June 20, 2018
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PIASC's R.A.I.S.E. Foundation Awards Cash Grants to Students

Every year, PIASC’s R.A.I.S.E. Foundation rewards students that participate in its annual competitions by providing grants. These grants assist with the expenses incurred in their participation in the Skills USA State and National Competitions, and/or help with their continued education. The R.A.I.S.E. Foundation also rewards programming grants to area Graphic Arts programs.

These grants are made possible by the donations made by our members during our annual fundraising drive. This year we raised over $12,000, and received over 250 entries for the PIASC R.A.I.S.E. Foundation competition.

Winners of the 2018 competition are:
Coloring BookHigh school students designed and produced a coloring book depicting “A Day in the Life” of a wild animal or pet.

El Camino Real Charter High School
  • 1st Place – Jessica Torres
  • 2nd Place – Joanna Cheng
  • 3rd Place – Kristen Andrews

Pioneer High School/TriCities ROP
  • 1st Place – Shirley Olivares
  • 2nd Place – Brianeth Garcia
  • 3rd Place – Cynthia Peraza

All Other High Schools
  • 1st Place – Emma Kehl, Hart High School Sponsored by: Marina Poropat Joyce, Designing for Print
  • 2nd Place – Alice Yam, Montclair High School
  • 3rd Place – Sophie Kehl, Hart High School

BookmarkBoth high school and college students designed and produced a bookmark promoting the beautiful world of reading.

El Camino Real Charter High School
  • 1st Place – Ashley Murphy
  • 2nd Place – Andrea Hernandez
  • 3rd Place – Shane Gomez
Brea Olinda High School
  • 1st Place – Robert Cervantez
  • 2nd Place – Azeem Horani
  • 3rd Place – Celine Leng

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • 1st Place – Armando Vicuna
  • 2nd Place – Reyna Castañeda
  • 3rd Place – Dominique Lau

Packaging Both high school and college students developed and designed an eye-catching shoebox that persuaded consumers to want both the shoes and the box that comes with them.

  • 1st Place – Sophie Kehl, Hart High School Sponsored by: Dual Graphics
  • 2nd Place – Alex Mariano, South Pasadena High School

  • 1st Place – Sotheara Ly, Riverside City College
  • 2nd Place – Haydee Orellana, Abram Friedman Occupational Center
  • 3rd Place – Amanda Truong, Samantha Lee, Perry Ting and Caitlin Royston, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Top 10 “Lawsuit Magnet” Mistakes Employers Make and How to Avoid Them - WEBINAR
Nearly every day employers nationwide are served with lawsuits from ex-employees. Common claims on these lawsuits include that the termination was unlawful, he/she was harassed, or the employer failed to compensate overtime. No matter the preventive steps taken, employers may still face lawsuits.

In this informative 60-minute webinar, we will discuss the top ten mistakes employers make that may increase their risk of being subjected to employment-related lawsuits.

Problem areas include:
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint procedures
  • Letters of Reference
  • At-will Relationships
  • And more

Want to learn how to decrease your risk of employment-related lawsuits?

You won’t want to miss this webinar!

July 16th 11:00 am PST
Speaker: Kristine Kwong, PARTNER at Musick, Peeler & Garnett LLC
She is in the firm’s Los Angeles office. Her practice focuses on all aspects of labor and employment counseling, litigation, transactions, executive compensation and executive mobility matters.
Help Prospects Believe Your Problems
Your company’s marketing materials are full of promises. “Marketing writing that gets results.” “The easiest way to store your stuff.” “It only takes a minute.” And so on.
When prospective customers are looking for solutions to the problems they face, they really want to believe that your promises and claims are true. If your marketing materials are well written, they will connect with the reader at an emotional level and trigger the desire to buy. But to close the sale you need to convince the prospect’s non-emotional side that making a purchase is, indeed, a great idea. Here are three tactics, with examples from my portfolio, for how to do so… 

  • Provide affirmation from an outside authority – How do prospects know that Infinity Plumbing Designs really is “the construction plumber that America’s top builders count on”? The names and logos of these customers (i.e. the prospects’ peers) are featured prominently on the website. 

  • Share testimonials – Testimonials can offer reassurance about common concerns. For example, JTANL Productions shoots marketing videos of high-end hotels. Clients all worry that the process will disturb their high-paying guests. One client helped JTANL overcome this concern by describing the company as “so discreet and accommodating that we were able to shoot the entire project without disrupting our guests. In fact, we hardly knew JTANL were on the property!” 

  • Show them the numbers and data – Be specific, and then back up your promises with hard numbers and/or scientific studies. Yes, the product website promises that Janibell’s Prive Sanitary Napkin Disposal System for public restrooms is “high capacity.” But then that promise is backed up with a chart showing exactly how many tampons, pads and diapers it holds. 

The bottom line is, to avoid having your promises and claims dismissed as “marketing fluff,” you need to help your prospects believe them.

Source: Plumtree Marketing, Inc. , PIASC Member
Independence Day Celebration
Kick off your July 4th festivities with Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, aka “The Confounding Brothers.” Enjoy a fun, fact-filled play on how these ingenious men created our country.

In addition, guests will also enjoy activities throughout the day like printing patriotic keepsakes, including their own Declaration of Independence on an authentic Colonial printing press, and tours of the Museum.

Freedom Dogs, All-American Apple Pie and Patriotic Punch are included with your admission. Dine in Madame Brillon’s French Garden de Liberté and be serenaded with 18th Century music by The Colonial Roses!

Saturday June 30th
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Performances at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm
Admission $15/person
$50/Group of 4 Reservations
Storm Water Permits 101
We often hear complaints from our members about the State Water Resource Board’s storm water permit program—a complicated program that affects all printers in California. If you’re not already familiar with this, here’s a rundown of the basics that you need to know.

Why is storm water regulated? Storm water, otherwise known as runoff precipitation (i.e., rain or snow melt) that flows over land or without being absorbed by the ground, can become contaminated from material handling and storage, equipment maintenance and cleaning, and other activities at industrial facilities. Contaminated storm water that flows directly into water bodies through storm drain systems can be a significant environmental problem.

How are Printers regulated under the storm water program? Printing operations fall into a unique category under the regulations and must either obtain an “Industrial General Permit,” which regulates storm water discharges associated with industrial activities, or a “No Exposure Certification.”

What is the deadline for compliance? The deadline to file for an Industrial General Permit or No Exposure Certification was October 1, 2015.

What type of permit do I need?

How are other employers compensating their employees? What about benefits and policies?
Have you recently read an article or had a discussion with a business associate regarding company policies and benefits? As you consider the need to modify or add a policy, you may think, “What is everyone else doing?” The information is not easy to gather, but PIASC can provide a solution!

Our annual Wage & Benefit Survey can be your tool to help in making decisions.

Here are some interesting factoids from last year’s survey:

  • 94% of the firm surveyed in 2017 had written policy manuals.
  • 15% of firms surveyed have President's Day as a holiday and only 18% for Good Friday.
  • In 2017, 3% of the surveyed firms did not provide paid health insurance to their employees compared to less than 9% in 2016.
  • And much more.

How can you access this type of information? The easiest way is to participate!

The cost to participate is ZERO and the survey results (published in the fall) are FREE to participating companies!

If you do not participate you can still obtain a copy in the fall for $250 to members ($1,000 non-member cost). If you have questions, contact  Cheryl Chong  at 323.728.9500 x218.
Close to Buena Park or Long Beach? Starts this Thursday!
Ninety-five percent of business owners say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships! Networking is a vital part of building connections and business relationships. But how about having some fun while doing it, at neat locations with great food and drinks?

Plus, although new connections are great, letting the existing ones know you’re still around is just as important. Here are a couple benefits of networking:

1. Generate referrals and more business – It’s not who you know but who knows you. This is probably the most obvious benefit, and the reason most people decide to participate in networking activities.

2.Build connections – It’s not what you know but who you know. If you want a successful business, then you need to have a great source of relevant connections in your network that you can call on when you need them.

Thursdays in June from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
$25/member includes two drinks and appetizers

3D Printing on a Whole New Level - Watch this video!
Quote of the Week
“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.”
~George Steinbrenner