eNews :  April, 2018
Want to Sell More Without Stocking More?  Do What Amazon.com Does
Chances are that every one of your customers has purchased something from Amazon.com ("Amazon").  If you are a manufacturer or a wholesaler-distributor of industrial products, this is a problem.  But not because Amazon might be a direct competitor.  Rather, it is a problem because Amazon has seduced your customers into expecting everything to be available from stock for immediate shipment.  How can you meet this expectation of next-day product availability on a wide variety of products, without investing in more inventory?

Member Feedback

"WarehouseTWO is an excellent resource for finding discontinued or readily available make to order product. It provides our distributors with additional tools to service their customers. With WarehouseTWO, they have more options."

Kersti Pitkanen
Kohler Kitchen & Bath
Kohler, WI USA
Upcoming Conferences

Look for us at these upcoming conferences:

AHTD Spring Meeting 2018
April 24-27, 2018
San Diego, CA

NAHAD 34th Annual Meeting & Convention
April 28 - May 1, 2018
Marco Island, FL

TribNet 2018 - Tribute & TrulinX User's Group Meeting
June 20 - 22, 2018
Cleveland, OH
Featured Feature:  BROADCAST REQUEST

is an email communication tool that allows you to send an inquiry to every member of a selected inventory-sharing community.  This feature is used when a needed item is not found in a SEARCH at WarehouseTWO.  Many WarehouseTWO members do not upload inventory data to their accounts. But these members own inventory.  It is simply not visible at WarehouseTWO.  BROADCAST REQUEST helps you access this "hidden" inventory via an email request.
Click here to learn more about BROADCAST REQUEST .
Upcoming Training

Our next round of five different training webinars is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18th and Thursday, April 19th.  Click here for session syllabuses and for links to register for any of these webinars.  Space is limited, so register early!
Distribution "Quip" of the Month

"Never hide a mistake.  The longer you keep it a secret, the harder it will be to resolve."

Got a favorite work-related quip?  Or a snippet of wisdom applicable to the world of wholesale-distribution?  Share it with us.
WarehouseTWO Tip of the Month

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Referral Rewards Program

The easiest way to get more value from your WarehouseTWO account is to increase participation by other distributors and manufacturers.  Over the years, many of you have been loyal "evangelists", recommending WarehouseTWO to peer distributors, to manufacturers and to associations and marketing groups.

We want to encourage and compensate you for the results of your efforts.  To learn more about our "WarehouseTWO Referral Rewards" program, and how you and your company can benefit, click here.
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Mental Gymnastics:  Just for Fun!

The Challenge
What is the next number in the sequence (where the question mark is)?

 6 & 3 =>    91823
 8 & 2 =>   101646
10 & 5 =>   155025
18 & 6 => 24108312
30 & 1 =>     ?

Click here to submit your answer by Friday, April 13th, 2018.  Only your first response will be considered.  The first correct responder will receive a $20 gift card.  All other correct responders will be entered into a drawing for two additional $20USD gift cards.

To view the answer to last month's Mental Gymnastics challenge, click here.
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Enjoy your day!

Mark Tomalonis
WarehouseTWO, LLC
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