e-Skinny July 12, 2019  

This is the week that the youth have been on their mission trip to South Dakota.  It looks like a fun time!
Sunday Worship Services
 8:00 & 9:30 a.m.  

July 18       Stained Glass Workshop 1 and 6 p.m.
July 23       Women's Bible Study
July 24       Newsletter Deadline
July 25       Do Day Quilters
July 30-August 2   Vacation Bible School
August 4     VBS students sing in church
August 6-8  Photo Directory session
August 13    Council
August 14   Annual Golf Outing
August 15   Stained Glass Workshop
August 20   All-A-board Meeting
August 29    Stained Glass Workshop

If you are interested in joining Altar Guild or being a part of the Prayer Chain, please let Kathy in the office know.

If you have a specific hymn or praise song that you would like to suggest singing during the summer months, please write the hymn number or song title on the back of your attendance slip. Melanie will work your favorites songs into the worship service.

Family Board's Children's Clothing Swap will be coming September 28th. Donations of clothing sized from newborn to 14/16 are needed! Keep this in mind when you sort through your child's clothing
What they grow out of can be someone else's "new" clothes.


Stained Glass Ministry
An extra appeal:
My right hand helper is having surgery and will be laid up for awhile, so I am in need of someone, or more than one, to help a bit extra.  Please plan on giving a bit of extra time to set up and help with the finishing details. There is also work to do that takes no skill, just cleaning, polishing, adding a chain, packaging. It takes as much time as the crafting; it is hard to do it all.
 On July 18 , we will meet at 1:00 and 6 p.m.  August dates will be on August 15th and 29th.   

We are still making crosses for Stephen Ministry and then sun-catchers and jewelry.  Money raised on items we make for the Fall Festival will go into the 150th Anniversary Fund. We are glad to give those of you that didn't get a piece of our historical glass another chance.  Please contact Janet at  petefishj@mchsi.com or call the office at 641-228-3397 if you are interested in being involved with this project! We will show you how to do it whenever you join us.

Summer Youth Activities

July 30-August 2 will be Vacation Bible School! Registration will begin at 5:15 pm on the 30th.
  • Plan on having your kids attend from 5:30 pm-8:00 pm on Tuesday-Friday!
  • We will serve a light supper for the kids each evening.
  • VBS is open to kids in Preschool-5th grades.
  • Our theme this year is "Roar - Life is Wild*God is Good"
  • The VBS registration fees have been covered so there is NO FEE to register.  Look for registration forms in the bulletins and they are available in the office now. 
  • VBS kids will sing in church on Sunday, August 4.
  • If you are interested in volunteering at VBS, please contact Laurie.
  • Be watching for our VBS donation requests for "Safari Supplies" coming this summer. 
Note to 3rd year confirmation class:
Those students who have finished the third year of our confirmation program are required to write personal faith statements to put on their display board for the Confirmation Fair on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. The writing of these faith statements will hopefully give the students an opportunity to reflect on what they have learned, what they believe, and how their faith will affect the way they live their daily life following Confirmation Sunday. The display boards will also contain some other information such as, reflections on their baptism, and their favorite service project. These faith statements are due Wednesday, September 25th in the Youth and Family office, but will require some work over the summer, so Parents - don't let your student wait until school starts in August to get started!  Confirmation 
Sunday is October 13, 2019.

The Stewardship Board's Annual Golf Outing!
(4 - Person, 9 - Hole Best Shot Tournament)
August 14th, 5:30 p.m. - Wildwood Golf Course
Cost: $25.00/person which includes green fees & a light meal. (Golf cart fees & drinks at your own expense.)
Call Wildwood at  257-6322 to arrange carts.)
Sign up in the church office!   Tournament is held rain or shine!
Photo Directory 

2019 is the year of the Photo Directory.  The plan is to have slots August 6-8, 
September 19-20  and 
October 23-26.  
It is strongly suggested that those of you involved with agriculture get your dates set early.  Also students, before going to college, should take advantage of the August dates.
To make an appointment on-line, click on the image.  We will also have people on most Sundays that can sign you up before and after the services.

An Opportunity for this fall

We are having a Fall Festival on October 27, Reformation Sunday.  This is a joint effort between Stewardship and the Communications Board.  There will be a special Service of Stewardship on that day and then a meal, some talent, a silent auction and some stained glass items for sale. 

We are looking for silent auction items, hand-made or new items; no used or rummage type things.  Think about this as you are doing your hand work (quilting, knitting, carpentry, etc.), gardening, taking that hog to the locker, putting together a gift basket, offering a gift card for something special, making pies or whatever is your "thing". Also to consider is your time or talent for something like gift wrapping, lawn care, hosting a meal or some other personal gift that you can share. We will open an area where these items (or a description of your talent) can be brought in soon. Watch the bulletin for more information.  
We are also looking for TALENT for a talent show. Can you sing or play an instrument solo or in a group, dance or have a display art to share? We would like a bit of entertainment for our day. Let Kathy know if you would like to participate; please be thinking about this and begin planning.
Thank You in advance for your hard work and talent.

You can start bringing items into the church office and Kathy will check them in.  We will ask people if they would like to put a value on the item (if you wish to), not to be a first bid, but to give information on the worth in material. This will give people a good idea of a fair starting point.
 Below are 3 large knit afghans ready for auction. Keep working on those projects and bring them in when done.
Sherbet                        Wild Berry                           Neapolitan

The genesis of having a single night where all the Church Boards meet came from our Parish Communication Board a few months ago. The purpose is to foster greater communication and cooperation between our eight boards. The Church Council has discussed this idea at our last two Council Meetings and recently voted our approval to move forward with this idea.
So, Tuesday, August 20th, 2019, at 6:00 pm, will be our first "All-A-Board" Meeting night.
Boards do not need to have any other scheduled meeting during the month of August; this "All-A-Board" night will meet the requirement set forth in the By-Laws that each board must meet on a monthly basis.
The one exception being that the Church Council will still meet on August 13th, 2019 at 6:00 pm in the Chapel.
Child Care will be provided during the "All-A-Board' Meeting Night.
General framework for the "All-A-Board" Meeting night is as follows:
            Opening Prayer in Parish Hall
            Break-out sessions (45 minutes) by Boards at different tables in the Parish Hall
                        -refreshments will be available for you to enjoy while you're meeting
                        -feel free to walk over and coordinate with other boards as we all meet
            Reconvene for Board Reports,
                        -Two to three minutes for each board to share with the whole group what they're working on and excited about
  -Brief discussion as needed
            Closing Prayer
We look forward to having you there!
Thank You,
Brad Bailey
On Behalf of the St. John Lutheran Church Council

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