Volume 5, Issue 1
August 2019
Happy New School Year!

The success of the Cypress School District is grounded in our deep commitment to nurturing the gifts and talents of all our children. It is our mission to “inspire and empower every student, every moment, for every opportunity!” We accomplish this by enlightening the young minds of our students, kindling their innate curiosity, cultivating their creativity, and providing them with meaningful learning experiences in a warm and supportive school environment. 

As we usher in another amazing year of teaching, learning, and discovery, we’d like to share some of the hallmarks of our school district and the rich programs we provide that enable our students to realize such incredible levels of academic achievement and personal success.

Here’s to another extraordinary year in the Cypress School District!

Anne Silavs, Superintendent
Outstanding Teachers, Principals, & Support Staff
First and foremost, what distinguishes our schools as truly exceptional is our dedicated staff. From teachers, principals, and instructional aides to custodians, groundskeepers, clerical support staff, and everyone in between, our employees are the best in their field and deeply committed to serving the children of our community. Furthermore, our staff is highly trained. Last year our teachers engaged in over 20 hours of professional development to hone their skills and ensure they are kept current on the most effective evidence-based instructional practices. Similarly, our paraeducators, instructional aides, and student activity supervisors receive training annually, too. They learn techniques and strategies to promote students’ academic and social development both inside and outside the classroom. In the Cypress School District, we are a community of learners committed to life-long learning and continuous improvement at every level!
STEM & Music
In addition to our outstanding teachers and staff, we provide our students with robust educational programs and enriched learning experiences. Each school has a dedicated STEM lab on campus that enables students in transitional kindergarten through sixth grade to participate in hands-on, project-based learning. Students apply scientific practices that require them to develop and use models, plan and carry out investigations, and analyze and interpret data. For example, first graders study the protective structures of animals and plants that help them survive and grow and then apply that knowledge to solve a human problem.
Our students also benefit from weekly music classes taught by credentialed music teachers during the school day. In general music classes, students learn music theory and concepts, such as beat, rhythm, melody, and pitch. They also learn how to read music and play wind, string, and percussion instruments as well as use their voices to produce music. For those students who wish to pursue music study even further, the district offers before and after-school band and choir programs on each school campus. New this school year, we’re launching an advanced band program to serve our most proficient music students. 
Learning Centers
In the Cypress School District, we embrace every student and are committed to providing an inclusive educational program that promotes the success of all. Instruction is provided in the least restrictive environment, which means minimizing the time that students with special needs spend in centralized special education classes. Rather, students receive instruction and the support they need in the general education classroom to the maximum extent appropriate for each individual student. Additional supports and services that cannot be provided to students in the general education setting are afforded to them throughout the day in our Learning Centers located at Arnold, King, Luther, and Vessels. Research shows that increased time in the general education setting is positively correlated with better social, emotional, and academic outcomes for students with special needs.
Preschool Opportunities for All
In addition to the private preschools and daycare programs operated on each of our school campuses, income-eligible families from across the district have the opportunity to enroll their children in our State Preschool Program, located on the campus of Clara J. King Elementary School. Both full-time and part-time classes are available. Click here for more information in English, Spanish, or Korean.
Parent Education
A parent is a child’s first teacher, and parent involvement is a huge asset to our school district. To assist parents in supporting their child’s education at home, the district offers a number of parent education classes. Class offerings are posted throughout the year on the district website. There are also a number of ways to volunteer and become more involved in your child’s school. For more information, click here.
Community Partnerships
While we are extremely proud of the quality programs and services we provide our students, we fully recognize the success we enjoy as a school district is built on a strong foundation of parent and community support. In addition to our school PTAs and local service clubs who give tirelessly of their time and energy to support our schools, we also enjoy partnerships with Cypress College, the TGR (Tiger Woods) Foundation, the Joint Forces Training Base, Inside the Outdoors, the OC STEM Initiative, and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Anaheim-Cypress. These organizations provide our students with specialized learning experiences that further enhance the district’s educational program. We are truly grateful for the collective support of our parents and our local community. Working together as a team, we effectively prepare our students for success in a dynamic and rapidly changing world!
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Brian Nakamura - Bonnie Peat - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.
Anne Silavs