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May 24, 2013


First Universalist Church


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY


150 South Clinton Avenue
(corner of Court St.)
Rochester, NY 14604



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minister's study
Rev. Martha Munson
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Director of Music: 

 Bryan Holten

Contract Minister for Religious Education: 

 Lori Staubitz

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Office Administrator: 
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This Week's Service:
Alabama 1965 
Voting Rights Movement

Looking back: Experiences and insights learned as a field worker for Dr. King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Marches. Jailings. Federal Registrars. Guest speaker Tim Mullins.

This Week's Drop-In Discussion: Violence and Mental Illness. In the light of all the gun-death tragedies this past year, psychological issues have not been covered as well as gun ownership issues.  Janet Perregaux will help us explore the traits and behavioral characteristics that may tell us over time what to watch for in people who are having difficulties in their lives that might in time tempt them to violence against themselves or others. This topic was rescheduled from February.

report Annual Reports


Annual Reports are due by this Sunday, May 26, if your wish your committee's work to be included in the document.  We want a full set of reports available by June 2, and copying and posting takes time, so we need all submissions to be in by Sunday, May 26. Thanks! 






  • *       Call to order
  • *       Quorum count
  • *       Chalice lighting - John Wellin
  • *       Opening reading - Ed Deller
  • *       Treasurer's report
  • *       Vote on proposed 2013 - 2014 budget
  • *       Brief outline of annual reports
  • *       Revised committee structure per new bylaws
  • *       Elections
    • o   Board of Trustees: Michael Van Arsdale
    • o   Board President: Ed Deller
    • o   Nominating Committee
      • Tom Williams
      • Santosha Kuykendall
      • Cathie Grisley
      • Marie Sidoti
      • (5th candidate to be determined)
  • *       Other business
  • *       Adjournment
  • *       Closing reading - Shirley Bond
  • *       Extinguishing the chalice


Childcare will be provided

book club Book Group


The next Book Group is next Sunday, June 2, in the adult lounge, at noon. The book is The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks, by Jeanne Theoharis. There is a lot more to Rosa Parks' story than her famous act of taking a seat. And there are many copies in the library. 


Come join us! Contact Shirley Bond at [email protected]

This Week at First Universalist




May 25


Young People's AA Meeting, Clara Barton Lounge and Adult Lounge, 7 pm/Set-up, 8 pm/Meeting




May 26



Drop-In Discussion, Adult Lounge, 9:15


Sunday Service, Clara Barton Lounge, 10:30 am


Coffee Hour, Clara Barton Lounge, 11:45 am


Deadline for Annual Reports, 5 pm




May 29



Announcement Deadline, noon





May 30



e-Outlook Deadline, noon


Eastman Lunchtime Concert, Clara Barton Lounge, 12:15 pm





NEXT SERVICE: Sunday, June 2: In Praise of Wishy Washy Agnostics  What is the place of honest doubt and tentativeness among us?  Rev. Martha L. Munson


NEXT DROP-IN DISCUSSION: Sunday, June 2: Prayer. The current issue of the "UU World" has two articles on prayer, that which UUs practice and then another on prayers of atheists. In this discussion, we'll explore both articles and your opinion or practice of prayer. Does it move mountains or matter at all? http://www.uuworld.org/life/articles/283999.shtml> and <http://www.uuworld.org/spirit/articles/284018.shtml David Damico will facilitate.


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:Kids ages four and older join us every week in the sanctuary for the first portion of our worship service. Children's Worship begins after the Message for All Ages.  Nursery care for babies and younger children is provided throughout the service on the second floor.  We also have seating in our second floor foyer, where parents can hold their little ones and listen to the service via speaker.


ANNUAL REPORTS are due TODAY! Please include the names of the committee chair(s) and members for the 2013-14 church year, and email reports to [email protected]. Reports are due by today, if your wish your committee's work to be included in the document.  We want a full set of reports available by 6/2 and copying and posting takes time. 


THE ANNUAL MEETING will be held Sunday, June 9, in the Clara Barton Lounge immediately following the service.


SANCTUARY RENOVATIONS: You may be wondering why the service is being held in the church lounge. We are in the midst of renovating our Sanctuary & look forward to resuming Sunday services there by the end of June.

CALLING ALL MUSICIANS!!! Our summer service schedule will start on Sunday, June 30.  We have many talented musicians who play hymns and/or provide special music during the summer.  Are you one of them?  Even if you have just one piece you've always wanted to try to perform, we'll make a time and place for you to do it, whatever your voice or instrument.  Please contact the summer music coordinator,  Ann Rhody at [email protected]  for a schedule or more information


MINISTERIAL SEARCH COMMITTEE: As of the election on 5/5/13, the following individuals have been chosen and have agreed to serve: Dolores Dalomba, Chris DeGolyer, Lisa Gwinner, Tom Ruganis, Sarah Singal, John Wellin, Connie Valk and Lauretta Young. With congratulations and thanks from the Board of Trustees.


BOOK GROUP: Sunday, June 2, in the adult lounge, at noon. The book is The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks, by Jeanne Theoharis. There is a lot more to Rosa Parks' story than her famous act of taking a seat. And there are many copies in the library. Come join us. Contact Shirley Bond at [email protected].


GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA): The Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly will be held in Louisville, KY June 19-23, 2013. The theme is "From Promise to Commitment." Topics include: environmental justice, the next steps in immigration justice, anti-racism, anti-oppression multiculturalism, organizing for justice, multigenerational work, growing Unitarian Universalism, leadership education, spiritual growth and theology. 


DISCUSSION on Galloway and Stephens v. Town of Greece, N.Y. whichchallenges the town's practice of opening public meetings with Christian prayers by Christian clergy. Wed, June 5, 6 pm at DUPC, 121 N Fitzhugh. The event is free and open to the public.


ROCHESTER LIBERATION THEOLOGY STUDY GROUP will be meeting on the second Monday of every month at Christ Church (Episcopal),141 East Avenue, in the Guild Room. This event is non-denominational and open to all. Contact Ted Lechman (585) 490-1132


UU YOUTH WORK CAMP: July 7-13, Appalachian Folklife Center in Pipestem, WV http://www.ohiomeadville.org/omdevents/590-youthcamp2013    


EASTMAN AT WASHINGTON SQUARE LUNCHTIME CONCERT SERIES Thursdays at 12:15 in the Clara Barton Lounge. The concerts are free and open to the public.


THE BOOKSTORE AND LIBRARY in the Clara Barton Lounge will be open during coffee hour for borrowing, browsing, and buying.


A CARING COMMITTEE REMINDER: When a family member enters the hospital, needs emergency meals, needs transportation to church, or wants home visits; please contact Ruth Fitzgerald [email protected] 225-0555,or Eileen Fernandez, [email protected] or 225-2301.

I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me there is nothing complicated about ordinary equality. -Alice Paul
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