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July 12, 2013


First Universalist Church


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY


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minister's study
Rev. Martha Munson
Director of Music: 

 Bryan Holten

Contract Minister for Religious Education: 

 Lori Staubitz


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This Week's Service: 
It's Not That I Don't Care, It's Just That I Don't Care 

Rev. Peter House will share with us on this day. The service begins at 10 am.

This Week's Drop-In Discussion: Predictably Irrational.  The topic is based on a book by the same title.  Through a series of studies, Dan Ariely shows how irrational our behavior often is and how marketeers especially know how to exploit our irrational behavior.  Bill Elwell will lead a discussion. Drop-In Discussion begins at 11:15 am.

magnifying glass Ministerial Search Committee Update 


The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) was launched at a retreat in June led by St. Lawrence District Settlement Representative Rev. Priscilla Richter. We built ourselves as a team, as well as receiving our marching orders.


Our roles are these:

  • Connie Valk-chair from now until January and hospitality for pre-candidates and final candidate
  • Lisa Gwinner-chair from January to May and packet editor/distributor
  • John Wellin- "neutral pulpit" scheduler for ministerial pre-candidates and reference checker
  • Chris DeGolyer-secretary
  • Tom Ruganis-treasurer
  • Sarah Singal-congregational record processor
  • Lauretta Young and Dolores DaLomba-survey coordinators


If you would like to know what these roles involve, ask us.  The MSC has also placed copies of the MSC Handbooks in our church library, if you want to know the fine details. The UUA, from its long experience with church transitions, has developed guidelines to keep the search process fair for both churches and ministers. The guidelines also make MSC's job easier.


In July we have been working on the MSC's covenant, which describes the committee's purpose and how we plan to accomplish it. Although confidentiality rules require that we not reveal any names of possible candidates, we pledge to keep you fully informed about our progress during the year. One of our tallest tasks is to represent you, the congregation, to potential candidates in the best way possible. We plan to survey the whole congregation in September, as well as hold cottage meetings, so that you can tell us how you see the congregation's strengths and challenges and also what characteristics you want to see in our next minister.

groceries Food Ingathering

The monthly Food Ingathering is this Sunday, July 14. Donations of non-perishable food items, toiletries, and paper goods will be collected to benefit The Community Food Cupboard on Nester Street. 
Social Justice (UU)

Social Justice Committee


The next Social Justice Committee meeting will be on Monday, July 15th at 5:45PM. The meeting will take place in the Volunteer Room. For more information contact Eric Van Dusen at evandusen@frontier.com.

RAIHN2 Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (RAIHN) Host Week


RAIHN is a non-profit organization of faith communities assisting homeless families in achieving sustainable independence. This is done by supporting them with resources of food, shelter, personalized case management, and a broad network of caring volunteers. Every fifteen weeks, a faith community hosts RAIHN guests in their place of worship for one week.


Our next RAIHN Host Week is August 11-18, 2013. For volunteer opportunities, please contact Chris DeGolyer at chrisdeg@frontiernet.net

recycle Recycling Opportunities


This church practices recycling for the usual reasons of ecology, but also to reduce the cost of refuse removal.  The city does not pick up non-resident recycling where we are in the Inner Loop, so it all has to be toted out.  The days of one or two people taking care of all of this labor are ended, and in September I will be posting a Recycling Take-out Sheet in the kitchen.  Rental households aren't expected to do this, but homeowner households only need take one or at most two rotations during the entire calendar year to get the job done with no undue burden on anyone.  


I know I don't want my pledge dollars to go toward increased refuse removal, and I doubt that anyone else does either!  Please do your part and choose a week to take your turn.  I will gladly offer suggestions if needed.  Thanks in advance!

Karen Dau

Church Office Summer Office Hours

The Church Office will close Friday, July 12 and re-open Tuesday, August 20. Email and phone messages will be checked twice a week during this time. In case of emergency, please contact Peter House at summerminister@uuroc.com

invitation David Gloss' 70th Birthday Party


Come help celebrate with David and Jeannie on his 70th Birthday, Saturday, July 27th, from 2 pm to 6 pm.  The open house will be at 3883 St. Paul Blvd. with all food and beverages provided.  Please no presents - your presence is all that is needed to add to the party. Please RSVP by July 17th to 342-4605 or d.gloss@frontiernet.net.


(Since there is no parking on St. Paul Blvd, and the driveway is for drop offs, consider Seneca Park Ave, Pinegrove Community Center of the High School on Cooper.)


Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. ~Chief Seattle
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