e-Pistle for Sunday, August 25, 2019
Please join us on the patio for fellowship after the 10am service.

Sometimes I find myself feeling sympathetic to the “bad guys” who are at odds with Jesus in the Bible. In our Gospel this Sunday, we hear about the Synagogue leader who is indignant that Jesus breaks the sabbath by healing a woman who has been crippled for 18 years.

On the one hand it is easy to be on Jesus’ side as he slams the religious leader for being a hypocrite. Jesus points out that they already have exceptions to the strict sabbath rules that allow the feeding of animals on the sabbath. So what is the problem with healing a human being? And of course, it is easy to side with Jesus and scoff at the synagogue leader for being so rigid in his legalism. It leads him to put upholding a law as being more important than showing love by healing a crippled person. Who would do that?

But I think laws and rules are important. They have usually been developed by societies to protect rights and important societal institutions. And I believe condoning the breaking of laws and rules is something to guarded against. How many of us would wish to live in a society where people obey laws only if it suits them or in countries where the rule of law is an arbitrary thing like in China or Putin’s Russia? This leads me to have some sympathy with the ruler of the synagogue who sees this man Jesus breaking the sabbath law, even if it is in a good cause. The ruler of the synagogue probably feels it is the thin edge of the wedge which will result in the undermining of the precious sabbath.

So, if you put yourself in the position of the religious leader trying to uphold the valuable institution of the sabbath, things are not so morally clear cut. The important lesson for us is that moral decision making is rarely cut and dry. It is complex and involves us in making hard choices between competing ethical values and interests.

Although it is possible to see both sides of this ethical dilemma, elsewhere in the Bible, Jesus tells us that the most important ethical rule of all is to love our neighbor as our self and to do unto others as we would have them do to us. And so, although there may be competing moral claims, in the Christian hierarchy of ethics, treating others as we would wish to be treated trumps other moral claims.

This seems to mean from a Christian perspective, that addressing the suffering of an individual is more important than upholding a set of laws. And for me, this demands faith. It demands that we have faith that if we look after the needs of the suffering person in front of us, God will take care of the law. And perhaps the point is that if we all do follow the teaching of Jesus, then the demands of the law will be fulfilled.

Yours in Christ, Adrian
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All-Parish Picnic
Please come to the St. Andrew’s All-Parish Picnic at the home of Luisa Hunnewell after the 10am service on Sunday, September 15. This annual fellowship event is wonderful way to connect with others while enjoying delicious food and fun activities for all ages, including lawn games and a moonbounce! Casual attire is encouraged at both church and the picnic!
As always, we count on volunteers to make this event a success; working together is another great way to get to know fellow parishioners. Please consider signing up for a shift or donating a baked good (or both!) using the SignUp Genius link on our website. You may also contact Jenny Sawyer by clicking here.
Coventry Suppers Sign-up
Coventry Suppers have been a fun and meaningful tradition for many years at St. Andrew’s, providing an opportunity for both new and seasoned members to gather in small groups for simple meals at each other’s homes. It is intended to be a casual evening in which all members of the group contribute dishes, creating a lovely form of fellow-ship and a nice way for members to meet and connect on a new level.
Once you sign up to participate, no later than Sunday, September 29, the fellowship and membership committee chairs will form small groups of 8-10 people and distribute a list of the members in early October. A first convener will be designated to host the first dinner, where the group can then discuss how often to gather during the year.
You can sign up to participate on the sign-up sheets in the narthex or on the website.
Church School Registration
Register your children for St. Andrew’s children’s and youth programs for 2019-2020 by Friday, August 31. On our website, go to learn and then children. Registration is particularly important this year as it helps our new assistant rector learn who’s who!
Village Luncheon
Members of the St. Andrew’s community have been invited to an early autumn luncheon at the Village Church on Tuesday, September 17 at 12noon. Reservations for the luncheon must be made by Thursday, September 12.
Following the lunch, Roseanna H. Means, MD will speak to the guests. Dr. Means is the founder and president of Healthcare Without Walls. She will discuss her newest initiative, Bridges to Moms. This program is a remarkable collaboration between several Boston Hospitals’ medical staffs and the greater community. Its aim is to provide wraparound care and services to homeless mothers and their babies. Please contact Dot Reed.
Junior Choir
The junior choir will have its first practice of the year on Sunday, September 8, at 9am in the parish hall. All children in grades 1-8 are invited to sing!
Acolyte Training
Youth in grades 8-12 are invited to become acolytes in Sunday worship. A brief mandatory training will be held after church on Sunday, September 8, in the sanctuary after the 10am service.
Rite-13 Family Coffee
Rite-13 (grades six and seven) youth and their parents are invited to a special coffee hour on Sunday, September 8, after the 10am service in the Rite-13 room. Come meet the Rite-13 leadership team and learn more about what the year will hold!
Rite-13 Overnight Lock-In
Rite-13 (grades six and seven) youth are invited to an overnight lock-in on
Friday, September 13. We’ll meet at church at 6pm; pickup time is Saturday morning at 8am. Parents, join us as chaperones, or help out with dinner or breakfast!
Confirmation Parent Meeting
Parents and guardians of eighth-grade confirmation students are invited to a meeting on Sunday, September 15, at 9am in the Rite-13 room. We’ll discuss class logistics and plans for the year. At least one parent from each household should attend.
Back-to-School Blessing
Students of all ages will be invited forward at the end of the 10am service on Sunday, September 15, for a special blessing.
Confirmation Class
All eighth-graders are invited to join the St. Andrew’s youth confirmation class. The first gathering of the year will be Sunday, September 22, from 5 to 6:30pm.
High School Youth Group
The first high school youth group gathering of the year will be Sunday, September 22, from 6:45 to 8pm.
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Hire a teen or young adult from St. Andrew’s. You can get the list in church or from Rev. Maria Kano.
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Get to know folks and help everyone feel welcome and get a nametag. The membership committee offers reusable magnetic nametags for all members. If you would like a new or replacement nametag,  contact Becky Hamlin
Illness and Off-Hour Emergencies
The clergy are always available to assist you. Please  email Adrian  or call him at 603-831-4938 if you or a member of your family expects to be in the hospital and wishes to be visited. Also, please let us know of names that should be added to our prayer list. Our prayers are with all those in need.
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Lay Reader/Chalice Bearer   Margaret Blackwell
Usher   Harriet Thompson
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