T O U C H S T O N E  -  A  M i d W e e k  B u l l e t i n

   Third/Fourth/Fifth Sunday After Pentecost    
June 10, 17, & 24, 2018    

Our Core Values: 
Spiritual Growth. Welcome. Justice-seeking



We celebrated our fantastic choir this past Sunday! See more pictures below from Sunday.

Guest musicians Helena and Candace Murphy joined our Music Director Connie Washburn and enhanced our music on Sunday.
Reflection for Worship. . .

"Divinely Led" 
Bible Text: First Samuel 8:4-22a
In this ancient text we hear a shift in the way that the early Israelites wish to be governed. God had chosen to organize them as a covenant people dependent on God and local elders, quite unlike the other nations around them. At this time in history though the people request a king to rule over them so they can be "like other nations." Samuel, who was a judge over Israel,as surprised by this and warned them what it would be like to be ruled in that way. Samuel tells them that Kings desire luxurious courts and need taxes to cover labor. Samuel lays out for them how they will be treated and it's not a pretty picture. The people want it anyway and so the Israelites get their first king to the dismay of both Samuel and God. We will explore what that meant for them and what it means for us to want a world whose rulers reflect God's values rather than "a king's values."
-Rev. Marlene W. Pomeroy 
Also This Sunday June 10th:  
Heather Bland, a member of the Scouting Committee, will share in worship about the work they are doing looking for a new building for us. After worship members of the committee will be available for individual conversations about what's next for us. There will also be a chance for you to sign up for a one-on-one conversation with a member of that committee at another time. Scouting Committee members are: Carolyn Olney, Heather Bland, Jeff Tyler, Moderator Randy VanDeventer, Kim Story, and Sue Miele (currently in Pennsylvania till October). Pastor Marlene and Realtor Carl Whidden are also working with this committee as we search for a new church home.  
We have a combined class for elementary and youth class - teachers are: Grace Rinck and Krysty Leckrone.

Pastor Marlene will be having a meeting after worship/coffee hour this Sunday with the Sept. 8th Party Planning Committee to plan our all-church event to celebrate our time in this building. Save the date, let you friends know, and plan to be present for the event. The time frame is 5:00-7:00 p.m. Several folks signed up to be part of the planning - if you did not and wish to come and help us plan it, just come to the East parlor at 11:30.

Schedule During Office Manager's Vacation
Nina will be on vacation starting Tuesday June 5th and returning to the office on Monday June 25th. The office will be staffed by volunteers Monday-Thursday from
10-noon during her absence. Please be in contact with Sallie or the pastors if you need something outside of those office hours. See below for information regarding worship the next few Sundays. The next Touchstone will be going out the week of June 25th.

Sunday June 17th

Rev. Jake Pomeroy preaching on "Wind Resistance"
Ezekiel 17:22-24

Liturgist is: Dana Pell

Ushers are: Sandy Biehler, Robert Rinck, Kevin Cordova-Brookey


Nursery: Lachlan and Becky

Sunday June 24th
Rev. Jake Pomeroy preaching on "Finding Rest?!"
Matthew 11:28-30
We will honor our church school teachers and our children's choir director in worship.The Children's Choir will be singing this day.

Liturgist is: Kevin Cordova-Brookey

Ushers are: Judi Tyler, Dana Pell, Mary Camacho, Jeff Tyler

Teachers: Jeff/Roberta

Nursery: Jacky and Lachlan

Worship Leaders  
Rev. John H. Pomeroy
Rev.  Marlene W. Pomeroy
Liturgist  June 10th 
Joey Bland  
Ushers  June 10th 
Ron white
Kathie Arscott
Jeff Levison
Jim Maddox

Pianist & Music Coordinator    
Connie Washburn

Church School Teachers  June 10th 
Combined class for elementary & youth class - teachers are: Grace Rinck and Krysty Leckrone.  
Church Nursery (for infants - K) June 10th :
Adi Paokhomai and Judi Tyler     
Nursery opens at 9:15 a.m. for early birds and then everyone comes to worship at 10:00 and stays through the Children's  Time and then heads to the nursery with caregivers and parents.   

Nina Kung   
Visit us at:  uccpasadena.org

Sermon Podcast
D id you miss a worship service and want to hear the sermon? Please visit uccpasadena.org and select 'podcasts' from the menu on top of the home page or click below

        Nina's vacation: June 5-21, 2018
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  Mon. - Thurs.
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Tel. # 626.795.0696
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In this Edition . . . 
-All Church Celebration Planned for Sept. 8th 
-Hollywood Bowl Outing, July 7th
-Habitat Dedication June 9th
-Wedding Party to Shower for Amy & Marcus June 30th  
-Rev. David Held Memorial Service
-Pictures of our Business Meeting and Graduation  
-Church T-Shirts
-Transition Update

Saturday Sept. 8th  date for our All Church Celebration in anticipation of leaving our building
We are planning a grand celebration of our time here in this building on Saturday September 8th from 5:00-7:00 p.m.. The planning committee will be meeting for the first time on Sunday June 10th after coffee hour to brainstorm ideas for the celebration. If you would like to join in the planning, please let Pastor Marlene know, or come to the meeting!!!
Many thanks to all who worked to made the above events happen!  Our church is active and involved in the lives of many people. For that we give thanks.  - Revs. Marlene & Jake 

Hollywood Bowl Outing for Summer 2018 - no tickets remaining!

Membership Ministry (Kevin, Tara, Lu, Kim and Marlene) has chosen Jennifer Hudson on Saturday July 7th as an event for us to attend together. We have no further tickets but if you would like to be on the waiting list in case someone is unable to attend, please contact pastor Marlene. If you choose to buy your own ticket we are in section P1 for $36 each. The time is 8 p.m. and of course we will go ahead of time and picnic.

Habitat for Humanity Desiderio Dedication

Saturday June 9th
-11:00 am Dedication of local Desiderio homes to be held (see rendering above)

Wedding Party to Shower Amy & Marcus Saturday June 30th
Amy, who has grown up in this church, has moved with her family to Las Vegas. She and Marcus are planning to be married on August 18th in Las Vegas. As her church community we want to celebrate their wedding locally so we are having a party/shower on Saturday June 30th at 6:00 p.m. at the Leckrone's house.
It's a potluck so you will need to sign up and RSVP either on the poster board on Sunday or to fccrevs@yahoo.com. Membership is sponsoring this event and we need to know how many people are coming. We will need drinks, appetizers, main dishes and side dishes (dessert is provided). The couple is registered at
zola.com/wedding/sherowlovestory2018 and ask that any physical gifts be sent to their home in Las Vegas. You may also contribute to their honeymoon fund instead of a gift. When you RSVP we will send you both the address to the Leckrone's house and Amy/Marcus's home address since we don't publish addresses in the Touchstone. Let's celebrate these two fabulous people and send Amy and Marcus our love.

Memorial Service Announced

The Rev. David Held, pastor of our congregation from 1963 until 1968, died on May 10th, 2018. David served churches both in our Conference and elsewhere in our denomination, last serving at the Claremont United Church of Christ before his retirement.  David had been a resident of Pilgrim Place in Claremont since 1988 and his memorial service is tentatively scheduled for   June 30th, 2018 at 2PM  at Claremont United church of Christ.  David is the uncle of Kim Story of our congregation - please offer your condolences to her.

Pictures of our Business Meeting and Graduation Celebration

Moderator Elizabeth Lanski passed the mantle to Randy VanDeventer. 

We celebrated grads Kim and Elizabeth on Sunday, as well as Jackie
and Ethan who were off-site.

Church T-Shirts Available

Our wonderful FCC t-shirts are still available in limited quantities in the following sizes for $15...
Women's sizes medium, large, extra large
Men's sizes small, medium and large
Please contact Nina in the church office during regular church office hours if you would like to purchase a shirt and show your church pride!
New Church Home Update
Transition work, sorting, cleaning, packing   
- It has now been three months since we closed escrow on our building. We will try and give periodic updates on what is happening with our move. During late February and early March there were a lot of details to be attended to during the sale and transition to us being renters. Sallie, Moderator Elizabeth, our bookkeeper Celina and our pastors were all busy in meetings with the new owners, providing documentation for the transition, transferring utilities and other services, coordinating staff assignments and scheduling room assignments for FCC events.  Sallie has been busy going through rooms, beginning with storage areas and our downstairs kitchen, boxing up items, removing trash and discarded furniture, and sorting through banners and linens so that things can be packed when the time comes.  
Inquiring, calling, visiting, discussing  
- Our realtor Carl Whidden, Moderator Elizabeth, Jeff Tyler and Pastor Marlene have toured several potential church sites and been in touch with one another regularly.  We have until February of 2019 to find a new home, with either our new owners or ourselves offering a 60 day notice should we need to leave earlier. Carl has reached out to several churches and looks regularly at listings and rentals on our behalf. There is a lot of looking, touring and phone calling being done by all. In addition, Pastor Marlene will be meeting with Carl and our Scouting Committee this Saturday May 19 to clarify our work and schedule visits to properties for the next few weeks. We plan to schedule a Forum after worship in the next couple of months when the Scouting Committee has news to share about their search. Scouting Committee is: Carolyn Olney, Heather Bland, Jeff Tyler, Randy VanDeventer, and Sue Miele (in Pennsylvania till the Fall). Here are the Desired Building Characteristics that the Scouting Committee is working with. 
Touring, celebrating and looking back  
- Jeff Tyler will lead a second building tour for those who would like to see the building in its entirety before we leave.  The date will be announced in advance - stayed tuned! And please put Saturday September 8th on your calendar in the late afternoon/evening for a celebration in our Sanctuary and a dinner here at church to celebrate our history and ministry here. Pastor Marlene will be contacting the planning committee for that event to meet and begin our plans. Thanks to those who signed up to organize it. Please contact one of our co-pastors with any questions or if you wish to help out in some way.  We have shown great faith and exercised good stewardship of our resources in selling our building;  our transition to a new home requires the same faith, persistence, discernment and trust!  Our faith promises that God goes before us in this work and this search - so onward we go! 
On behalf of Church Council, Pastors Marlene & Jake  
Note: our Scouting Committee met last Saturday with Pastor Marlene and Carl our realtor and will be hosting an update during and after church on June 10th. You will also hear a report at the June 3rd Business Meeting. We are trying to give regular reports every few weeks to keep folks in the loop. You are always welcome to seek out the pastors or the Scouting Committee members for input or updates: Carolyn Olney, Heather Bland, Jeff Tyler, Randy VanDeventer, Kim Story, and Sue Miele (in Pennsylvania till October).