2021 Mar 14 | Winter #12
Upcoming Online Worship
Sun Mar 14, 10:00am ~ “The World We Long For: UUSC and Human Rights
~ Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, guest speaker

For over 80 years, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) has been advancing UU values by working with justice makers the world over confronting unjust power structures and challenging oppressive policies. Join us as we welcome the Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, president and CEO of UUSC. From UUSC's origins in defying the Nazis to the current work of migrant and climate justice, Rev. Morn will share stories of resilience, courage, and imagination as together we create a more just and compassionate world for all.
Sun Mar 21, 10:00am ~ “Hypocrites!”
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

On the one hand, we all fail to live up to our ideals. (If you're fully living up to every one of your ideals, it's time to get some new ideals.) If hypocrisy is merely failing to live up to the ideals we profess, it's not such a bad thing. What is it that's a serious problem? And, aware that noticing other people's hypocrisy comes so much easier to us than noticing our own, what does integrity require of us?
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On the Journey
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Messages from Ministry

We are hosting children’s Drag Queen Story Hour March 20th! Here’s the flyer. Friends and grandchildren welcome! The RE Announcements & Resources doc has information for all ages, our BIPOC and LGBTQ++ communities, and Summer 2021 UU camps!

PreK Children: Families continue using the online UU Parents of Preschoolers (POP) curriculum, with new materials added every month.

K-9th & Adult RE Classes Meet Sun Mar 14

K-4th Grade Class, 11:40am: The children will vote for the 8 Principles Song tune they like most, choosing among three tunes they have been developing. Later, all children and youth will be invited to participate in a video singing the new song!
5th-7th & 7th-9th Grade Classes, 11:50am: The two classes are combining to learn about gender identity and expression, our internal understanding of our gender. We affirm all gender identities and support youth in making healthy choices as they explore their own authentic sense of self.
Adult RE: Parents & Caregivers Class, 12:00pm: This session invites participants to explore their ideas and feelings about gender and the values about gender they are teaching their children, explicitly or implicitly. The session introduces cultural and biological issues at play in gender identity and gender expression. Classes are open to all adults, with or without youth participating, and intended to support conversations at home. Visit the class resources doc HERE, with materials for adults who are supporting youth in developing healthy self-esteem and relationships.
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The UUSC's historical work on behalf of the denomination's values, its commitment to environmental justice, social equity, and advocacy for the oppressed and marginalized, underlie this morning's musical selections. In addition, the works of the lesbian French composer Cécile Chaminade and the African-American Margaret Bonds draw attention to International Women's Month... Read Adam Kent's blog post.
Congregation & Community News
Transformative Conservation

Transformative Conservation Conversation, Sat Mar 13, 5:00pm EST (Spanish), Sun Mar 14, 2:00pm EST (English)
We invite all to a virtual conversation about Transformative Conservation – how do we center this in our lives and how do we build a center? Discussion led by Rev. LoraKim Joyer and Rev. Meredith Garmon. Register here for English speakers and regístrese aquí para la versión en español.
In the Spirit of Truth/Racial Justice

In the Spirit of Truth/Racial Justice Team meeting, Sun Mar 14, 11:45am, Rm 6161
We begin our meetings with “In the Spirit of Truth,” a supportive circle for sharing experiences and concerns regarding racism, discrimination, and oppression in our lives and communities. Then, the Racial Justice Team will discuss opportunities for engaging in social action in the congregation and community. Everyone is invited and welcome! Contact: Jeff Tomlinson (jefftomlinson8@gmail.com)
Nurture Nature Show

Nurture Nature Show, Thu Mar 18 & 25, 4:00pm, Webinar Room 1991 and Facebook Live
Reverends Joyner and Garmon team up to revive the "Nurture Nature Show," which was a local cable TV program. The new show is on Facebook Live (through One Earth Conservation - facebook.com/oneearthconservation) as well as Zoom (Webinar 1991). We will highlight topics related to: understanding other species; human relationships to life around us; and how to connect more deeply to nature, human and other. Come watch our 20 minute live show as we dialog about various ideas and then take questions from viewers.
From the Treasurer

Financially, it has been a challenging twelve months for CUUC. Covid-19 resulted in loss of rentals, lower pledge income, and reduced Auction revenue. The good news is we were able to keep expenses down while keeping our staff employed. Soon, our 2021/22 Annual Giving Campaign will start, with a virtual kick-off communication. Everyone’s generosity will be needed for CUUC to stay open, active, and available to support ourselves, our community, and our world. Read the full letter from the Treasurer here.
Share-the-Plate Requests

Requests for 2021-2022 Recipients, due Mon May 24
Each month we share half our non-pledge collection with a worthy organization allied with CUUC's mission. We are now accepting requests for Share-the-Plate recipients for the 2021-2022 year. If you have an organization to suggest, first reach out to the Social Justice Team or committee that is most likely to champion your request. Once you have their support, complete a request form (to type in and email, or print out and write in). Email completed forms to Mary Cavallero (marycava4@gmail.com) or snail mail to the CUUC office. Requests are due Mon May 24.
Nominations for the Board - Final Week

Know someone who would be a great addition to our Board of Trustees? The Nominating & Leadership Development Committee invites you to complete and submit a nomination application form (either to print out and write in, or to type in directly and email). Self-nominations are encouraged! Email application forms to Bevin Maguire (bevinMM@gmail.com) or mail to CUUC by the deadline Sun Mar 14.
Nominations for the Nominating Committee - Final Week

If you'd like to serve on our Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, or want to nominate another member (with their consent), complete a nomination application form (select an application to print, fill in, and mail; or an application to type in and email). Send form to board chair Joe Majsak, either by email (jmajsak@verizon.net) or USPS mail (26 Blackthorn Lane, White Plains, NY 10606). Application deadline is Sun Mar 14. Contact: Joe Majsak (jmajsak@verizon.net, 914-281-3243). See our letter here.
Email Scams Continue

Faith communities are often targets for scammers sending emails posing as the minister, asking for help (a recent subject line was “Request” from “Meredith Garmon <jansanjklhg@gmail.com>”). The minister will never email or text you asking for money or gift cards. Always check the sender’s actual email and do not reply to a suspicious message. If in doubt, contact the office (admin@cucwp.org). Learn more at the UUA's scam information webpage.
Healing Resources for All Ages

We offer children, youth, and adults resources for moving through separation, grief, and healing as the pandemic drags on and we are not able to gather as freely with family and friends. View the resources here, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.
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Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to our March primary caregivers: Lois Holt (914-329-0603, (mediamomforlife@gmail.com), or her backup Johanna Bauer (914-636-1047, johbauer@msn.com). You may also contact the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org).
March Share the Plate: Murray Grove

This month we share half our non-pledge collection with Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, the only Unitarian Universalist conference center in the Metro area, and the site traditionally considered to be where Universalism in America began. Among the many camps, trainings, retreats, and workshops offered is the program our Coming of Age classes attend as part of their journey toward creating a statement of faith. Mail checks to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - Murray Grove" or click here to pay online, and select "Share the Plate."
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Fri Mar 12 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149)

Sat Mar 13 - 10:00am Zen Practice Online (Rm 7899); 4:00pm Journey Group: Leahy (Rm 2210)

Sun Mar 14 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 11:40am K-4th Grade RE Class (Rm 8428); 11:40am 5th-7th Grade RE Class (Rm 8428); 11:45am In the Spirit of Truth/Racial Justice (Rm 6161); 11:50am 7th-9th Grade RE Class (Rm 8428); 12:00pm Adult RE: Supporting the Youth in Your Lives: Parents and Caregivers as Sexuality Educators (Rm 8428)

Mon Mar 15 - 3:00pm “A Tempo with Adam” (Rm 5149)

Tue Mar 16 - 10:00am Music Appreciation (Rm 5149); 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal, Soprano/Alto (Rm 3131)

Wed Mar 17 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 6:00pm Choir Rehearsal, Tenor/Bass (Rm 3131)

Thu Mar 18 - 10:00am Music Appreciation (Rm 5149); 4:00pm Nurture Nature Show (Webinar 1991); 7:15pm Children's Story Time (Rm 4635); 7:30pm Board of Trustees Book Club (Rm 7899); 7:30 Choir Rehearsal (Rm 3131); 7:00pm Journey Group: Sehdeva/Cox (Rm 7899); 7:00pm Youth Group 8th-12th Grade (Rm 8428)

Fri Mar 19 - 9:00am Past Prime Time Dance Party (Rm 8428); 11:00am Journey Group: Rev. Garmon (Rm 7899); 3:00pm "A Tempo with Adam" (Rm 5149)

Sat Mar 20 - 10:00am Zen Practice Online (Rm 7899)

Sun Mar 21 - 10:00am Sunday Worship (Rm 1991); 11:15am Coffee Hour (Rm 2210); 11:30am Path to Membership (Rm 3131); 11:45am Journey Group: Freiberger (Rm 7899); 11:45am Journey Group: Miller/Walkup (Rm 6161)


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Minister: Rev. Meredith Garmon, minister@cucwp.org, 914-946-1660 x3
Dir of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development: Tracy Breneman, cuucwptracy@gmail.com, 914-434-7539
Community Minister: Rev. Deb Morra, getreal714@gmail.com, 914-830-1509
Community Minister: Rev. LoraKim Joyner, amoloros@gmail.com
Music Director: Adam Kent, music@cucwp.org, 212-595-7280
Choir Director: Lisa Meyer, choir@cucwp.org
Choir Pianist: Georgianna Pappas, georgianna.pappas@gmail.com
Children's Music Director: Lyra Harada, musicalyra13@gmail.com
Congregation & Communications Administrator: Pamela Parker, admin@cucwp.org, 914-946-1660 x2
Bookkeeper: Diane Pearson, cuucwpbookkeeper@gmail.com, 946-1660 x5
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Board Chair: Joe Majsak, jmajsak@verizon.net
Vice Chair: Debra Manetta, debramanetta@gmail.com
Treasurer: Chris Kortlandt, treasurercuucwp@gmail.com
Secretary: Terri Kung, madterri@gmail.com
Social Justice Coordinators
Mary Cavallero, marycava4@gmail.com
Emily Economou, emily.economou@gmail.com
Jeff Tomlinson, jefftomlinson8@gmail.com
Rev. Meredith Garmon, minister@cucwp.org