Friday, March 20, 2020
Good Morning LFHS Students (and Families), 

I hope this first week of eLearning was a positive experience for all of you, considering the circumstances. I know our faculty and staff have been working hard to ensure that learning continues and I know that all of you are making the necessary adjustments to engage in your classes. Thank you. I have received so many messages from your teachers saying how happy they have been to see your faces, hear your voices, and receive messages from you. Thank you for staying connected and for taking your learning seriously during this period. It will greatly benefit you in the weeks ahead. 

We have been keeping close tabs on feedback regarding your learning experiences in our first week. Although everyone is giving their best with eLearning, we recognize that engaging in Scout Days every day has posed a challenge with managing the workload for both students and staff. After considering the experience this week and thinking of a more sustainable model for everyone, we are going to implement the following eLearning schedule beginning after Spring Break on Monday, March 30th. 

Revised eLearning Schedule Beginning Monday, March 30th 
Weekly Schedule

Daily Expectations
  • Your teachers will continue to have assignments posted by 8:00am each day. 
  • Class engagement begins at 8:15am on Mondays. 
  • Class engagement begins at 9:00am on Tuesday - Friday. 
  • You will be expected to complete your daily engagement assignments by 4:00pm (change from 3:00pm).
PLT on Wednesdays
On Wednesdays, you should expect to hear from your teachers or other staff members if there is a need to communicate with you about your work completion or your progress. This can happen on any day of the week, but we are asking our staff to carve out some time for this type of communication with you on Wednesdays, if necessary. Teachers are asked to prioritize communication with students who need additional assistance. 

Teachers will determine the best way to communicate the use of this time with their students. 

Faculty/Staff Collaboration 
On Thursday mornings from 8:00am - 9:00am, your teachers will use the time to engage with colleagues for professional development and collaboration. Teachers will engage with their departments, course-teams, and other colleagues. This is a time that will be used for their growth and development. If you reach out to your teacher during this time on Thursday, you might not hear back from them until after 9:00am. 

Length of Assignments and Workload
We are constantly vetting feedback on the workload for students and staff. On Mondays, you should expect to engage in coursework for each class between 40-50 minutes. On Tuesdays - Fridays, you should expect to engage in a variety of learning activities that are no greater than 80 minutes in length for any given class. 

Expectations for Feedback
Teachers and staff members will give feedback in a variety of ways. At times, you will receive individualized feedback regarding your work. There are also times when you will receive small or large group feedback. All feedback is intended to support student learning. 

Importance of Student Engagement
It is very important for you to engage daily and to complete assigned work. Staying 
connected will support you in making progress--academically, socially, and emotionally. We recognize the value of staying socially connected. Teachers are encouraged to build in different opportunities for you to engage with each other in non-academic ways, as a means of continuing to foster positive relationships. 

Accessing Support - Don’t Fall Behind
If you feel as though you are falling behind in your work and you need support, consider 
requesting a Peer Tutor. You can find information about Peer Tutoring and other 

Other Tips and Suggestions
  • If possible, you should designate a space in your home to complete school work. Try to choose a place with minimal distractions and make sure you have everything you need in that space. 
  • Create a plan to complete your work every week. Whether you use your assignment notebook or a different method, by the end of the day – each Monday, develop your workflow plan. Build in breaks, lunch, snacks, and opportunities to engage in physical activity.
  • STAY ACTIVE. Find ways to stay active during the day. Do something active after you complete work for a class. Commit to walking, doing pushups, jumping jacks, jumping rope, anything, every 30 minutes. Figure out what works for you and just do it. 
  • Find ways to remotely connect with your friends and classmates.
  • Enjoy time with your family and loved ones. 

Additional Items

We continue to rely on national and state guidance regarding our closure and instructional parameters. We are hoping to receive revised guidance on or before March 31st regarding our eLearning plan parameters connected to attendance and grades. Until then, we will continue to monitor attendance (student engagement) and we will continue to focus on providing you with feedback regarding your learning progress. 

It is very likely that our closure will extend beyond April 3rd. We will continue to keep the school community informed regarding the most current closure information. 

Advanced Placement Tests
The College Board is currently working on developing a range of supports. Here is the latest information we have received:
  • The AP program is finalizing streamlined AP exam options that will allow students to test at home, depending on the situation in May. College Board is working to give every AP student the opportunity to claim the credit they have earned. The AP Program will communicate the details of these additional solutions to educators and students by March 20. Click here for the latest information from the AP Program.
  • College Board will announce portfolio submission deadline extensions for AP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, Computer Science Principles, Drawing, Research, and Seminar courses by March 20. Schools do not need to call AP Services for Educators to request these extensions.

Winter Sports Banquets
We are currently working on ways to engage in virtual banquets. We will likely ask a team (or two) to pilot this with us to see if this is a viable option. We definitely understand the value and importance of these events and are working to figure out a way to bring everyone together virtually to celebrate the accomplishments of our teams. 
Spring Sports
While we understand the desire to engage in Spring Sports, as long as school is closed, we will not organize or engage in extracurricular activities. Pending the timeline for reopening school, we will do everything possible to help salvage seasons to the greatest extent possible. 

Prom and Graduation
We are currently unable to provide information regarding Prom and Graduation. Once we know more about the length of our closure, we will communicate with the school community. 

Over Spring Break, I will take some time to consider new or additional ways to stay connected to all of you and to provide regular updates. Thank you for a great start to engaging in eLearning. Hopefully, you will find the updated plan more manageable and beneficial for your learning. 

Stay safe, take care of your physical and emotional health, and stay connected to your loved ones. We will see you on Monday, March 30th. 


Chala Holland