CUUC survey coming mid-July where you will be able to share input that will help us continue fall planning.
I take the bulk of my vacation in July. While I'm away, please contact RE Council Co-Chairs, Christine H (christineharan@yahoo.com) and Laura G (lkgoodspeed@gmail.com); Administrator Pam P (admin@cucwp.org); or Rev. Meredith (minister@cucwp.org).
Congregation & Community News
Guest Worship Leader

Rev. Petra Thombs is the Executive Director of the Ramapough Lenape Community Center, a graduate of Union Theological Seminary and, as of this past May, an ordained UU minister. A longtime member of CUUC, Petra has chaired In the Spirit of Truth, brought the annual Kwanzaa celebration to White Plains, introduced Juneteenth services to the congregation 16 years ago, participated in Beloved Conversations, and most recently served as a member of the 8th Principle Committee. She focuses on informing communities about the Doctrine of Discovery, supporting Indigenous rights, and healing Mother Earth.
Building Reopening

The Reopening Committee is hard at work planning for this fall, when we hope to come back to the building together in person, and we need YOU!!! We are looking for volunteers to help prepare the sanctuary and other areas, and to plan some special events and activities. We will need inventive ideas and a bit of elbow grease to create our "new normal" worship space and time together. Please reply by Fri Jul 9 to Creighton (creighton.cray@gmail.com), Nicky K (nsklemens@gmail.com), or Chris F (force2k1@gmail.com). Join us in community all are welcome!
Virtual Worship Playlist
Thanks to our media producer extraordinaire, Kim Force, you can click http://bit.ly/CUUC-Services20-21 to open a YouTube playlist of all the CUUC virtual worship services we've shared this congregation year. And don't forget to check Kim's other playlist, containing our CUUC Choir music videos, directed by conductor Lisa Meyers: http://bit.ly/CUUCVirtualChoir.
Gratitude for Lyra
Please join us in gratitude for Lyra Harada, who has served as Children's Music Coordinator at CUUC since the fall of 2017. Throughout her time with us, she brought creativity, music, and joy to children and youth in R.E. We have appreciated her talent as a musician, her resourcefulness as a teacher, and her warmth as a person. Read more about Lyra's service to the CUUC community HERE.
Other Places to Donate Books
Reminder: We are no longer accepting book donations for the shelves in Fellowship Hall. If you have old books that need new homes, check with local libraries or organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, GreenDrop, or Better World Books that might accept donations.
Nurture Nature Show

Nurture Nature Show, Thursdays through Jul 8, 4:00pm, Webinar Zoom 1991 and Facebook Live
Revs Joyner and Garmon present the “Nurture Nature Show” on Facebook Live (through One Earth Conservation) and Zoom (Webinar 1991). They highlight topics related to understanding other species; human relationships to life around us; and how to connect more deeply to nature, human and other. Come join our 20 minute live program where we share ideas and take questions from viewers.
District Happenings - July
Click here to see this month’s Opportunities for Connection newsletter for our region, with articles and the calendar of Central East Region events and webinars.
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to our July primary caregivers: Janet Giewat (914-617-2137, bean1a2@aol.com), or backup Paula Meighan (914-924-0204, paula.meighan74@gmail.com). You may also contact the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org).
July/Aug Share the Plate: Furniture Sharehouse

Furniture Sharehouse collects new and gently used furniture to distribute free of charge to Westchester families in need. Their motto is “Furnishing Hope, Furnishing Dignity, Furnishing Families.” Learn more at furnituresharehouse.org. Mail checks to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - Furniture" or click here to pay online, and select "Share the Plate."
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Fri Jul 2 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Sat Jul 3 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899)

Sun Jul 4 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Zoom 1991); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Zoom 2210)

Mon Jul 5 - OFFICE CLOSED; 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Tue Jul 6 - 7:30pm Committee on Ministry (In Person & Zoom 2210)

Wed Jul 7 - 7:30pm Program Council (Zoom 7899)

Thu Jul 8 - 11:00am Science & Spirituality (Outdoors at CUUC); 4:00pm Nurture Nature Show (Zoom 1991); 7:15pm Children's Story Time (Zoom 4635); 7:30pm Religious Education Council (Zoom 2210)

Fri Jul 9 - 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Zoom 5149)

Sat Jul 10 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899); 12:00pm Board of Trustees Retreat (Off-Site)

Sun Jul 11 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Zoom 1991); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Zoom 2210)


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