May 23, 2018
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Wow...what a Night! Queen Beach Printers
wins the 2018 Best of Show Award!
On Friday, April 13, PIASC held its annual Graphics Night at the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry. Over 350 attendees were on hand to celebrate the ideas, solutions and achievers of 2018. Based on the feedback we have received, the evening was a tremendous success.

The evening featured a variety of firsts. This was the first time…
  • PIA’s National President was in attendance. Michael Makin mingled with members, celebrated the honoree and showed his support for PIASC
  • A state legislator was in attendance. Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio, representing the 48th District, joined us for the cocktail reception.
  • Awards were presented in six new Print Excellence Awards specialty categories: Best Design, Best Use of Paper, Best Execution of Ink, Best Crossover, Best Packaging, Best Combo Print and Finishing.
  • Live music for the cocktail reception and dinner featured a five-person jazz band from Citrus College.
  • Lou Caron gave his first official President’s speech. His message: PIASC is an extension of your business.

Graphics Night began with a hosted cocktail reception. As always, a highlight was the display of the top two entries in each category of the Print Excellence Awards, and the opportunity to cast a vote for one outstanding entry for the People’s Choice Award. During the cocktail hour Assemblywoman Rubio met privately with Jack Stoughton, Jr., and presented him with official recognition from the Legislature congratulating him on his selection as PIASC’s Executive of the Year.

After everyone moved into the banquet room, Peter Young, PIASC’s Chairman of the Board, officially welcomed everyone to Graphics Night. After guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, PIASC President Lou Caron presented the Executive of the Year award to Jack Stoughton, President of Stoughton Printing Company. Jack was selected for this honor because of his tireless work on behalf of the printing and graphic arts industry, and dedication to education in and about our industry.

This presentation was followed by the highlight of the evening, the presentation of the 2018 Print Excellence Awards by Janet Green, the PIASC Board’s Public Relations Chair. Over 60 awards were presented to the “Best of ” winners in each category, ranging from Presentation Folders to Large-Format Printing.
The top Print Excellence Award winners were…

for “Farmers & Merchants Bank 110 Year Commemorative Book” Sponsored by: Heidelberg USA 

People’s Choice Award: Stoughton Printing Co.
for “Golden Voyager Record” Sponsored by: GMG Americas

for “FX-Versace”

Best Use of Paper: Design Printing
for “30 Years of Saving Souls”

Best Execution of Ink: Design Printing
for “Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Gala”

Best Crossover: Lithographix, Inc.
for “2018 Alfa Romeo Spider Brochure”

Best Packaging: Edelmann Group
for “Box of Sexy-Ferris Wheel”

Best Combo Print & Finishing: Stoughton Printing Co.
for “Portal – Original Soundtrack”
Start savings your project samples from this year to be able to submit and win in the 2019 Print Excellence Awards.

Questions? Contact Kristy Villanueva at 323.728.9500, Ext. 215.
Coated, Cover, Board, Synthetic, Matte, Polymer and much more: 20th Annual Paper Show
Lots are IN LOVE WITH PAPER and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase what you have to offer to designers, print buyers and printers.

Exhibit at t he 20th Annual Paper & Substrate Show on September 18th in Irvin e. You'll get a 6' table plus entry for two representatives.

Application Deadline: August 24, 2018
Payment Deadline: September 4, 2018

PIASC Member: $450.00
Non-Members: $599.00
$25 to register additional from same company.

Questions, contact Maribel Campos , 323.728.9500, Ext. 210.
Buena Park & Long Beach - Cocktails & Conversations
In June, we have two networking events on Thursdays!

Join us from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at one or both of our locations. $25/member includes 2 drinks and appetizers.

Thursday, June 21st
Poquito Mas
Buena Park, CA

Thursday, June 28th
The Reef on the Water
Long Beach, CA
Sappi's Sustainability Report
Sappi released their annual sustainability report. It represents a commitment to their environment, their people, and them operating as a business that enables the long-term growth of both - what they call their DNA.

This report was released at the same time as their recent acknowledgment as a Gold rated company by Exovadis, a leading global sustainability rating firm.

Source: Sappi North America
New Team? Break the Ice
Got a new team to lead? Here are some four suggestions for breaking the ice:

  1. Resist the urge to just plunge in and start working. Use the first meeting as a "get to know you" gathering. People need to know more about each other than just their names and departments.
  2. Clarify the team's goals. You may think your purpose for coming together is self-evident, but make sure that everyone on the team knows exactly what the goals are for the project.
  3. Define the ground rules. Many leaders skip this aspect of establishing a team because they assume everyone will arrive on time and get their work in on time. But things can often go wrong. Give the group an opportunity to discuss and establish rules that need to be followed.
  4. Take a collaborative approach to planning. Planning by committee is not always the most efficient approach. Make sure that everyone has a voice and delegate a number of different aspects of the planning to different people. This keeps everyone involved and gives them a more vested interest.

Using Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to your Website

“Content Marketing” is all about creating and sharing informative articles, videos and other content in order to attract and engage potential customers. One of the benefits of content marketing is that it helps drive traffic to your website through links to the content itself and by improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your site overall.
In addition to paid advertisements, there are many strategies for using content marketing to drive traffic to your website. These include:
  • Offer valuable free downloads – Use e-books, white papers, reports, checklists, video training and other informative content to drive traffic to your website and induce people to give you their contact information.
  • Share your free content everywhere – Post it on your website and on LinkedIn, link to it from all of your social media accounts, share it with the relevant online communities that you participate in, etc.
  • Create content focused on “long-tail keywords” – These are the more specific phrases that people tend to search on when they’re closer to being ready to make a purchase. For example, when someone is just starting to look into architectural railing systems they may simply search for “architectural railings.” Later they may use the long-tail keyword phrase “glass and steel architectural railings for stadiums.”
  • Write guest posts for other blogs – Guest blogging on other sites in your niche not only gives you exposure to new audiences, it can also drive traffic to your website through links in your bio, and links to any freebies that you offer to that blog’s followers.
  • Link to your other content – As you’re creating content, watch for opportunities to link to other things you’ve written (as I did in the first paragraph of this article). These internal links can help the overall SEO of your site. 

Source: Plumtree Marketing , PIASC Member
Making of Lovepop Pop-Up Greeting Card
A behind the scenes look at how the beautiful Lovepop Cherry Blossom card comes to life.

Source: Lovepop , Youtube Channel
Quote of the Week
“Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else."

~ Vince Lombardi