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August 22, 2014


First Universalist Church


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY


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minister's study
Rev. Celie Katovitch
Director of Music: 

 Bryan Holten

Director of
Life Span Faith Development:

Michelle Yates

Office Administrator: 
Kris White






This Week's Service:
Competing ENDS

We all strive to live ethical lives, but is it really possible to be completely and totally ethical all of the time? I will apply a different framework to looking at this ancient dilemma. Rev. Peter House.

This Week's Drop-In Discussion: The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Good. People who believe in an all-powerful, all-wise, all-good deity struggle with the question of how evil arises in the world. But atheists and materialists struggle with the opposite question. How is it that goodness and the desire to be good arose in the world? Phil Ebersole will facilitate.

sanctuary new Invitation to INGATHERING  


Water communion is a Unitarian Universalist ritual of homecoming. Keeping with the tradition of recent years, we will observe a contemplative version of this ritual accompanied by peaceful silence and music. This will be part of the service on September 7th. All are invited to bring a small vial of water for the ceremony, representing a meaningful place or encounter that has nourished your spirit this summer. (Water will be provided in the sanctuary as well.) 

This Week at First Universalist




August 23



Start-Up Retreat, Clara Barton Lounge, 9 am


SNYP AA, Clara Barton Lounge and Adult Lounge, 8 pm




August 24



Sunday Service, Sanctuary, 10 am


Refreshments, Clara Barton Lounge, 11 am


Drop-In Discussion, Adult Lounge, 11:15 am


RAIHN Host Week begins




August 25



RAIHN Host Week



August 26



Paper Outlook Production, Volunteer Office, 2 pm


RAIHN Host Week




August 27



RAIHN Host Week



August 28



RAIHN Host Week


Thank you for keeping us updated, both when you schedule events and when you need to cancel one!  Please continue to do so. Send news of your events to office@uuroc.org; or call 546-2826.




NEXT SERVICE: Sunday, August 31: I'm Sticking to the Union
There is currently an assault on the middle class which is bolder and further reaching than any we have experienced in modern times. This Labor Day, we will honor the contributions of average women and men, and explore the spiritual rewards which result from sticking together. Rev. Peter House.




ARE YOU NEW TO FIRST UNIVERSALIST?  Have you come a few times and want to find out more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation?  Then stop by the Welcome Table  in the Clara Barton Lounge during coffee hour.  You'll find friendly folks there every Sunday who are eager to talk with you!


OUR (PAPER) OUTLOOK, NOW IN COLOR! The monthly newsletter, often referred to as the Paper Outlook, is available online. You can view the August edition by going to the Learn More box of our website and  clicking on the Monthly Newsletter link, or by visiting http://uuroc.org/wp-content/uploads/August-2014-Our-Outlook.pdf.


A CARING COMMITTEE REMINDER: When a family member enters the hospital, needs emergency meals, needs transportation to church, or wants home visits; please contact Ruth Fitzgerald rfitzgerald001@rochester.rr.com 225-0555,or Eileen Fernandez, eileenff2@yahoo.com.


HEARING LOOP IN SANCTUARY: Please use the T setting on your hearing aid or see an usher for a receiver.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken. ~Albert Camus

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