Happenings @ the MACC Winter 2019
The Schaefer International Gallery here @ the MACC presents exhibits of all kinds from international touring exhibits ( Above the Fold , origami artists from four continents) to Hawai'i artists ( He Makana and Schaefer Portrait Challenge ), and even the Maui kids ( Young Creatives ).

Many gallery attendees may view the exhibit and not realize all the related and interconnected activities that take place as part of our Gallery programming.

The most recent example was Surfing Hawai'i , an exhibition in the gallery from December 16th until February 17th and which also included a film night, a panel discussion, Observe & Play Family Day, ArtWorks tours, and classroom visits, and an ArT=Mixx ... six interconnected events based on one exhibit!

Read on to learn more about each of these. Together they form a 3-D view of the extensive visual arts experience at the MACC.

Our longtime friends, members, and donors know this about us and our new friends are quickly learning that when you are in the theaters, in the gallery, or anywhere @ the MACC, there is ALWAYS more to the story than what you see in front of you.

I look forward to seeing you @ the Gallery and @ so much more... @ the MACC.
Art Vento, President & CEO
This exhibition explored our most popular water sport, beginning with Native Hawaiian history and knowledge of he‘e nalu and the evolution of surf culture in the islands today. The story is told through traditional stories and the Native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual, and recreational relationship to the ocean, as well as from archives, ephemera, and surfboards from private collections. Invited artists were all from Hawai’i, and artists who also participate in ocean sports: Carol Bennett (Kauai), Mark Cunningham (O‘ahu), Pete Cabrinha (Maui), Peter Shepard Cole (O ‘ahu), Wayne Levin (Hawai‘i Island,) Charlie Lyon (Maui), and Noble Richardson (Maui). The exhibit was open from December 16 until February 17, and was viewed by 6,855 people.
A related event was a film, “The Essence,” on January 10, highlighting the work of Bud Browne - known as the father of the surf film genre - capturing the pure joy and mystery of riding waves through the eyes of surfing’s history. Beautifully produced with archival footage from the Bud Browne Film Archives, this film is a showcase for some of surfing’s greatest legends: George Downing, Buzzy Trent, Gerry Lopez, Duke Kahanamoku and others. Following the film, professional surf athletes Archie Kalepa, Andrea Moller and Paige Alms , talked with archivist Anna Trent Moore (above, left).
Lectures highlighted two separate surf topics on January 27:
"Women and Legends of Surfing" (above, left): Pulama Collier a Hawaiian immersion educator born on the northeast shores of Maui, shared her knowledge of traditional spirituality and the sport, and the legends of Hawaiian women in surfing.
"Selling Hawai'i with Surfing" (above, right) : Author and historian DeSoto Brown demonstrated through illustration and example, how Hawaiian surfing has appeared in a century’s worth of advertising and other parts of pop culture.
Observe & Play Family Day is a popular Saturday morning program, held with selected exhibitions, brings families together to experience the Gallery together (with docents on hand) so all ages can view the exhibit and engage in hands-on art-making fun! This edition was held on January 12th, attended by 156 adults & kids.
Even the MACC volunteers get into the action at Observe & Play Family Day!
The Schaefer Gallery is also a classroom! ARTWORKS guided education tours focus on the exhibit, designed for grades 3 through 12. 'Iao School had their tour on January 24 ( above). ARTWORKS tours are tailored to complement the content of each exhibit and provide an informal creative setting for participation. Students are engaged through viewing, responding, and hands-on activities. Teaching artists work directly with students to help them understand artistic concepts, process, and techniques. ARTWORKS tours meet the Hawai'i Learning Standards for visual art and integrate into other core curriculum areas. Artworks tours for exhibition brought in 181 students.
ArT=Mixx is a FREE interactive social mixer for 21-and over Young at Art crowd, presented by MACC twice a year in conjunction with a theme of the current exhibition. So, for this edition of ArT=MIXX on February 2, the theme was EcoEvolution, surfing through ocean ecology and the evolution of species and earth cycles . The event featured music by DJ MAUI UBF, video projections by ASTRAL NOMAD, live performances by FUZZ BOX, and installation art by MAUI ART LIFE, attended by 2,300+ people who (despite the weather!), showed up in costume to mix, mingle, and connect to the arts! Watch the video below for a recap of the evening.
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