e-Pistle for March 17, 2019
Dear ,
As I write this on Friday morning, I am just absorbing the news of the terrible attack on the mosques in New Zealand. It has made me reflect on St Paul's words from his letter to the Philippians which we will read this Sunday in church.  In the letter St Paul urges us to live according to Christ's example and to not set our minds on earthly things, reminding us that our citizenship is in heaven.

What I take away from St. Paul's words is that at a time when there are such strong currents of destructive tribalism and fear permeating the world, we need to 'double down' on our calling as citizens of heaven to overcome such divisiveness by loving our neighbor as ourselves. Our calling is to proclaim by word and deed the foundational truth of our faith that all people are made in the image of God and that we live by the Golden Rule. 

Lent is that time when we are called to do hard work in identifying and overcoming the sin and temptation that lurk within our souls that can prevent us living fully into this calling as citizenship of heaven.

During Lent, our Wednesday evening Lent talks are designed to help us address how we can bring our faith into the secular world in which we live. The topics include exploring capitalism (March 27) and a Jewish perspective on the spiritual life in the secular world (April 10).

This coming Wednesday evening (March 20) we have a very important topic "Helping Children Build Strong Values in an Anxious Age". The speaker is a well known figure in Wellesley, Prof. Dr. Robert Evans, clinical and organizational psychologist and the Executive Director of The Human Relations Service in Wellesley. At a recent talk to Wellesley clergy, Dr. Evans said that church communities are in the front line of preventative mental health care for adults and children.

Finally, I would like to mention that this Sunday, March 17, we will be welcoming the Wellesley College Choir who will sing at the 10am service.

Yours in Christ, Adrian

Signs of Lent
Similar to Advent, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation, and during both seasons we use purple (or violet) altar hangings.  Purple is a penitential color; it is also associated with royalty and subtly points us toward the resurrection. We at St. Andrew's are fortunate to have two sets of purple hangings: the altar frontal we use for Advent is decorated with gold embroidery and rose banding, while the Lenten one is unadorned, its austerity reflecting the penitential season.

There are more signs of the solemnity of Lent...No flowers on the altar. We don't sing or say the Gloria and the Lenten hymns are more somber. Our decorative processional cross is replaced with a smaller, simpler one. Our brass candlesticks and brass altar book stand are replaced with iron candlesticks and a wooden stand. The ashes placed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday represent our own mortality. These Lenten symbols serve to remind us that we are entering a period of prayer and spiritual renewal. - Cynthia Scott, vestryperson for worship 
Notices & Announcements
Lenten Meditation Guide
Please pick up a copy of our Lenten Meditation Guide, which offers a brief devotional for each day of Lent and Holy Week. Forty-seven parishioners were contributing authors for this project. If you'd like to get an email every morning with the meditation, please click here.
125th Anniversary Capital Campaign   
We have officially launched our capital campaign, Grateful for Our Past, Giving for Our Future. A parish wide mailing was sent out this week and information on the campaign can be found on our website. Please consider the opportunity to double your impact by taking advantage of the challenge match fund available until April 30. A capital campaign forum will be held on Sunday, March 24, in Room 2 after the 10am service, where details of the campaign will be presented. Jim Blackwell, property vestryperson, will offer a walk-through of the church on Sunday, March 31, to highlight some of the projects being considered. Thank you for your support. 
9am Christian Learning Series   
Sunday, March 17, join us for Who is Paul? Mary Scanlon and Bob Prensner will help us understand Paul's biography in preparation for our study of Rowan Williams' book Meeting God in Paul. On Sunday, March 24, we will consider Williams' first chapter on Paul: Outsider and Insider: Paul's Social World.  We meet downstairs in Room 2 .
Church School Lenten Project  
We are raising money for El Hogar which provides needy children with a safe and supportive environment, food, education, medical care and much more. Please support our children as they learn about and help to improve the lives of those less fortunate. 
Confirmation Prep and Youth Group  
Confirmation prep and youth group will next meet on Sunday, March 24, with eighth-grade confirmation prep from 5 to 6:30pm and high school youth group from 6 :45 to 8pm. All youth are welcome.
Lenten Program & Potluck
Join us Wednesday evenings in Lent from 6pm, when our potluck begins , to 7:30pm. We supply the entrée, and you bring a salad or a dessert. Our theme this year is Living a Spiritual Life in the Secular World. We continue our series on Wednesday, March 20, with Professor Dr. Robert Evans's talk Helping Children Build Strong Values in an Anxious Age. Dr. Evans is a clinical and organizational psychologist and The Executive Director of The Human Relations Service in Wellesley. Babysitting will be provided for this evening's program.
Buying the Lenten Book: Rowan Williams's Meeting God in Paul
During four weeks of Lent, we will be exploring Paul and his impact on our modern Christian life. Former Archbishop Rowan Williams has written a brilliant, accessible, and short (81 pages) book on Paul's life and ministry. If you want to buy a copy, please bring $18 in cash or check to Margaret Schwarzer's office. (Please put "St. Paul" in the memo and make the check out to St. Andrew's.) 
Parents' Circle  
All parents of children ages 0-18 are invited to an adults-only gathering on Friday, March 29, at 7pm at the home of Ashley & Andrew Cole. Bring a beverage to share and get to know your fellow parents from St. Andrew's. 
Informal Service
Our next and last informal service will be on Sunday, March 24, at 5pm.
4th Annual Peace Awards Ceremony
Members of our Firearm Safety Task Force will be attending the 4th Annual Peace Awards Ceremony at Temple Beth Elohim on Thursday, March 28th from 7 to 9pm. All are welcome to attend this event, which honors teen leaders who have been active to reduce gun violence. Registration encouraged at www.mapreventgunviolence.org.
Parish Exchange-Hosts needed!  
On Saturday and Sunday March 30 & 31, St. Andrew's will be host to visitors from two other parishes who will be spending the weekend with us. We are part of a pilot project of the diocese to encourage parishes to get to know each other. We will be hosting eight people in total (four from each parish). We are looking for eight parishioners who will be willing to each host one of our guests overnight on Saturday March 30. We will be providing meals for our guests, so all we need hosts to do is to provide a bed. If you are willing to be a host, please let me know. The parishes visiting us are St. David's Church, Yarmouth, and St Paul's Church, Bedford (where Chris Wendell, a former associate rector here) is now the rector.
Easter Memorial Flowers  
We hope that you will contribute to our Easter worship by offering flowers in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, people you love. Please submit or resubmit your names by Monday, April 1, along with a contribution (at your discretion) made payable to St. Andrew's Church, with "Memorial Flowers" in the memo line. Please use the form that you have received by email or regular mail: extra forms are in the narthex. You may leave the form and contribution in the "Flower Memorial" box in the mail room, or with your weekly offering in the plate. 
Tim Crellin, Guest Preacher
On Sunday, March 31, at the 8am and 10am services, we will be welcoming as our guest preacher Rev. Tim Crellin, rector of St. Stephen's, Boston. Tim is the founder and driving force behind the amazing work being done by B-SAFE among inner city Boston children & young people. B-SAFE is also one of the outreach projects being supported by the 125th anniversary capital campaign. Please mark your calendars and attend one of the services that morning.
10th Annual Family Promise Walk to End Homelessness  
Join us on Saturday, April 6, at our new starting location at Natick High School, with ample parking and lots of room for vendors, team photos, crafts, music, food, and fun. This promises to be our best walk yet!
  • Where: Natick High School (15 West Street)
  • Time: Registration @ 8am, walk @ 8:50am
  • Who: Walkers of all ages!
  • How: Register on the FPM website Click on "news & events" and then click on "upcoming events" and enter our church name: "St. Andrew's."
Girl Scout Award Opportunity  
Girl Scouts of all ages are invited to earn the My Promise, My Faith award, which requires just a few hours of preparation, followed by attending a meeting on Sunday, April 7, at 9am in the Rite-13 room. 
Lenten Outreach Bake Sale
All are invited to contribute treats to the church school bake sale on Sunday, April 7, after the 10am service. Please bring baked goods to the parish hall before church on April 7. All proceeds will support our Lenten outreach project. 
Email Prayer Circle 
Some parishioners have suggested that we set up an email prayer circle. An email prayer circles work as follows: when the parish receives a prayer request, an email with the request is sent to those who have opted to be part of the prayer circle.  It is a supplement to our parish prayers at church on Sunday. If you are interested in being part of this new parish prayer ministry or have questions about it please email Adrian Robbins-Cole
Sexual Misconduct Reporting 
In light of the #MeToo movement, our diocese has issued new protocols and a new reporting process for any sexual misconduct allegations. A statement of the new protocols has been posted in the volunteer room. The diocesan intake officers for reporting clergy misconduct are Starr Anderson and Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas. If you have any further questions please speak to the wardens or clergy.
Bargain Haul: Save the Date 
Please join the fun, fellowship, and service. Our annual rummage sale, Bargain Haul, will take place on Saturday, May 4. We are very much in need of volunteers starting on drop-off day, Sunday, April 28, through the Public Sale day. Any time you can spare to join in the fun and fellowship is much needed and appreciated! Bargain Haul is a great way to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Please pitch in even if you only have a few hours free. The Bargain Haul schedule:
  • Sunday, April 28, Drop-off: 11:30 to 3pm
  • Monday, April 29, Drop-off/Sorting: 9am to 1pm & 6pm to 8pm
  • Tuesday, April 30, Drop-off/Sorting: 9am to 1pm
  • Wednesday, May 1, Pricing: 9am to 1pm
  • Thursday, May 2, Workers Sale: 9am to 11am
  • Friday, May 3, Parish Night: 6pm to 8pm
  • Saturday, May 4, Public Sale: 8:30am to 12 noon and after.
Contact your Bargain Haul Co-Chairs, Ruthie Klinck 
and Carolyn McCoy.    
Need a Babysitter, Tutor, Pet Sitter, or Odd Job-Doer?
Hire a teen or young adult from St. Andrew's. You can get the list in church or from Susan Jackson.
Join the Parish Babysitter, Tutor, or Odd Job Lists 
Put your skills to work! To join the parish babysitter, tutor, or odd job lists, contact
Susan Jackson.

Nametags are a great way to get to know folks and help everyone feel welcome. The membership committee offers lovely reusable magnetic nametags for all members. If you would like a new or replacement name tag, please contact Becky
Illness and Off-Hour Emergencies
The clergy are always available to assist you. Please email Adrian or call him at 603-831-4938 if you or a member of your family expects to be in the hospital and wishes to be visited. Also, please let us know of names that should be added to our prayer list. Our prayers are with all those in need.
Serving St. Andrew's This Week
Serving St. Andrew's this week  
Altar Guild    Bonnie Akins, Adele Beggs, Barbara Bergstrom, Zebby Dubé, Erica Gelser, Linda McCammond, Ellen Staelin, Laura Stettner, and Jill Whiting
Flowers   Ruth Ecker

Serving at 8am 
Lay Reader/Chalice Bearer   Debbie Lorenz 
Ushers   Mark Benjamin and Ken Graves

Serving at 10am 
Acolytes    Crucifer, Karina Cowperthwaite; Torch, Christiaan Eikeboom; Torch, Kelly Rawson; Gospel, Cameron Cowperthwaite; Banner, Clara Eikeboom
Chalice Bearers   Joanna Horobin, Jeanne Johnsen, Suzy Littlefield, and Paul Shackford
Lay Readers   Elspeth Grant Pruett, Nora Tracy Phillips, and Paul Shackford

Ushers   David Boghosian, Adams Carroll, Alan Joachim, David Osborn, Ryan Osborn, and Terri Rawson
Parish Prayer List
"Refreshing" the Parish Prayer List
Praying for our loved ones at times of need is a central part of our worship and church life. We would like to remind you that at the beginning of every season, we "refresh" the prayer list. We remove the names of people we have not heard about keeping on the list. We are happy to keep people on the list for as long as they are in need of our prayers but, our proactive approach helps prevent a buildup of people on the list after the need for our prayers has passed. Thanks for your help with this. 
St. Andrew's prayer list
Asher Griffin, John Reed, Kim McGovern, Lisa Dutile, Sue Wright, Melissa Stampf, Lee Goodnow, Lawrence Greenberg, Qing Ni (pronounce "Ching Ni"), Ben Vestin, Timothy, Stephen, Theresa Given, Cam Czubek, Meredith, Bobby, Michael Vanin, Paul, Penny Allen, Betsy, Peter Zaloom, Ben Giess, Andy Catareau, Rob Rodormer, Tom, Carol Shedd, Kenichi Nishikawa (pronounced "Ken-nee-chi Nee-she-ka-wa"), and Tanya Malpass
We offer special prayers in celebration of the lives of
Norma Bradford and Ruth Freeman Reed.
Intercessions from the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Parishes of the Cape & Islands Deanery
Church of the Good Shepherd, Wareham
St. James the Fisherman Church, Wellfleet
Church of the Messiah, Woods Hole
Diocesan Congregational Consultants
For all churches in the Diocese closed or merged
Prayers for Outreach Partners
We have started a practice of praying each week for one of the St. Andrew's outreach partners in the Prayers of the People. The outreach partners are charities that the parish supports with our time and donations from our parish budget. The aim of this new practice is both to hold the work of these charities in our prayers, and to familiarize the congregation with the different charities we support as we put our faith into action as a parish. 
Weekly Deadlines
Deadlines  for Weekly Bulletin and e-Pistle Announcements 
Announcements and gratitudes (and anything else) for inclusion in the weekly bulletin or e-Pistle are due on Tuesdays at noon. Please limit your announcement to 50-100 words. 
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