Lost Creek
Limited District

For Residents of the Lost Creek Limited District · March 30, 2021 · No. 49
The Board of Directors of the Lost Creek Limited District wants to provide Lost Creek residents with information about two bills currently filed with the Texas Legislature that potentially impact Lost Creek. The identical companion bills are Senate Bill 1499, introduced by Senator Dawn Buckingham, and House Bill 3827, introduced by Representative Terry Wilson. The Limited District did not participate in the preparation or filing of the legislation.
In broad terms, the legislation as filed provides for:
  • Disannexation of an area from a municipality (e.g. Lost Creek from the City of Austin)
  • The City to retain ownership of the water infrastructure
It does not:
  • Address disposition of Limited District assets (parks, greenbelts, investments, etc.) at the end of the initial 10-year term of the Limited District (December, 2025)
  • Provide for a vote by the Lost Creek electorate about whether or not to disannex
  • Include specific details regarding municipal services like police, fire, and trash

The Limited District Board understands that the initial bill may be substantially altered by a replacement bill. As such, we are refraining from providing in-depth analysis, as there are too many unknowns regarding how this may impact the Limited District. As soon as the bill (or replacement bill) is set for a hearing, the Limited District will issue a communication regarding hearing dates and times.
The Limited District’s Board of Directors has a duty to protect the Limited District’s assets, which have been paid for and maintained by Lost Creek residents. We take seriously our obligations as stewards of these assets, which include our parks, greenbelts, maintenance funds, and investments and intend to comment as necessary to fulfill those duties.
The Limited District encourages residents to participate in the legislative process (whether they are for or against the legislation) and to understand the possible impacts of the legislation on the Limited District. 
Residents may contact Lost Creek’s representatives:
• Senator Sarah Eckhardt:  Sarah.eckhardt@senate.texas.gov, Tel: (512) 463-0114
• Representative Donna Howard:  Donna.howard@house.texas.gov,
Tel: (512) 463-0631
• Representative Vikki Goodwin:  Vikki.goodwin@house.texas.gov,
Tel: (512) 463-0652
Residents with questions regarding the bills may also contact the sponsors’ offices:
• Senator Dawn Buckingham:  dawn.buckingham@senate.texas.gov,
Tel: (512) 463-0124
• Representative Terry Wilson:  terry.wilson@house.texas.gov,
Tel: (512) 463-0309

Residents may also monitor the status of the legislation online at the following website: https://capitol.texas.gov.
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