October, 2020
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Member Feedback

"WarehouseTWO has bailed me out quite a few times."

Brian Osher
Motion Industries, Inc.
Syracuse, NY USA
Upcoming Conference

DCKAP eSummit
B2B Edition 2020
November 10, 2020 (virtual)

A digital commerce conference specifically tailored to help manufacturers and industrial distributors grow online sales.
Featured Feature:  SEARCH

Instantly be a better performing distributor:
  • Leverage the inventory owned by peer distributors.
  • Provide better product availability to your end-customers.
  • Close backorders faster.
  • Save money on inventory available at "fire sale" prices.
Do all of this with WarehouseTWO's SEARCH feature.  It is available to all members, including free level 1 members.  Click here to learn more about this feature.
Upcoming Training

Our next round of five different training webinars is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14th, and Thursday, October 15th, 2020.  Click here for session syllabuses and for links to register for any of these webinars.  Space is limited, so register early!
Distribution "Quip" of the Month

"If you ask someone a YES/NO question, and the response is, 'I don't know', then the real answer is 'NO'."

Got a favorite work-related quip?  Or a snippet of wisdom applicable to the world of wholesale-distribution?  Share it with us.
WarehouseTWO Tip of the Month

Review the current list of inventory-sharing communities at WarehouseTWO.  We have grown since you joined us.  Are you participating in the most active, most beneficial communities available to your company?  Are you participating in as many communities as your membership level allows?  Consider upgrading your account to gain access to more communities.
Referral Rewards Program

The easiest way to get more value from your WarehouseTWO account is to increase participation by other distributors and manufacturers.  Over the years, many of you have been loyal "evangelists", recommending WarehouseTWO to peer distributors, to manufacturers and to associations and marketing groups.

We want to encourage and compensate you for the results of your efforts.  To learn more about our "WarehouseTWO Referral Rewards" program, and how you and your company can benefit, click here.
WarehouseTWO eNews Archives

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Words that Confuse Us at WarehouseTWO

verbiage:  the way in which something is expressed
verbage:  (not a real word) 
An Explanation of Inventory-Sharing Communities at WarehouseTWO

WarehouseTWO's system of inventory-sharing "communities" serves a unique purpose in enabling "inventory-sharing" among peer wholesalers.  Understanding and leveraging this system can enhance the value of one's WarehouseTWO membership.

Learn more...
Got something to ask or something to say?  Want to learn more about how formalized inventory-sharing with WarehouseTWO can help your company be more successful?  Email us.  Or call us at 1-650-329-1592 (USA Pacific time zone).
Enjoy your day!

Mark Tomalonis
WarehouseTWO, LLC
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