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August 23, 2013


First Universalist Church


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY


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Rev. Martha Munson
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 Bryan Holten

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 Lori Staubitz


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This Week's Service:
Right and Left

The so-called "religious right" is not a monolith, but has multiple strands. Let's make common cause with our allies, and perhaps stretch ourselves in the process. Rev. Martha Munson.

This Week's Drop-In Discussion: Dreams
Do you dream every night?  Do you dream in color or black and white, or both?  What is in the "work" of dreams?  And does it tell us something about what goes on in our lives?  Do you have "repeat" dreams?  Let's explore some of the different themes in our dreams, and what we think those themes might mean to us. Facilitated by Janet Perregaux
Library and Bookstore
The First Universalist Library and Bookstore will re-open on September 8, and will remain open during coffee hour for the rest of the regular church year.


Our lending library has a distinctive collection of books on Unitarian-Universalism, world religions and other topics of interest to religious liberals.  Books may be borrowed by members or by friends who have attended our church long enough to get a name tag.  We ask borrowed books be returned or renewed after three weeks.  If you have a library book you borrowed last spring, please return or renew it as soon as convenient.


Our bookstore sells new books that we order from the UUA Bookstore at our cost.  Any discounts are passed on to buyers.  We also sell used books that are donated to us for 50 cents or less.  All the used books that have been carried over from last spring have been reduced in price to 25 cents.  We have a shelf of children's books we sell for 25 cents.


If you have books that you no longer want, but you think other people would like to read, please consider donating them to the church bookstore.  They may be left in the bookstore area, preferably during coffee hour.  We are especially interested in good novels, books about religion, philosophy and current affairs, and cookbooks and gardening books.  We are less interested in out-of-date textbooks, travel books and buying guides, and Reader's Digest condensed books.


If you like books and like people, please consider joining the Library Committee.  Your responsibility would be to staff the library and bookstore once a month, and attend a committee meeting no oftener than once every two months.  Speak to Phil Ebersole if you are interested.

book club
Book Group
The next Book Group will meet on Sunday, September 22 at noon in the Adult Lounge

The book choice is "The Plague of Doves" by Louise Erdrich.


The book club plans to meet on the 4th Sunday after church throughout the church year.

Alec Wilder Musicale


Come hear our own Glenda Brayman and Gordon Porth in a vocal-piano collaboration at the George Eastman House on Sunday September 8 from 3-4 pm.  This performance will be taking place in the Eastman living room and it's free to House members.

chalice- color Unitarian Universalist Class

The Rev. Peggy Meeker will be teaching a course at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School this fall on "Unitarian Universalist and Liberal Theologies." The course will focus on 20th and 21stcentury Unitarian and Universalist theologies, and will also include recent liberal Christian theology.  


 The course is scheduled for Wednesday afternoons, 2:15-5:00, beginning August 28th.  If you'd like to learn more, or to get the syllabus and reading list, contact Peggy at pmeeker@frontiernet.net.  To learn about auditing at CRCDS, see http://www.crcds.edu/admissions-2/programs-of-study/non-degree-options/auditing-classes/.

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August 24



Young People's AA Meeting, Clara Barton Lounge, 7 pm





August 25


Summer Service, Sanctuary, 10 am


Drop-In Discussion, Adult Lounge, 11:15 am




August 29



e-Outlook Deadline, noon


Executive Committee Meeting, Adult Lounge, 6:30 pm




The common bond of humanity and decency that we share is stronger than any conflict, any adversity. Fighting for your convictions is important. But finding peace is paramount. Knowing when to fight and when to seek peace is wisdom. ~Wes Moore
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