Sunday Worship Services
 8:00 & 9:30 a.m.  

August 19              SJCP Open House
August 20              SJCP Open House
                               All-A-board Meeting
August 21              Newsletter Deadline
August 22              Do Day Quilters
August 24              Encouragement Corp. concert
August 26              First day of St. John Preschool
August 27              Women's Bible Study
August 29              Stained Glass Workshop

If you are interested in joining Altar Guild or being a part of the Prayer Chain, please let Kathy in the office know.

If you have a specific hymn or praise song that you would like to suggest singing during the summer months, please write the hymn number or song title on the back of your attendance slip. Melanie will work your favorites songs into the worship service. 

Meals on Wheels Drivers

Drivers are needed for the weeks of August 19th and 26th.  Call the office to see what slots are open.
Christian Concert

On August 24th at 7 p.m. there will be a free Christian Concert in Central Park.  Featured band will be "Unspoken" & the Opening band is "Br ead of Life". St John youth will have a food stand this year and will need volunteers.


Tuesday, August 20th, 2019, at 6:00 pm,
will be our first "All-A-Board" Meeting night.
Boards do not need to have any other scheduled meeting during the month of August; this "All-A-Board" night will meet the requirement set forth in the By-Laws
that each board must meet on a monthly basis.
The one exception being that the Church Council will still meet on August 13th, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Chapel. 
Child Care will be provided during the "All-A-Board" Meeting Night.
We look forward to having you there!
Photo Directory 

2019 is the year of the Photo Directory.  There are open slots  September 19-20  and 
October 23-26.  
FYI:  When choosing your clothing for the pictures, this year there are some full length pictures being taken. 
To make an appointment on-line, click on the image.  We will also have people on most Sundays that can sign you up before and after the services.

Simply Giving
The St. John Stewardship Board would like to take this opportunity  to tell you about a simple way you can guarantee your offering to  God.

It's called, Simply Giving.

Simply Giving is a stewardship program that allows anyone from
St. John the chance to give their offering through electronic funds
transfer (EFT) directly from their checking or savings account.
You determine the amount you want to give and the frequency of
your giving. Want to give $50 every week? Perfect! Wish to donate
$125 every other week? You got it! Perhaps you'd like to give
$200 once a month? Absolutely! It's easy to set up. Fill out this form, attach a voided check or savings deposit slip, put it in the offering plate or return it to the
church office.

Simply Giving assures your offering to God is given as you see fit.
It's easy, convenient and helps assure that St. John can meet its financial obligations.
For more information, please contact the church office.

Click on the above link to be transferred to the form.

Stained Glass Ministry
    will meet on August 29th, at   
1:00 and 6:00 p.m.

We have made 44 crosses for the Stephen Ministry which was our goal.  Now we will work on sun-catchers, ornaments and jewelry.  Money raised on items we make for the Fall Festival will go into the 150th Anniversary Fund. We are glad to give those of you that didn't get a piece of our historical glass another chance.  Please contact Janet at if interested. We will show you how to do it whenever you join us.

Bountiful Gardens
Has your garden produced more than you need?
Why not share it with others! A table has been set up in the narthex so that gardeners can drop off their excess produce to share with others. Everything on the table is free for those who can use and enjoy it. We give thanks to God for this bountiful earth!   

Family Board's Children's Clothing Swap
Will occur on September 28th.
 Donations of clothing sized from
newborn to 14/16 are needed!
Keep this in mind when you sort through your child's clothing. What they grow out of can become someone else's "new" clothes.

An Opportunity for this Fall

We are having a Fall Festival on October 27, Reformation Sunday.  This is a joint effort between Stewardship and the Communications Board.  There will be a special Service of Stewardship on that day and then a meal, some talent, a silent auction and some stained glass items for sale. 

We are looking for silent auction items, hand-made or new items; no used or rummage type things.  Think about this as you are doing your hand work (quilting, knitting, carpentry, etc.), gardening, taking that hog to the locker, putting together a gift basket, offering a gift card for something special, making pies or whatever is your "thing". Also to consider is your time or talent for something like gift wrapping, lawn care, hosting a meal or some other personal gift that you can share. We will open an area where these items (or a description of your talent) can be brought in soon. Watch the bulletin for more information.
We are also looking for TALENT for a talent show. Can you sing or play an instrument solo or in a group, dance or have a display art to share? We would like a bit of entertainment for our day. Let Kathy know if you would like to participate; please be thinking about this and begin planning.
Thank You in advance for your hard work and talent.

You can start bringing items into the church office and Kathy will check them in.  We will ask people if they would like to put a value on the item (if you wish to), not to be a first bid, but to give information on the worth in material. This will give people a good idea of a fair starting point.

Above is a donated artisan vase for the silent auction.  Really impressive when you see it in person.
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