Thursday, June 10, 2021
Clergy Reflection

Dear Folks,

A family is continually becoming what becomes of it, writes Frederick Buechner. “It is every christening and every commencement, every falling in love, every fight, every departure and return… It’s the sound of the phone ringing in the middle of the night or the lying awake for hours waiting for the phone to ring.” (Whistling in the Dark) It’s the children laughing, brothers wrestling, parents offering advice, lovers whispering or crying, and the silence after a door is slammed shut. For anyone who’s had one fall apart, a family’s wings are gossamer, “a web so delicately spun that it takes almost nothing to set the whole thing shuddering or tear it to pieces. Yet the thread it’s woven of is as strong as anything on earth.” (ibid) The depth of our longing for connection has everything to do with the family that gave us our start, and we shape our current communities with the new, perhaps healthier systems we’ve been building since then.
Services this Weekend

We will worship inside at 8:00 a.m. in the chapel and 10:00 a.m. in the church on Sunday. Please wear a mask. No need to sign-up in advance. While the weather is beautiful, Faith@Five, our Saturday 5:00 p.m. service will be held in the front courtyard. 

  • Our daily services on Facebook will take a break for the summer, June – August. 
  • In-person weekly services will be offered on Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m. for the month of June, with no sign-up required and no limit on the number of people. 

Join us on Zoom at 10:00 on Sunday for Holy Eucharist or on YouTube for morning prayer.
Meeting ID: 852 1044 0716
Passcode: z2xbk0
Gardening at Johnston Square
Many thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard (and hot!) work last weekend creating a garden in Johnston Square!
"Ruth's Sisters": New Offering for Women at Redeemer

We are women experiencing transformation in our lives, minds, bodies and spirits, letting go of what no longer is (or no longer can be) as we awaken to new opportunities.

Our nests (if we have children, as some of us do not) are empty or emptying; our career trajectories look different than they did 20 years ago.

With increased freedom from the responsibilities of our younger lives, our roots are spreading and branches growing, as we journey up the “second” mountain of our lives.

Together we create and cultivate a safe space for each woman to seek and speak her truth.

Our bodies are the temples of our spirits. We embrace our past, present and future selves together in community, as we embark on activities and adventures that inspire, finding a balance between active and contemplative.

We are grounded in faith, reason, tradition, experience and curiosity, ever open to the movement of God’s Spirit in and through us.

Interested in learning more? Contact Cristina before June 18 as we are planning to hold an organizational planning meeting the week of June 21st.
Paul's Place
Paul's Place Camp Volunteer Opportunities

We are excited to announce that, as in past years (with a hiatus the last couple of summers), Redeemer will be hosting a week of summer camp for Paul’s Place from July 19-23 themed “Makers on the Move!” Campers will be engaged in a variety of creative, fun learning activities — including making music, food, arts and crafts — that will keep their bodies, minds and spirits on the move!

We are not asking for monetary donations this go-round, thanks to the generosity of donors from previous years. However, your gifts of time and talent to share with our campers is most welcome!

If you are a youth or young adult and interested in volunteering, please contact Rebecca.

Other adults interested in volunteering or with questions, please contact Cristina. We are still looking for 2-4 more adult volunteers to help lead activities, including overseeing our quiet reading time in the chapel-library. 

Thank you!
GEDCO/Cares Food Donations 

Special needs this week:
  • sugar
  • flour
  • dish soap
  • safety razors
  • laundry detergent

Like GEDCO/Cares on Facebook and get notices of the "item of the week" that they are collecting!

The need for canned and non-perishable foods continues! 
You may deliver items Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to 5502 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212 behind St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Rachael Neill, GEDCO's Director of Community Services at 410-532-7117. 
Stewardship 2021

If you haven't returned your pledge form or pledged online, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you!
Thank you for thoughtfully considering your pledge to Redeemer in 2021. Our continued growth as a faith community and service to the greater Baltimore community require your generous financial support. Together we are healing the human family in Baltimore and beyond!

Read David's letter to the congregation.
Download a pledge form or make your pledge online here.
FAQs about stewardship at Redeemer.  
Questions? Email Ellen Chatard
Small Group Zoom Links

Breathing Classes:
Tuesdays 5-5:30 & Fridays 12:15-12:45 
Click here to join either class.
Meeting ID: 911 709 4820 
Password: 964735
Contact: Cristina
Parish Directory
The link to the online directory is here. Please bookmark this directory link for future reference. Send an email to Ellen Chatard to request the password.  
Our Prayers are Requested For:

Thomas family, Ralph Partlow, Barbara Bachur, Richard Moore, Percy family, Jan Seibert, Karen Lancaster, David Grove, Jean, Jennie Eder, Allison Friedman, Becky Kelley, Gayle Dilatush, Yvonne Lansey, Dottie Cunningham, Jane Dreyer, Melvin Wilson, Madolyn Engle, Heather McPherson, Margaret Daley, Fr. Wayne Dabney, Myrick Cross+ & family, Barbara Fegley, Amiee Fulchino, Elli Sparks, Aimee Marson, Ashley Phelan, Brody family, Fred Hallahan, Doris Walker, Carolyn Woods, Fran Miner, JoAnn Roswell, Robert Greenwald, Chloe Appleby, Charles Calvert, Brad Melocik, Audra Towsley, Kathi Gallagher Richardson, Grace Hoefig, Jack & Connie Pendleton, Helen Jackson, Patricia Barrett, June Guy, Diana Miller, Joan Bogacki, Keri Leindecker, Ebert Landman, Maureen Wilson, Helen & Jay Featherstone, Christopher Puttock, Abby and McLean, Marie Hawkins Lucas, Betsy McDonald, Ann Klaes, Monet Chantiles-Ruby, Barbara Steuart, Gail Hongladarom, Robert Lopez, Jr., Blonquist family, Janet and Eddie Dunn, Jeane Judges, Charlie Evans, Molly McGoldrick

Please pray for frontline medical responders:
Amy Godat, Mark Nester, Alyson Dietz, Panagis Galiatsatos, John Woller, James Kusner, Liza Ayers Settembrino, Charlotte Worthington, Jeremiah Hinson, Gerry Verguson, Bill Crannick, Michael Allison, Eric Parvis, Hannah and Ed Roggenstein, Jake Abernathy, Christopher Reddick, Allie Taeger Ramsey, Iain Ramsey, Anne Goldsborough, Tom McLaurin, David Cohen, Teresa Ross, Andy & Kami Windsor, Connie Trimble, Reed Riley, Hardin Pantle, Phyllis Taylor, Morgan Wright, Keira, Lydia Pecker, Jess, Hannah Ware French, Ben French, Melissa Turner, Eric DeJonge, Eric Cordes

Ordinarily names remain on our prayer list for a month.
If you would like someone's name to continue - please contact the office
Going Deeper @ Redeemer
Click here for minutes from the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Vestry Minutes from the last 12 months are available here.