Volume 5, Issue 2
September 2019

In January, we shared information with you regarding the Cypress School District’s Child Nutrition Services program ( Food for Thought, Volume 4, Issue 5). Now that we’ve fully settled into the new school year, we’d like to share some program updates, important reminders, and how we’re promoting healthy eating on each of our school campuses.

Please take a few minutes to see what’s cooking this year!

Anne Silavs
Titan School Solutions
Managing Your Child’s School Meal Account

In previous school years, parents had to navigate four separate websites in order to fully manage their child’s school meal account. This year, we’ve streamlined that process and now offer one-stop shopping through Titan School Solutions. Parents can apply for free or reduced-price meals, submit online prepayments to their child’s account, review account transactions, and view online breakfast and lunch menus all through Titan. Simply visit the Aeries Parent Portal and click the Titan icon on the top menu bar to access or create a new account. The program also allows parents to customize the frequency of email and text communications as well as set up notifications when their child’s account balance is running low.

As a reminder, we encourage families to apply for free or reduced-price meals for their children. It’s an easy way to ensure your child is never without a school lunch. Applications are accepted anytime throughout the year. If you have any questions or need assistance, we welcome you to contact us at (714) 220-6948.
Exciting New Menus!
Our Child Nutrition Services department strives to promote inclusivity by offering food options that reflect the cultural diversity of the students we serve in our school district. Some notable new menu items include chicken tikka masala, bean & cheese pupusas, veggie burgers, Korean BBQ chicken, chicken egg rolls, and “Taco Tuesdays.” In addition to delicious entrées, all schools also offer self-service produce bars that feature seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Students are welcome and encouraged to enjoy unlimited amounts of fruits and veggies every day!
So, what do students say about our school meal program?

Sixth-grader Elizabeth says her favorite school lunch is the veggie pizza. While most students choose the pepperoni or cheese options, she enjoys the veggie. “It’s weird. All my cousins hate vegetables, but I love them! They taste good and are very healthy,” she points out. “Veggie pizza lets me enjoy pizza while still getting my veggies. I’ve been a pizza lover since I was born!” Elizabeth also loves the fresh produce bar. “If I don’t get a serving of fruits or vegetables each day I just don’t feel good.”

Haim, one of our fifth graders, says he likes Mexican food, especially the enchiladas because they’re soft. “Some people don’t like them, but once you try it, it tastes good!” he said. Just like Elizabeth, Haim is also a fan of fresh fruits and vegetables, “I like the salad bar because it’s nutritious.”

Fourth graders Chloe and Rebecca like the BBQ chicken. “It’s fun to eat, and I like the flavorful sauce,” said Chloe. “I’m about to have heart eyes while I eat my favorite food!”

We are so happy to hear our students are enjoying our new menu items. It gives us heart eyes, too!
A New School Year and a New Facility
This year, our Child Nutrition Services department moved to a brand new facility on the Landell campus, adjacent to the district’s central kitchen. The building provides food storage and administrative office space to support the district’s school lunch and breakfast programs. The 1,500 square foot facility includes 985 square feet of new storage space… 533 square feet for dry goods, 172 square feet for refrigeration, and 280 square feet of freezer space. The new refrigerator and freezer replaced outdated and nonfunctional equipment at the district office. Relocation of Child Nutrition Services to the central kitchen also increases operational efficiency and administrative oversight of the school meal program, providing the central kitchen with the support required to serve high-quality meals for our students.
Candi Kern - Sandra Lee - Brian Nakamura - Bonnie Peat - Lydia Sondhi, Ph.D.
Anne Silavs