Volume 4, Issue 9
May 2019

The Cypress School District is very fortunate to have outstanding certificated and classified employees serving the children of our community. That’s why it’s always bittersweet when we must bid farewell to our retirees each spring. This edition of our e-News celebrates the commitment and dedicated service of our retiring employees… a group who has collectively supported our schools for a total of 186 years!  

Please join us in extending our heartfelt thanks and wishing them good health and great happiness as they pursue new interests and adventures in retirement.

Anne Silavs, Superintendent
Certificated Retirees
Julie Bizio – 30 years
Julie started her teaching career at Vessels in 1989. She later transferred to Luther and has enjoyed being part of the Lion community for the past 23 years. While Julie has taught many grade levels in the Cypress School District, she finishes up her teaching career serving students in second grade. Congratulations on your retirement, Julie!

Mary Fenoglio – 34 years
Hired in 1985, Mary has served four schools in the Cypress School District during her career, including Arnold, Damron, Dickerson, and Morris. Even more impressive, she has taught every grade level except kindergarten, which we were more than happy to offer if she was willing to stay another year. Alas, she has made other plans. Best wishes and safe travels, Mary!

Julie Gautreau – 27 years
Julie began teaching as a second career in 1992. She taught kindergarten at Arnold, as well as first, fourth, and fifth grades at Landell. She has also served as a Resource Teacher, Learning Specialist, and Teacher on Special Assignment. In 2013, she joined the district administrative team as a Coordinator in Instructional Services. Thank you for the many ways you have supported our schools, Julie!

Michelle Moore – 19 years
Michelle joined the Cypress School District family in 2000. She taught briefly at both Damron and Cawthon until she found her home at Morris in 2005 and became a Morris Mustang for life. During her career, she provided rigorous and engaging learning experiences for students in grades four, five, and six. Michelle, you are going to be greatly missed! 
Classified Retirees
Susan Bernal – 25 years
If you do the math, Susan has provided well over 5,000 nourishing school meals for students in the Cypress School District. She has worked as both a Food Service Assistant and Food Service Senior in Child Nutrition Services during her many years of service. Enjoy your retirement, Susan!

Loretta Hannifin – 25 years
Loretta began her career in the Cypress School District working as a Food Service Assistant. She later moved up to Food Service Senior before being selected to support student nutrition across the district in her role as Central Kitchen Senior in Child Nutrition Services. Thank you for your leadership, Loretta!

Diana Hendricks – 32 years
Diana has been with the district since 1987 and has served in a number of roles over the years. She started out as a Noon Duty Supervisor before being hired as a Cafeteria Helper, Senior Cafeteria Helper, and finally Food Service Senior in Child Nutrition Services. Congratulations, Diana!

Laura Karpinski – 24 years
Laura has worked at a number of our schools throughout her career in the Cypress School District. As an Instructional Aide, she has assisted and supported students in the development of their English language proficiency. We appreciate your service, Laura!

Randy Kelly – 20 years
As the district’s Gardener and Lead Sprinkler/Gardening Technician since 1998, Randy has been a dedicated steward of the grounds and gardens at each of our six schools. He has worked tirelessly to ensure our campuses always look their best. Best wishes, Randy! 

Pam Lesher – 28 years
In 1991, Pam was hired as a Clerk Typist II, serving at Morris, Vessels, and the district office. In 1999, she was promoted to Media Resource Specialist, now titled Resource Center Technician. She has produced countless banners, brochures, booklets, and other important materials for our district. We’re going to miss you, Pam!

Pam Parks – 20 years
From day one, Pam has faithfully served students with special needs as an Instructional Aide in our school district. In this role, she has provided support for a wide range of educational needs. Thank you for all you have done for our students, Pam!

Randy Saffron – 21 years
Considering the rapid growth of computers, Randy’s role as Technology Maintenance Technician has really evolved since he first joined the district in 1997. He’s played a critical role in supporting teacher and student technology use. We couldn’t have done it without you, Randy!

Bridget Tambio – 7 years
After retiring from the private sector, Bridget joined the district in 2011. She has served in Business Services as an Account Clerk, responsible for fiscal recordkeeping. While her time with us has been relatively short, we greatly appreciate her contributions to our school district. Thank you, Bridget!

Vicki Waller – 25 years
Vicki began her career in the Cypress School District as a Clerk Typist, a position now titled School Office Assistant. She worked in this capacity at Landell for a year before finding her home at Morris, where she has also served as School Health Assistant. Congratulations, Vicki!
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Brian Nakamura - Bonnie Peat - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.
Anne Silavs