e-Peace Update - August 2015

Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to support Mattie's 2015 Birthday Campaign with gifts of $25 (or more) to celebrate Mattie's 25th birthday. 

The full list of Birthday Champions (SO FAR) is at the bottom of this e-Peace Update. 

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of support for Mattie's peace mission, especially as his mom faces significant medical challenges that limit her time and energy (though not her commitment) to Mattie's legacy. (Medical update below).

It is NEVER TOO LATE to support Mattie's mission and legacy of peace with a donation to this campaign. 

Add YOUR NAME to our Champions list (will be shared by e-Peace Update and also on Mattie's website by clicking HERE....

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Update on Mattie's mom

Hello friends, 

This is Jeni, Mattie's mom. I had surgery on July 20 to remove aggressive and invasive reproductive system cancer. After some time in the ICU, I have been recovering well at home from this procedure, and I am deeply grateful for your support, prayers, and inspirational messages. 

I believe that I am doing well in part because of my great medical team, and in part because of the positive energy  being sent from folks all around the world. And, I know that God is with me through each step of this challenging journey - which is an amazing source of strength. 

In the next couple of weeks, I will begin treatment to continue the battle to beat this cancer. Treatment will most like include daily radiation with concurrent weekly chemotherapy treatments - which will last six to ten weeks or so. Basically, it will be quite a rough fall for me medically and physically. However, I am moving through this with faith and gratitude for each day, and with optimism and energy that I choose from within and that is supported by so many good people. 

While the fall will be quite challenging, I am already looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with a new level of energy and gratitude. My "giving of thanks" will be quite a long list this year, and it will include the supporting folks in Mattie's Peace Network. It will also include members of Mattie's Foundation Board of Directors, and some of our key peace volunteers (like Kate Esaia of NJ, Ashely Ardito of RI, and the Jones Family of PA - all of whom have stepped up taken over some of my many day-to-day logistics of running Mattie's Foundation. This gift of support allows me to tend to medical needs without any interruption to our Foundation mission and peace activities. 

I want everyone in Mattie's Peace Network to know that despite some minor changes, our free annual outreach activities will continue this fall and winter -- including our For Our World Campaign and our Mattie's Peace Tree 2015 activity. My hope is that global neighbors choose to participate in these quick, free, fun activities that increase awareness of Mattie's peace message, and that can lead to changes in attitudes and habits that move peace for "possibility to reality" at personal and community levels. Information about these activities can be found below. 

With peace and gratitude,
Jeni ("Mattie's mom" & "Mama Peace").

PS - the photo is me with my newest little grandkin - Ivey McLean Baker. Ivey was born on August 3, 2015 to Jamie-D and Tommy Baker. Jamie-D likes to say she is "Chapter 3" in the Messenger book (Mattie's memoir). She is also an amazing member of the Board of Directors for Mattie's Foundation. Ivey has already joined her brothers, Collin and Chase, as members of Mattie's Peace Club Kids

Fall & Winter Activities (free!) 

August & September

For the past five years, we have encouraged global neighbors to share Mattie's "For Our World" poem as they reflect, respond and reach out with peace on September 11. Mattie penned this poem on 9/11/2001 as his personal response to a national tragedy, and as an international passage for peace. This poem is averrable for free on Mattie's website - in English and also in dozens of other languages (both print and video versions). 

Please print a copy of this poem and share it in some way during the coming weeks - at home, at school, at work. 

If you have an additional translation to share with us, we will add it to our website. And, if you would like to share photos or a message about how you are sharing this poem and participating in our For Our World Campaign, we will be happy to post that to the website as well.


October & November

The fourth annual "Mattie's Peace Tree" activity is currently being planned! We are very excited about this year's activity which will have more of a social media presence - including the ability for participants to post their submissions directly to a Facebook page. 

How the activity works: We share "Mattie's peace vision" theme for the year. Participants are invited to express their vision of that peace theme in some way - artwork, photo expressions (of ornaments, people, places, artwork, and more). We provide simple step-by-step instructions for the activity. Then, we post all the submissions we receive - from individuals,  families, schools, and communities -  on our website. We gather all of your creative expressions together, and create one combined peace tree display that celebrates global peace. 


Mattie's 25th Birthday Campaign
Our Champions (so far...) 


2015 Special Birthday Campaign
Gifts  of more than $25

Daniel Albanello -  Saint Louis, MO - $100
Kristin Anzures -  Elkridge, MD - $50
Laura Bauer -  Americus, GA - $50
Michael Blishak -  Tucson, AZ - $100
Lisa Cerone -  Encino, CA - $250
Merton Chinen -  Mililani, HI - $50
Ellery Ciesernier -  Wheaton, IL - $100
Janet Coderre  -  Puyallup, WA - $50  
Henry Dorsch -  Rockport, MA - $50
Bonnie Eglin -  Ohio - $25 a month!
Esaia Family  -  Mount Laurel, NJ - $50
Christine Farrell - $30 ( 2015 Peace Gathering)
Donna Gray -  Oak Park, IL - $100
Laura Gultekin & family - Ann Arbor, MI - $50
Kaye B. Hasson - $30
Shelly Heesacker -  Forest Grove, OR  $33.33 & $25.25 
Rhonda Hemelgarn - La Salle, MI - $250
Ron & Helen Hemelgarn & Family - La Salle, MI - $500
Dana Hines -  Ottawa Ontario, Canada - $150
Judy Holmes -  Sterling Heights, MI - $50
Jane Hunnicutt -  Richmod, VA - $50
Susan Isaacs -  Rehoboth Beach, DE - $250
Nicole Johnson -  Baltimore, MD - $100
Jones Family -  Pittsburgh, PA - $50
Frank & Frankie Konovsek -  Brownsburg, IN - $30
Chris LeBelle -  Oshkosh, WI - $55.55
Justin LeBlanc -  Clinton, LA - $1,000
Little Flower School -  Great Mills, MD - $200
Monica Ludwig -  Washington, D.C - $50
Libby Moore -  Pacific Palisades, CA - $200
Barbara North -  Grasonville, MD - $100
Brian Orentreich -  New York, NY - $250
Patricia C. Palmer -  New Orleans, LA - $50
Jay Paulus -  Wheeling, WV - $50
Patricia Pendleton -  Atlantic Beach, FL -$50
Sr. Pauline Petrezell &  the Sisters of Mercy
Orchard Park, NY - $200
Benjamin Quinto -  Bradenton, FL - $100
Sherri Rickabaugh -  Des Moines, IA - $100
Tom Robertson -  Canada - $40
Peter de Ruiter -  Den Haag, Netherlands - $200
Karen Sainas -  British Columbia, Canada - $50
Anthony Scardino, Jr. -  Lyndhurst, NJ - $50
Lainie & Barry Schwartz/Goldin -  Miami, FL - $50
Lori Shulkin & Nicholas Lowing 
& Family  Cranston, RI - $250
Carolyn Smith -  Crofton, MD - $1,000
Smith Family -  Bethesda, MD - $125
Mark Spesock  -  Gresham, OR - $50
Patricia Stewart  -  Lake Mary, FL  - $50
  Robin Strong  -  Tacoma, WA  - $50
Jocelyn Triggle -  Buffalo, NY - $100 
Ada Vergne -  Columbia, MD - $50
Lola Whalen -   New Haven, CT - $1,500

2015 Birthday Campaign $25 Gifts
Susan Algeo - Gaithersburg, MD
L. Appignani - Toms River, NJ
Meri D. Blanchard - Enfield, CT
Jennifer Benjamin - Orlando, FL
Anthony Bolen - Grizzly Flats, CA
Jessica Boxell - Warren, IN
Sharon Boyd - Henderson, NC
Paula J. Caplan - Palm Desert, CA
Perry Chapman - Derwood, MD
Gabriella Conrady - Cranbury, NJ
Victoria Coats - Snoqualmie, WA
Denise Desjardins - Mascouche Quebec, Canada
Maria DiGiorgio - Commack, NY
Tammy Doctor - Bay Village, OH
Kathleen Downes - Floral Park, NY
Roberta Dugas - Brandon, FL
Christine Dull - Union, OH
Lynne H. Einig - East Greenwich, RI
Kathleen Fallon - Beavercreek, OR
Jerri Ferstl - Des Moines, IA
Ellis Goodman - Baltimore, MD
Mary Gray - Bowie, MD
Misty Gremaud - Portland, OR
Guy Groleau - St-Lazare Quebec, Canada
Laura Gultekin - Ann Arbor, MI
Joanne Heesacker - Forest Grove, OR
R. Rodney Howell - Coconut Grove, FL
Bill Huddleston - Peoria, AZ
John Isaac - Hamilton Square, NJ
Jane Jones - Pittsburgh, PA
Max Jones - Palm Beach, FL
Deborah Jumaga - Coquitlam British Columbia, Canada
Leigh Keane - Annapolis, MD
Sally Koester - Cincinnati, OH
Deidra Lee-Stubbs - Rockville, MD
Tamah Lettieri - Deerfield Beach, FL
Patricia Liano - Mount Sinai, NY
Kathy Lowe - Gaithersburg, MD
Donald Mackowski - Enola, PA
Michael Mangone - Hackensack, NJ
Marianne Maurice & PCK Gavin - Sharon, PA
Barry McConatha - Auburn, AL
Joseph Palermino - Derwood, MD
Josephine E. Palermino - Derwood, MD
Lara Pearce - St. Savior, United Kingdom
Mary Peckham - Silver Springs, MD
Doni Phillips - Riverside, WA
Benedicte Rabben - Oslo, Norway
Eileen Rizo-Patron - Vestal, NY
Alba Romero - Sylmar, CA
Cindy & Jeff Salt - Hamilton, OH
Lynn Scalzi-Anderson - Ashland, OR
Ann Y. Schmidt - Edmond, OK
Kristen Skelton - Mililani, HI
Robert Singleton - Kansas City, KS
Jeni Stepanek - Rockville, MD
Pedro Torres - Cayey, PR
Andrea Treat - Fair Oaks, CA
Diane Tresca - Johnston, RI
Jo Tummers - Sittard, Netherlands
Teresa Ulrich - Witchita, KS
Lucille and Donald Usher - Bellevue, IA
Jeanne Volk - Miami Lakes, FL
Christina Wilcox - Costa Mesa, CA
Rob Windrem - Ventura, CA

Thank you for choosing to support
Mattie's peace mission and legacy. 

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"Peace is possible... choose peace!" 
 Mattie J.T. Stepanek
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