February 10, 2017
Trustee Area Election Maps

The Cypress School District Board of Trustees has initiated the process to change the manner in which members of the Board are elected. Currently, Cypress School District holds at-large elections, in which each member of the Board is elected by registered voters of the entire school district. Under the new system, Board members residing in each trustee area will be elected by the registered voters in that particular trustee area.
The district recently hosted two community meetings to provide information on the new election system and gather feedback on three trustee area maps under consideration. Information presented at those meetings is available for review on the district's  website. The proposed maps are also available online in an interactive format.  
Members of the community are invited to submit map suggestions in writing to the Cypress School District, 9470 Moody Street, Cypress. Community input on the proposed maps may also be submitted via email to trusteemaps@cypsd.org
Candi Kern  .  Sandra Lee  .  Donna McDougall  .  Brian Nakamura  .  Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.