10 reason to make a Legacy Gift today:

  1. You don’t need great wealth to make a legacy gift and join our Legacy Circle.
  2. You can join the Legacy Circle by stating your intention to make a  bequest gift to YWCA.
  3. Making a bequest gift is easy and costs you nothing today.
  4. You can change your mind at any time!
  5. Your bequest gift lets you continue supporting work that you care deeply about.
  6. Your bequest gift may offer tax savings for your heirs.
  7. Your bequest gift will create a lasting legacy for you and your family.
  8. Your gift will be a powerful testament of your support and generosity.
  9. You will be recognized and honored along with other Legacy Circle members.
  10. Your Legacy Gift ensures that YWCA programs and services are available to support future generations. 

Leave a lasting legacy by joining the YWCA Legacy Circle today