December 19, 2018
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Pre-Order Your 2019 Labor Law Posters

With the new year upon us, as a business, one of the main things to remember is that compliance is key. Many regulations have been updated or introduced for California in 2019. Your 2018 posters will be considered outdated and you will not be in compliance.

PIASC was able to save or members even more money buy offering the California State and Federal at $18.50 (instead of 24.50) . All other posters have also gone down in price.
The 2019 updated posters include the following important revisions:
  • CA Minimum Wage Notice
  • Discrimination Notice
Some companies may also be required to display additional notices depending on their operation, such as forklift safety, fire extinguisher use, safe lifting, and blood borne pathogens. 
Avoid fines and penalties by pre-ordering your posters. Posters will be printed and shipped once the state approves all updates.

Questions about what posters you need? Contact Cheryl Chong , Director, Human Resources, 323.728.9500, Ext. 218
Holiday Message from PIASC President/CEO
Regardless of your situation, there is always something to be thankful for at this time of year. The last few days I have been involved in the inaugural PIASC Santa Ride to the City of Hope and student team presentations at Cal Poly SLO. In the midst of this, there has been plenty of time spent in car.

A couple of thoughts that I would like to share:

  • I can spell “Instagram” and have it on my cell phone. This is the extent of my understanding which is why my eyes clouded over a bit when the students proclaimed the apps importance.

  • Sitting in a room surrounded by students nearing the end of their college days is surreal regardless of the school (i.e., Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, Fullerton College, Riverside City College, etc.). These young people are all incredibly bright. Their perspective and ideas are different and challenging, which has to be the same thing our parents said about us! Clearly the future of our industry is dependent on these young people and their peers.

  • Standing in the driveway of the City of Hope watching the outpouring of gifts and smiles from the Santas was incredible. My hat is off to Bill Rivera (The Dot) and Massis Chahbazian (The Printery) for working so hard to organize this first ever event. To see the smiles that came from a few patients that were allowed to come out and take their pictures with Santa, the COH staff that found time for a little joy and the visitors that stopped by on their way into the hospital for a little cheer will warm anyone’s day. However, there is nothing quite like standing in the driveway and looking up and waving at patients in windows too ill to come down and visit.
  • Our industry is an incredible part of the core of California. We employ about 45,000 people and directly contribute over $8 billion to California’s output! We are a hidden treasure that we need to expose.

At this time of year, with the holiday season around us, let’s take time to be thankful for the many treasures that we have. The staff of PIASC and I wish all of our members and their families very happy holidays. It has been a true pleasure to serve your needs.

Our offices will be closed December 24th and 25th. On December 31st we will close at 2pm and closed on January 1st. We look forward to a very rewarding 2019.

-Louis J. Caron, PIASC President/CEO
Clean Out Your Storage of Unused Paper
Your paper donations are very much needed by teachers and students with graphic communications or arts programs. It's no secret that these programs run almost without a budget; therefore, they need help from our industry to secure the paper needed to continue training their students and our potential future workforce.

Start setting aside your tax-deductible donation of your extra paper and extra office supplies and then on January 17 & 18, 2019, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., please deliver it to:

Advantage, Inc.
1600 N. Kramer Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806

If you have any questions, contact  Kristy Villanueva   at 323.728.9500, ext. 215

How are these materials distributed to instructors? Instructors are invited to pick up needed paper and office supplies from Advantage, Inc. on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Distribution starts at 9:00 a.m. and there is hardly ever surplus left behind.

Please do not bring any chemistry supplies, film or equipment.   If you have surplus equipment, please notify  Kristy Villanueva   at 323.728.9500, Ext. 215.
New Technologies Enabling Revenue Growth in Publishing
When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid 1400s, it was the single most important invention in the history of mankind, up until that point. The printing press enabled the dissemination of knowledge and information,  helped kickstart the industrial revolution  and began a process of self-education that continues to this day.

Until recently, the core technology of ink transfer via a plate onto a paper medium remained largely unchanged. Digital print technology pushed the envelope forward with printing technology that is now sufficiently cost- and quality-effective to challenge the offset incumbent. Most importantly, it enabled the pairing of customer behavioral and demographic data with digital technology. This change is poised to enable the next big shift in publishing; changing the way publishers produce, print and distribute books, magazines and catalogs.

Digital Printing Technology + Consumer Data Enable the Next Leap Forward
Despite the significant step forward in technology the printing press represented, it limited output to a static one-to-one relationship: The press was capable of outputting a single impression on the plate. Now, digital printing technology enables a “one-to-many” relationship, and publishers can take advantage of the technology to customize offerings.
THERE IS STILL TIME! Accepting Nominations for the 2019 Executive of the Year
PIASC’S Benjamin Franklin Award is the highest honor presented in Southern California’s printing industry. Past recipients of this award claim that this is indeed the highlight of their career. Keeping the significance and prestige of this honor in mind, please take the time to make your choice known. Review the following criteria and return your nomination to PIASC right away. The PIASC Benjamin Franklin Award honors an individual for being a long-term major contributor to the graphic arts industry in Southern California.
Nominees for this award should be:
  • Successful in his or her chosen profession.
  • A person of high principles and integrity.
  • A person who shares time and talent to work toward the advancement of the printing industry.
  • A person who works for the betterment of society through civic, community or religious involvements.
  • A person who has worked in the graphic arts industry for at least 15 years, with at least five of those years in Southern California.
Nominations are due no later than December 28, 2018.

Questions, please contact Kristy Villanueva , 323.728.9500, Ext. 215. 
Help the Museum Save this 1905 Heidelberg Press!
Late in the fall of 2017 The International Printing Museum had the rare opportunity to acquire what is believed to be one of the oldest surviving Heidelberg Printing Presses built around 1905. Acquisition by the Museum makes it the oldest Heidelberg Printing Press in the North America!

To make this acquisition possible the Printing Museum needs to raise $20,000!

You can participate in this project by making a tax-deductible donation to the Heidelberg Press Fund.
Quote of the Week
"Give thanks for what you are now and keep fighting for what you want tomorrow."