November, 2019
Who at Your Suppliers Can Break the Rules?
Need a favor from your supplier? A better cost? Faster delivery? Waiving of fees?  Who at your suppliers can break the rules to help you out?  Also, who at your company should be asking your suppliers to break which rules?

Winners of our Annual User Survey Drawing!

Congratulations to these survey-takers.  Their names were drawn at random from all those who completed our annual survey last month.

Theresa Jackson, ACI Controls, Inc. (West Seneca, NY USA)

Poppy Poling, Albright's Supply Co. Inc. (Corinth, MS USA)

Michael Constantino, Green Art Plumbing Supply (Freeport, NY USA)

Mary Palmer, Moss Seal Company (Houston, TX USA)

Paul Billings, Western Hydraulics Limited (Barrie, ON Canada)

Thanks to all who participated in this year's survey.  Lots of great feedback.
Member Feedback

"Using WarehouseTWO, we have been able to sell old inventory we no longer would have been able to sell to our local customers."

Maggie Traynor
Gir Del Hydraulic Services
Edmonton, AB Canada
Featured Feature:  ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS:  Advanced Data Exports

Process sales orders from, and purchase orders to, other WarehouseTWO members much more efficiently by pre-loading customer records and supplier records into your ERP system that correspond to each of these other distributors.  WarehouseTWO makes it easy with our "Members" and "Member Locations" export capability.  Refer to our DATA EXPORT tutorial for details.
Upcoming Training

Our next round of five different training webinars is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12th and 13th, 2020.  Click here for session syllabuses and for links to register for any of these webinars.  Space is limited, so register early!
Distribution "Quip" of the Month

  "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

Benjamin Franklin

Got a favorite work-related quip?  Or a snippet of wisdom applicable to the world of wholesale-distribution?  Share it with us .
WarehouseTWO Tip of the Month

Choose the best inventory data postings "expiration period" based on how and how often you upload fresh inventory data.  Suggested guidelines:
  • If you post your data AUTOMATICALLY, either every night or every weeknight, select "After 7 Days" and check the box labeled "Auto-Delete Unrefreshed Records" on your location record(s).   With these settings, your data will always be fresh but will stay on the WarehouseTWO website if your nightly upload fails.  With this setting, account administrators will not receive inventory data expiration reminder emails.
  • If you post your data manually, select "After 30 Days".   Account administrators (and non-administrators set to receive reminder emails) will receive email reminders five days before any inventory data record is set to expire.
We do not recommend that you select "After 1 Day", "After 90 Days", or "After 365 Days".  Ask us why.
Referral Rewards Program

The easiest way to get more value from your WarehouseTWO account is to increase participation by other distributors and manufacturers.  Over the years, many of you have been loyal "evangelists", recommending WarehouseTWO to peer distributors, to manufacturers and to associations and marketing groups.

We want to encourage and compensate you for the results of your efforts.  To learn more about our "WarehouseTWO Referral Rewards" program, and how you and your company can benefit, click here.
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Words that Confuse Us at WarehouseTWO

principal :  As a noun, it means "chief or head, such as of a school, organization, activity or orchestra section".  As an adjective, it means "first; highest in rank or importance; foremost".
principle :  (noun) fundamental truth, doctrine or proposition 
An Explanation of Inventory-Sharing Communities at WarehouseTWO

WarehouseTWO's system of inventory-sharing "communities" serves a unique purpose in enabling "inventory-sharing" among peer wholesalers.  Understanding and leveraging this system can enhance the value of one's WarehouseTWO membership.

Learn more...
Got something to ask or something to say?  Want to learn more about how formalized inventory-sharing with WarehouseTWO can help your company be more successful?  Email us.  Or call us at 1-650-329-1592 (USA Pacific time zone).
Enjoy your day!

Mark Tomalonis
WarehouseTWO, LLC
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