March 16, 2021
Cypress School District Administrators Honored for Excellence in Leadership
The Cypress School District is proud to announce that two of its district administrators have been recognized for outstanding leadership by the Association of California School Administrators, Region 17.
Anne Silavs
Superintendent of the Year

Anne Silavs has served the Cypress School District as Superintendent since 2015. She is an educational leader whose daily work epitomizes the district’s core values and mission to “inspire and empower every student, every moment, for every opportunity.” Her visionary leadership has supported the achievement of many notable accomplishments during her tenure which include constructing dedicated facilities to support districtwide music and STEM programs, implementing a California State Preschool Program, and acquiring a new district headquarters. 

“Without question, Anne inspires everyone. She demonstrates high levels of leadership ability, interpersonal skills, and commitment to providing exemplary educational opportunities. Anne encourages the development of programs that foster creativity and excitement within the district,” said Bonnie Peat, President of the Cypress School District Board of Trustees.

As school districts dealt with how to effectively provide an educational program in a pandemic environment, Superintendent Silavs envisioned giving families a choice in how their children would attend school during this extraordinary time. While most districts offered a distance learning and/or hybrid schedule, Cypress School District successfully provided families with a third option of a full-time in-person schedule, enabling parents to select the option that best served the needs of their children and family.

Cypress City Manager Peter Grant remarked, “Under Anne’s leadership, our community has never been better served by, or more proud of, the Cypress School District. Her recommendation to open schools and her unwavering commitment to safety have positively impacted our students and community-at-large.”

“It has not been, nor does it continue to be, an easy task,” said Board President Peat. “Anne continues to lead and guide with courage and dedication.”

“I am very honored to be recognized, especially during this extremely challenging school year,” said Superintendent Silavs. “Everyone in our district shares in this award. It has been an amazing team effort!”

Teresa Lennox
Classified Leader of the Year

Teresa Lennox has served the Cypress School District as Director of Maintenance/Operations, Transportation, and Technology since 2018, and the impact of her leadership in the district has been far-reaching. From ensuring school campuses are safe and well-maintained to providing students and staff with the technology tools needed for success, she is tireless in her commitment to supporting the district’s educational program.  

“Teresa is a remarkable public servant who makes everyone around her better. She is student-centered, understands how to effectively support teaching and learning, and continually contributes to the success of our school district in a meaningful way,” said Tim McLellan, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services.

While school districts around the country struggled this past year to effectively respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Lennox became an avid student of evidence-based public health strategies and virus mitigation measures. 

“Teresa was instrumental in supporting our efforts to provide three school schedule options for families this year,” said Superintendent Anne Silavs. “We could never have done it without her!”

In preparation for reopening the district’s six schools, Mrs. Lennox reworked transportation schedules, reconfigured classrooms, installed protective equipment, and implemented many safety protocols to provide layered protection for students and staff. As a result of her leadership, the district was able to effectively welcome students back to campus for in-person instruction in September 2020. 

“Her creative forethought, innovative problem-solving, and execution were remarkable,” said Julie Armour, President of the Association of Cypress Teachers.

“Teresa played a key role in reopening our schools,” said Vickie Ohlman, President of the California School Employees Association, Chapter 325. “She worked closely with association leaders throughout the planning process. She didn’t just ask how we could make this work. Instead, she asked how we could make this work better.”