July 18, 2019
Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Kern, Ventura & Clark Counties
Print 101: Friday, August 2nd
Only 5 Spots Available
TIME:  8:00 am - 3:30 pm
LOCATION:  Fullerton College
Printing Department
FEE:  $75/members (lunch included)
$150/non-members (lunch included)

Is there someone new to the printing industry?  Then this program is for them! This class, full of factual information, some hands on activities will take participants through the basics of printing.

What you will learn: 
  • History of the industry and its impact on society
  • Terminology
  • Color Theory
  • Common machinery used in print production
  • Basic processes
  • Post-press finishing operations
  • Production flow of a job from order entry to delivery
  • And more!

Who should attend: 
  • Those new to the field of graphic communications whether it be creatives, sales, administration, customer service or production.
  • Those wanting a refresher course.
  • Those who want to make sure they are not missing anything.
Participate in the Annual Survey!
The due date to complete the survey is July 31st!

Benefits of Participating:
  • Participating in the 2019 Wage + Benefits Survey will help you gain invaluable insights to stay competitive in your local labor marketplace.

  • You receive a complimentary copy {$250 value} of the results. The report includes:
  • Regional data and
  • National data

  • The Wage + Benefits report is NOT sold to non-members.

  • Industry leaders and top performers across the US participate.

For a listing of the Job Descriptions that complements the survey, please click here .

Questions? Contact Kristy Villanueva , 323.728.9500, Ext. 215
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FOR SALE: RSC-1651LS Cold Roll Laminator

Royal Sovereign,DEMO MODEL- 65" Cold Roll Laminator with convenient features ideally suited for laminating and mounting digital prints,poster,displays and more.

Heavy-Duty Motor,Heat Assist Option,Quick Notch Gap Adjustment,Crowned Silicon Rollers,Operator Convenience and Roll-To-Roll Lamination.

Onsite Set-up,Installation and Training.

Price: RSC-1651LS. $5,000.00 (MSRP $7,999.99)

Onsite Set-up,installation and training Price: $495.00

Contact: Matt Wolden at CalComp Graphic Solutions (714)390-3745

Royal Sovereign,DEMO MODEL-Bobis 118"x 63 " Illuminated Multi-Applicator Table w/Adustable Height

Heavy Duty Silicon Roller,LED Illumination Table,Pneumatic Control w/one touch,Adjustable Table Height up to 42"

Onsite Set-up,Installation and Training.

Price: BMA-160/300LH. $13,995.00 (MSRP $24,995.00)
Onsite Set-up,Installation and Training Price:$750.00

Contact: Matt Wolden at CalComp Graphic Solutions (714)390-3745
Now Accepting 2020 Executive of the Year Nominations
2019 Executive of the Year
Janet Steiner
2018 Executive of the Year
Jack W. Stoughton, Jr.
2017 Executive of the Year
Marina Poropat Joyce
PIASC’S Benjamin Franklin Award is the highest honor presented in Southern California’s printing industry. Past recipients of this award claim that this is indeed the highlight of their career. Keeping the significance and prestige of this honor in mind, please take the time to make your choice known. Review the following criteria and return your nomination to PIASC right away. The PIASC Benjamin Franklin Award honors an individual for being a longterm major contributor to the graphic arts industry in Southern California.
Nominees for this award should be:
  • Successful in his or her chosen profession.
  • A person of high principles and integrity.
  • A person who shares time and talent to work toward the advancement of the printing industry.
  • A person who works for the betterment of society through civic, community or religious involvements.
  • A person who has worked in the graphic arts industry for at least 15 years, with at least five of those years in Southern California.
Nominations are due no later than December 27, 2019.

Questions, please contact  Kristy Villanueva  , 323.728.9500, Ext. 215.
Will Your Business Survive the End of Prop 13?
By: Lou Caron, PIASC President/CEO

Although over a year away, the 2020 election features not only a contested Presidential race but also a number of ballot initiatives that will dramatically affect your business. One such initiative, The California Schools and Local Community Funding Act of 2018, better known as the “split roll” property tax initiative, would repeal many of the protections of Proposition 13 as they apply to business property.

You remember Prop 13, don’t you? Back in the 1970s, property values in the state were increasing. Seeing the increased value of a property, tax assessors increased property assessments thereby increasing the amount of property taxes owed. Every year, as the values went up so would property taxes. This made it difficult for homeowners and businesses to plan for the future.

While property values were increasing, homeowner’s paychecks and profits earned by businesses did not keep pace. Older individuals on fixed incomes found it especially challenging to handle the ever-increasing tax burden. This led tax revolt leaders Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann to draft Proposition 13.

Prop 13, officially called the People’s Initiative to Limit Property Taxation, was an amendment to the Constitution of California. Its goal was to keep property taxes manageable and predictable. The way it works is simple.

Are You Doing Good In the World?
“I spend a lot of time visiting with our members at their facilities,” says Lou Caron, PIASC’s President and CEO. “One of the things I’m always impressed by is the amount of time and energy that so many of our members devote to supporting charitable and community organizations. We’d like to celebrate these efforts, to bring additional attention to these good causes.”

If you’d like to be considered for a future article highlighting the good things you and/or your company are doing in the world, please contact Kristy Villanueva , our Director of Member Services and the Editor of Native.news, at Kristy@piasc.org or 323.728.9500 Ext. 215.
Upcoming PIASC MEMBER-ONLY Webinars
WEBINAR: What We Can and Can’t Do with Employment Background Screening
DATE: August 20, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

Be up to date on current laws and what is allowed and not allowed specifically in California. We’ll also focus on what employers should be mindful of when conducting new hire background checks. 

We will discuss:
  • Ban The Box / Fair Chance Acts
  • Salary History Bans
  • Social Media Searches
  • Compliant Disclosures / Authorizations 

Employers of any size and location will benefit from this webinar. 

Don’t miss this FREE member-only webinar with Employers Choice Online, Inc., our preferred partner. Log in and be prepared to interact by asking questions.
WEBINAR: Like a Pro: How to Analyze an M&A Opportunity
DATE: August 27, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

The print industry is ever-evolving and as a result, M&A transaction structures for companies within the industry are constantly shifting. 

If selling or merging has crossed your mind, you need to make sure you’re familiar with the most up-to-date options and prioritize the creation of a sale or acquisition strategy before you do anything else. 

In this webinar we will talk about: 
  • Thinking and Preparing to Buy or Sell – From an Owner’s Perspective 
  • Understanding Value in Current Trends 
  • Learning lessons from Others Mistakes 
  • What’s Attractive (and What’s Not) to Buyers 

Who should attend? 
CEO’s, Owners and Presidents 
WEBINAR: How to Get Paid On Time 
Also Assuring Good Paying Customers Stay that Way

DATE: September 10, 2019
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

When you extend credit, one of the costs of doing business is the fact that some percentage of your receivables (2% to 5% in most industries) will become delinquent (one or more days past due) at some point during the year. The question is, what type of processes and tools can be put in place to increase the probability that your customers will pay you on time, almost all of the time. 

Join us for this informational one-hour webinar with our preferred partner AG Adjustments where credit & collection industry veteran will talk about the various components necessary to manage customer credit risk and increase the likelihood of getting paid on time. 

In this presentation they will review: 
  • Software – Why you need advanced tools and software to help you do your job and manage your customers
  • Onboarding of your customer – the power of making good decisions
  • Internal Collection Process – why you need a defined and documented process
  • 3rd Party Placement Strategy – when a customer does become a payment problem, what do you do?
2019 SGIA Research Report
Printing Markets & Product
Join SGIA's industry research team as they summarize the just-released results of its survey addressing trends in the markets and product areas served by printing companies in the US and Canada. This webinar will also provide an update on current industry conditions.

Video will start at the commercial printing section.
Quote of the Week
"When you are ready the teacher appears. When you are truly ready the teacher disappears."