July 18, 2018
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And the Winners Are...

Congratulations to the 24 Southern California firms that have been honored with 77 awards in the 2018 PIA Premier Print Awards. As the world’s most prominent international print competition, submissions came from all over North America, China, Indonesia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Our Benny winners include the following PIASC members: Design Printing (Los Angeles), Marina Graphic Center, Inc. (Hawthorne), PJ Printers (Anaheim), Scodix, Inc. (Palm Desert) and Southwest Offset Printing Co., Inc. (Gardena).

Here is the complete list of winners:
Castle Press (Anaheim)
3 Certificates of Merit

2 Awards of Recognition

1 Certificate of Merit

1 Certificate of Merit

Colornet Press (Los Angeles)
7 Awards of Recognition
12 Certificates of Merit

Continental Colorcraft (Monterey Park)
2 Awards of Recognition
2 Certificates of Merit

Crown Connect (San Bernardino)
2 Certificates of Merit

1 Award of Recognition
Design Printing (Los Angeles)
1 Benny
1 Award of Recognition
3 Certificates of Merit

Dual Graphics (Brea)
1 Award of Recognition
1 Certificate of Merit

L.A. Envelope Co. (Montebello)
1 Award of Recognition

Labeltronix LLC (Anaheim)
1 Award of Recognition

Lithographix, Inc. (Hawthrone)
3 Awards of Recognition
3 Certificates of Merit

1 Benny
9 Certificates of Merit

2 Certificates of Merit

PJ Printers (Anaheim)
1 Benny
2 Awards of Recognition
1 Certificate of Merit

2 Awards of Recognition

Scodix, Inc. (Palm Desert)
1 Benny
1 Award of Recognition
2 Certificates of Merit

1 Award of Recognition

1 Benny

Stoughton Printing Co. (City of Industry)
2 Awards of Recognition
1 Certificate of Merit

Trend Offset Printing (Los Alamitos)
1 Certificate of Merit

Typecraft, Inc. (Pasadena)
1 Certificate of Merit
Here are some stats on the Southern California-based winners...

Type of Awards Won:
  • 5 Bennys
  • 27 Awards of Recognition
  • 45 Certificates of Merit
Most Awards Won:
  • Colornet Press, 19 awards—the sixth year in a row that Colornet has topped PIASC’s “most awards won” list
  • Marina Graphic Center, Inc., 10 awards, including 1 Benny
  • Lithographix, Inc., 6 awards
# of Categories Represented Overall: 61

The Benny winners will be honored during the Premier Print Awards reception on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, in conjunction with the Print 18 show.
How High Can You Go? How to Manage Legal and Illegal Drug Use in the Work Place
In this era of legalized marijuana and an ongoing opioid crisis, how can companies manage employees that may be using these or other drugs? Learn how to recognize impairment and implement policies that may reduce risk and create a safer work environment.

You Will Learn
  • The severity of the problem of drugs in the workplace
  • Understanding modern marijuana, both medical and recreational
  • Review the laws regulating marijuana
  • Strategies for managing medical marijuana use
  • Recognizing Prescription and Nonprescription Opioid Use
  • Methods of drug testing
  • Pros and cons of pre-employment drug testing
  • Sample drug policy

Who Should Attend
  • CEOs and presidents
  • Managers and supervisors
  • HR professionals
  • Operations managers

Webinar Presenter
  • Adriane Harrison, Director, Human Relations at Printing Industries of America
  • Gary Jones, Assistant Vice President, Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs at Printing Industries of America
  • Marci Kinter, Vice President-Government & Business Information at Specialty Graphic Imaging Association
Explore What’s on the Horizon at the 2018 SGIA Expo
The Expo, which will be held in Las Vegas October 18 –20, provides the opportunity to learn about the changing face of the printing industry in one place under one roof. It showcases, side by side, the wide variety of technologies, services and products that make up today’s constantly changing print space.
With more than 500 exhibitors covering a space the size of six football fields, the Expo is the largest of its kind. It’s a Top 100 trade show and one of the Top 50 fastest growing. SGIA’s last Expo in Las Vegas in 2016 attracted more than 24,000 people , and this year’s Expo is expected to attract even more attendees.

One of the great benefits of the Expo is the rare occasion to network and truly connect with others with the same specialized interests. “Our goal is to take advantage of everyone being in the same place at the same time,” said Sarah Perkins, Director of Community Development, SGIA. “More than just networking, we’re providing the opportunity for people to talk about their businesses within specific communities that align with their interests.”
Introducing the Newest PIASC Preferred Partner: Mona Solutions powered by NXGEN
PIASC’s Preferred Partners program features a variety of companies that have been handpicked for their ability to save our members time and money while providing a very high level of service. Our newest Preferred Partner, MONA Solutions, is an experienced and reliable merchant services company known for providing an excellent experience for businesses throughout California.

PIASC member Patrick Patterson of Patterson Graphics Corporation in Burbank shares his experience with them:

“We have been very favorably impressed by all facets of our relationship with NXGEN. From the beginning, their friendly and professional approach was impressive. Plus, after the initial contacts their level of service increased to what I can only call outstanding. For example, when we went through the PCI Compliant certification paperwork they were a constant, willing and thorough resource for us. NXGEN continues to be a very valuable vendor for us—one that we do not hesitate to recommend."

Mona has service packages customizable to any payment need from in-store, online and mobile, all using state-of-the-art equipment.
Top 3 Reasons to Participate: Wage & Benefits Survey
Here are the top three reasons why you should do so:

1. You’ll get access to a treasure trove of data. Want to see the results of the survey? The Survey Report is only given to participants. And you’ll definitely want a copy of this report, because it’s filled with invaluable data that can help make your business more successful. You’ll get answers to many important questions, such as:

  • Pay – Are you paying enough to attract the best talent? Are you paying more than necessary to keep the best talent? For example, last year’s report showed that in the Western Region the average operator of a 20” to 28” 4 or 5 color sheet fed press made $25.60/hour. If you have a 20” 4-color sheet fed press, how do your pay rates compare?
  • Benefits – You’ve overheard employees grumbling that your PTO policies are unreasonably stingy. Compared to your area peers, are they—or are your employees comparing your company to the common policies in some other industry?
  • Decision Making – You’re running the numbers to see if it makes sense to add a third shift. Based on industry averages, how much of a premium will you need to pay your workers for assignment to this shift?

2. You’ll be helping the industry. As with all industry surveys, a high level of participation is required to create statistically significant results. Your participation helps everyone.

3. Your participation will be easier than it looks. Yes, the questionnaire itself is 40 pages long. But this is because we are collecting granular salary data by job title, including many job titles that do not apply to your organization. So please don’t let this put you off. Unless your operation is so big that it includes nearly every type of equipment out there, you will not actually be filling out 40 pages’ worth of data!
Add Your Social Media Links to your PrintAccess Profiles
Members can now add links to their company pages for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to their profile on PrintAccess .

Each member has a free profile on PrintAccess—a national website anyone can use to find vendors. It’s free marketing for PIASC members but it’s only successful if you make the most of what the site can offer.

Visit PrintAccess and see how your company looks. Check out what your competitors are doing. If you need your login to make changes, contact Emily Holguin , Ext. 262 or Gloria Vargas , Ext. 207 for assistance

How much is a 1896 Sutro Baths Poster worth?
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