July 31, 2019
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Workplace Harassment Prevention Training
Comply with SB 1343
Last year Governor Brown signed SB 1343 into law. Starting in 2019, employers with just five or more employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to supervisory employees, and one hour of this training for nonsupervisory employees, every two years. Supervisors must receive this training within six months of becoming a supervisor, and non-supervisory employees must receive this training within six months of their hire date. Starting in 2020, the law will also apply to temporary and seasonal employees.
The training must include harassment based on gender identity and sexual orientation. It must include practical examples of such harassment. And it must be provided by trainers or educators with knowledge and expertise in those areas.
Compliance Options:
PIASC members have a few options for presenting the mandated Workplace Harassment Prevention Training:
  • Hire PIASC’s specialist to conduct the training – Dennis Bernstein, Vice President of Commercial Insurance and Cheryl Chong, Director of Human Resources, can conduct on-site training sessions at your facility. Call 323.728.9500 to schedule your next training.

  • Get a discount on unique, high-quality online training – Traliant, a PIASC Preferred Partner, offering our members a 20% discount on sexual harassment training. Best of all, they use an interactive approach that takes training from “boring” to “brilliant.” Their Hollywood video production team creates high-quality interactive videos with real-world scenarios, where viewers pick what happens next. Which means your employees are engaged throughout the course—not just clicking the “next” button. Each year they revamp their courses with new videos, actors, images and content. So your team members won’t be annoyed that they have to watch the exact same thing every time. To get started, CLICK HERE >>

  • Use the DFEH’s online program (eventually!) SB 1343 requires the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) to produce and post one-hour and two-hour interactive online training courses that employers may use instead of hiring a trainer. However, the DFEH does not anticipate that this will be available until late this year. In the meantime, they have published a “toolkit” at that includes a sample training that can be used in conjunction with an eligible trainer.
Whatever you choose, do not delay, and do not wait for the DFEH’s program to become available before you present your first training. The six-month clock is ticking!

Benefits of Participating:
  • Participating in the 2019 Wage + Benefits Survey will help you gain invaluable insights to stay competitive in your local labor marketplace.

  • You receive a complimentary copy {$250 value} of the results. The report includes:
  • Regional data and
  • National data

  • The Wage + Benefits report is NOT sold to non-members.

  • Industry leaders and top performers across the US participate.

For a listing of the Job Descriptions that complements the survey, please click here .

Questions? Contact Kristy Villanueva , 323.728.9500, Ext. 215
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This Year We Honor Our Beloved...PAPER!
We'll welcome the spirits of long lost sample books with an ofrenda (altar) that pays tribute to difficult task of selecting stock. We'll eat, drink and make memories to celebrate the wonderful cover, text, book, linen, vellum, felt and even smooth papers of our time. To set the spirited mood, the room will be decorated with calaveras de azúcar (sugar skulls), and of course paper picado (meticulously made paper art).
All that's left to prepare for your Día de los Papers celebration is to register now for PIASC's 21st Annual Paper & Substrate Show. From the latest substrates to the coolest samples, this is your chance to experience and share your life-affirming joy of paper.
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Andrei’s Conscious
Cuisine Event Center
2607 Main Street,
Irvine, CA 92614
Pre-Register by 8/30:
Members $30, Non-Members $40, Students/Designers $20

Register after 8/30:
Members $40, Non-Members $50, Students/Designers $30
How to Create an Instagram Content Plan for Your Business
Do you want to improve your organic Instagram content? Looking for an Instagram content marketing guide to follow?

#1: How to Establish a Content Theme for Your Instagram Profile
The first step to running a successful Instagram account is to plan your content. Because Instagram is a visual platform, start by defining the look and feel of your  business profile .
When creating a theme for Instagram, you’ll need to give some thought to:
  • Colors to use
  • Filters to apply to your images
  • Type of content to post (just a rough idea at this stage)

Annual Membership Survey
All PIASC members are asked to review and complete the “PIASC Membership Directory Update/Annual Survey” that was recently mailed.

Please review the data listed on the survey and make sure to add, change and/or delete any information which may no longer be current. Even if there are no changes to report, FAX to (323) 358-2942 or mail it to PIASC.

Need help? Need a copy of the survey? Contact Kristy Villanueva at 323.728.9500, Ext. 215.
Host an Event or Holiday Party
@ The International Printing Museum
The Museum is the perfect place to hold an event. They have a large area that can be used for eating, can provide staff to give tours to your guests, and can even provide a press for guests to print souvenirs with your event name on it. Prices vary according to number of guests and facility requirements.

Inquiries, contact mail@printmuseum.org , 714.529.1832
Upcoming PIASC MEMBER-ONLY Webinars
WEBINAR: What We Can and Can’t Do with Employment Background Screening
DATE: August 20, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

We will discuss:
  • Ban The Box / Fair Chance Acts
  • Salary History Bans
  • Social Media Searches
  • Compliant Disclosures / Authorizations 
WEBINAR: Like a Pro: How to Analyze an M&A Opportunity
DATE: August 27, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

In this webinar we will talk about: 
  • Thinking and Preparing to Buy or Sell – From an Owner’s Perspective 
  • Understanding Value in Current Trends 
  • Learning lessons from Others Mistakes 
  • What’s Attractive (and What’s Not) to Buyers 
WEBINAR: How to Get Paid On Time 
Also Assuring Good Paying Customers Stay that Way

DATE: September 10, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

In this presentation they will review: 
  • Software – Why you need advanced tools and software to help you do your job and manage your customers
  • Onboarding of your customer – the power of making good decisions
  • Internal Collection Process – why you need a defined and documented process
  • 3rd Party Placement Strategy – when a customer does become a payment problem, what do you do?
Warehouse Full of Bank Note Plates
Featuring The International Printing Museum. The show Pawn Stars on the History channel shares a clip from one of their season 16 episodes.

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