2021 Oct 10 | Autumn #3
Upcoming Worship
Sunday Morning Online:
Sun Oct 10, 10:00am, Virtual Service ~ “Indigeneity ~ George Stonefish

Guest speaker George Stonefish (Lenape/Chippewa/Ottawa) will reflect on issues facing the indigenous community.

To join from your device, click https://bit.ly/CUUC-Worship, or phone in (audio only): 1-646-876-9923. Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468

Sunday Afternoon In Person (Weather Permitting):
Sun Oct 10, 12:00pm, Outdoor Service ~ “A Pagan Mid-Autumn Celebration ~ Joe Gonzalez

Casting the Circle! Calling the Corners! A guided meditation on the passing of the year! The pagan holiday Samhain commemorates the passing of the year, and the remembrance of those no longer with us. Guest speaker Joe Gonzalez will lead.

Bring your lawn chairs and gather with us in the lower parking lot. Wear your mask and maintain social distance. Starting at 11:30am outdoor childcare is available in the playground, accessible from the upper lot. Outdoor Religious Education classes are off this week.

Sun Oct 10 will be our last outdoor in-person worship service. If we need to cancel because of weather, we will send out an email and post a notice on the CUUC website.
Sunday Morning In Person and Online:
Sun Oct 17, 10:00am ~ “A Covenantal People
~ Rev. Meredith Garmon

We return to in-person worship in the sanctuary! We will follow Covid safety protocols, showing proof of vaccination, remaining masked, and maintaining social distance from those not in our household. We will livestream the service on our usual Zoom, so those who are not attending in person can join online or by phone. We will not yet be hosting in-person coffee hour after worship.

To attend in person, please click here to RSVP (if you haven't already). Have your mask on and proof of vaccination ready as you enter.

To watch the service online from your device, click https://bit.ly/CUUC-Worship, or phone in (audio only): 1-646-876-9923. Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468

Outdoor Religious Education classes will start at 10:00am. Please arrive a few minutes early to allow students time to get to their class locations. To care for the most vulnerable among us, we will observe Covid safety practices including wearing masks. Parents and guardians, you are expected to remain at CUUC while your children and youth attend RE.

Childcare is available every Sunday during worship, on the outdoor playground (when weather permits) or indoors.

We will no longer be holding outdoor in-person worship services.
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Messages from Ministry

Rev. Meredith is away this week.

Click here to view past “UU Minute” segments.
See text of past sermons at The Liberal Pulpit.
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Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue adjusting to pandemic conditions. For the most updated information, schedules, past class summaries and Zoom links, visit the RE overview and schedule. You may also consult our CUUC website calendar
Childcare is available beginning 30 minutes prior to each in-person worship service.

Tonight's Youth Group has been rescheduled to Friday, October 15th.

Classes do not meet this Sunday. We encourage families to attend worship together. Beginning October 17th, 1st-9th grade classes move to 10:00am and meet every other Sunday through mid-November. We will meet outside as long as weather permits then move inside, still observing COVID safety measures like wearing masks. Read more here. Families participating in childcare through 12th grade RE, please submit 2021 registrations (click here for the form). We look forward to seeing you!

The Indianist Movement refers to evocations of Native American culture and imagery in the works of many composers of the period. At its worst, some of this repertoire can be accused of exoticism, in the sense that it reduced a diverse people to quaint, picturesque stereotypes. At its most vibrant, though, much of the music reflects a genuine kinship with indigenous cultures and traditions, which it conserves with palpable emotion and immediacy... Click here to read Adam Kent's blog post.
Congregation & Community News
This Sunday's Guest Speakers

George Stonefish is a lifelong resident of New York City, and well-known as a native singer, dancer, artist and speaker. He is a First Nation member [American Indian] who is 1/2 Lenape; 1/4 Ottawa; 1/8 Ojibwa; 1/16 Pottawatomi; and 1/16 Miami from Ontario, Canada. However, he was raised in NYC and has spent most of his life working for the First Nation [American Indian] community on both a national and local level. Click here to learn more about George.

Joe Gonzalez and wife Tara Fleck are a Wiccan High Priest and Priestess, and former members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Stamford, where they formed the Sacred Circle Pagan Group and led quarterly pagan rituals during Sunday services. They are now Friends of CUUC, and Joe is a proud member of the Religious Education Council.
From First Unitarian Society

To our friends at CUUC,

On behalf of the First Unitarian Society of Westchester Board of Trustees, I would like to express our appreciation for your very generous donation to our flood relief fund.

As you know, the damage to our beloved home has affected us deeply and personally. The outpouring of support from members, friends, family and strangers has served as a balm to our collective spirit. It has been especially heartwarming to receive help from other houses of worship, near and far, especially our fellow UUs.

It was particularly meaningful to me to have heard about your gift. CUUC was the congregation in which I was raised as a child. I have had many opportunities over the years to return: as a visitor, a participant in choir events, and most recently, to inter my mother’s ashes beside my father in the memorial garden. So I send an extra personal “thank you.”

We express our deepest gratitude to your congregation.

Warmly, Betsy Kates
Science & Spirituality Group

Science & Spirituality, Thu Oct 14, 11:30am, Zoom 7899
We meet on the second and fourth Thursday to discuss books and articles on the intersection of spirituality and science. We are reading Antisocial by Andrew Marantz. Grab a copy and join us on Zoom! Contact: Norm Handelman (yakman42@gmail.com)
Parking Lot Lunch

Lunch Gathering hosted by Caring & Sharing Circle, Thu Oct 14, 12:00pm Noon, CUUC Lower Parking Lot (Raindate Thu Oct 21)
To the ladies of CUUC (ladies of any gender welcome!) - Are you missing the camaraderie of the service and coffee hour? Please join the Caring and Sharing committee for an in-person outdoor gathering at lunchtime. Bring your own lunch and chair and meet us in the lower lot at noon. Questions? Contact: Julie Gans (julieagans@gmail.com). If you need a ride, we are happy to help you get one.
Letter Writing Party to Boost Voter Turnout

Letter-Writing Party, Sat Oct 16, 10:00am-12:00pm, Fellowship Hall
Do you value democracy? Join our letter-writing party! The Democracy Matters social justice team will provide all materials for these quick, effective letters (from Vote Forward) to underserved voters in Virginia, where it’s crucial to elect leaders who protect voting rights for all. It’s a pandemic-responsible party with a purpose (be vaccinated; wear a mask). RSVP to Karen Leahy (karenleahy101@gmail.com). Then come!
Inquirers Series - Please RSVP
Inquirers Series, Sun Oct 17, 24, and 31, 11:30am –12:30pm, Zoom 3131. Session #2 "Social Justice" with Mary Cavallero, Sun Oct 17
New to Unitarian Universalism? Or to Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation? Find out more about us by attending the next three Inquirers Series sessions, offered virtually. You will converse with staff and lay leaders as you learn about CUUC’s values, culture, and ministries, along with basics about Unitarian Universalism. Contact: Ginny Strand (vcs165@gmail.com). Please RSVP to admin@cucwp.org.
Racial Justice Book Discussion - Sign Up
Book Discussion Groups: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents
The Racial Justice/In the Spirit of Truth team invites you to read Caste, by Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson, then join us at one of three discussion groups.
  • Sat Oct 23, 3:00pm, Facilitator: Amy Nathan
  • Sun Oct 24, 11:45am, Facilitator: Jeff Tomlinson
  • Tue Oct 26, 7:00pm, Facilitator: Kevin McGaren-Clemens
Meetings will be online in Zoom 6161. Email admin@cucwp.org to sign up. Questions? Contact: Jeff Tomlinson (jefftomlinson8@gmail.com)
Next A Tempo Fri Oct 22

A reminder to those who are enjoying Adam Kent's weekly A Tempo livestream concerts that there will be no event today, Fri Oct 8, or Oct 15. He looks forward to reuniting with you through music on Fri Oct 22 at 3:00pm.
Halloween Party - Save the Date

Parking Lot Halloween Party, Sat Oct 30, 1:00-3:00pm, Lower Parking Lot
Mark your calendar and start dreaming up your Halloween costumes. Then invite your friends and come to our parking lot Halloween party! Trick-or-Treating! Games! Fun for all ages! We invite all CUUC committees, teams, youth group, and individuals to occupy a spot along the parking lot trick-or-treat circuit and help us fill our trick-or-treaters' bags with goodies. Contact Tracy to sign up. 
RE/PlaceKeeping Journals

We invite PlaceKeepers of all ages to record observations of the life around us. Journals are available in the bin outside the CUUC main entrance for AnimalKeepers, WaterKeepers, and EarthKeepers. You may also use the iNaturalist app or website. Always stay on groomed paths and remember what Cynthia taught us about poison ivy: Leaves of three, let it be! And furry vines are no friend of mine! RE classes will revisit measurements of the river birch and tulip poplar each of the four seasons to record changes, and we will continue deepening our connection to place. 
RE/PlaceKeeping Photos

The Religious Education (RE) Council and families share our gratitude for the lovely PlaceKeeping program Bice W, Rev. LoraKim J, and Cynthia R led. And our thanks to Karen L, Jennifer S, and Isabel T for their donations of binoculars. Over the past three Sundays, children, youth, and adults learned about our beautiful earth community at CUUC and deepened our sense of wonder, awe, and interdependence. You can view photo highlights here, including a folder with images from the field camera that captured some of the vibrant life all around us. Look closely. Read Rev. LoraKim’s blog about a cardinal that prompted us to reflect on life and death, and see this sweet note by Norah, age 11.
Caring & Sharing 

If we can help you or someone you know in our congregation, please reach out to our September primary caregivers: Liz Laite (914-366-4211, em.laite@verizon.net), or her backup Catherine Kortlandt (914-834-7112, catherinekortlandt@gmail.com). You may also contact the CUUC office (admin@cucwp.org).
October Share the Plate: WCC Student Emergency Fund

This month we share half our non-pledge collection with the Westchester Community College Foundation Student Emergency Fund. The Fund provides aid and support to students at risk of dropping out due to central and emergency expenses like food, transportation, rent, utilities, and medical bills, allowing them to continue in school and complete their degrees. Our contributions truly impact vulnerable students, and help change our world one person at a time through the power of education. Mail checks to CUUC with the memo "Share the Plate - WCC" or click here to pay online, and select "Share the Plate" to split your CUUC donation with WCC. You may also select "Other" and specify "WCC" in the note if you'd like your full donation to benefit the group.
Online Offering
To make your offering or donate to our Share the Plate online, use our PayPal button here. Or go to our website, cucwp.org, and click "Donate." Or click on the chalice picture at right.
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Fri Oct 8 - NO “A Tempo with AdamCONCERT TODAY. Next concert Fri Oct 22.

Sat Oct 9 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899)

Sun Oct 10 - 9:00am Environmental Practices Group (Zoom 6161); 10:00am Online Sunday Online Worship (Worship Zoom); 11:15am Virtual Coffee Hour (Coffee Hour Zoom); 11:30am Childcare (Playground); 12:00pm Outdoor In-Person Worship (Lower Lot)

Mon Oct 11 - Office Closed for the Holiday

Tue Oct 12 - 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal (Zoom 3131); 7:30pm Field Education Committee (Zoom 8428); 7:30pm Religious Education Council (Zoom 2210)

Wed Oct 13 - 6:45pm Board of Trustees (Zoom 7899); 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal (Zoom 3131)

Thu Oct 14 - 11:30am Science & Spirituality (Zoom 7899); 7:30pm Religious Education Council (Zoom 2210)

Fri Oct 15 - 11:00am Journey Group: Rev. Garmon (Zoom 7899); 6:30pm Youth Group (Upper Parking Lot); 7:00pm Journey Group: Sehdeva/Cox (Zoom 7899)

Sat Oct 16 - 10:00am Zen Practice (Room 43 & Zoom 7899); 3:00pm Celebration of Life Service for Milton Hollar (Sanctuary)

Sun Oct 17 - 10:00am Outdoor Religious Education (Upper Parking Lot); 10:00am In-Person Sunday Worship (Sanctuary and Worship Zoom); 11:30am Inquirer's Series (Zoom 3131); 11:45am Journey Group: Freiberger (Zoom 7899); 11:45am Journey Group: Miller/Walkup (Zoom 6161)

or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
Webinar: 761 321 991 · Passcode: 468468

Zoom 2210 / Coffee Hour Zoom - Login: zoom.us/j/3369562210?pwd=c21oYkVjczF3Vk9UcVRSWkVILzdPZz09,
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
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or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
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or phone (audio only): 646-876-9923
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or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
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or phone (audio only): 646-558-8656
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Zoom 5149 / "A Tempo with Adam" Live Concerts (also on Adam Kent's Facebook)
or phone (audio only): 929-436-2866
Meeting: 939 6077 5149 · Passcode: 468468
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Mary Cavallero, marycava4@gmail.com
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