T O U C H S T O N E  -  A  M i d W e e k  B u l l e t i n

   Fourth Sunday of Easter     
May 12, 2019    
Now Meeting at 500 E. Colorado Blvd.
Sunday Worship Service: 11:30 am, Chapel

Our Core Values: 
Spiritual Growth. Welcome. Justice-seeking



Our church's 134 year old history was lifted up and honored at the recent Central Associated Meeting.

Reflection for Worship. . .

Acts 9:36-43

"Now in Joppa there was a disciple whose name was Tabitha..." This is how our story begins this Sunday - a sentence that means so much more than the words themselves. We are led into the streets of an ancient port city, the sounds of waves breaking against the shore, ships being unloaded, cargo moving and people shouting. And we are introduced to a woman named Tabitha - who has died. She is surrounded by Saints and Widows who are heartbroken by her death - which tells us she was a deeply compassionate, loving, generous person. (If not, why would anyone wish her alive again?) She is a Disciple, an active member of the Jesus Movement - so Peter, Cornerstone of the Movement, is called into action - brought from another town to bring her back from the Beyond.

Most women in our biblical texts are nameless - it's as if their names, their lives, were written on water. This story gives us a name and tells us that her life was meaningful to the people around her. This Sunday we will celebrate those who mothered us - we will say their names and lift up the meaning of their lives. We will look at their faces again and hear their voices - like waves breaking against the shores of our lives. And we will tell their stories... "Now in Pasadena there was a Peace Advocate whose name was Ann Appley..." Her daughter will be offering the reflection this Sunday. See you there!

"Physical evidence suggests that....water is the mirror of our souls." 
- Masaru Emoto,  The Hidden Messages in Water

-Rev. Anne Cohen

Bring a picture of your mom (or someone who has mothered you to worship on Sunday!)

Also This Weekend 
Women' s Scholarship Tea this
Saturday afternoon at 4:00!                             
Please contact Nina ASAP if you have not sent your RSVP. We have 6 extraordinary women to honor with scholarships this year! See updates from previous winners below.
New Bibles to be Dedicated and Placed in our Pews
Due to the extra pews in our new worship space, Nina has purchased new Bibles to fill the extra pews and you are invited to buy a few to dedicate to someone. Please leave a check for Nina in the amount of $20 with the dedication you wish to be included in the front inside of the Bible. We suggest only 1 or 2 persons be listed in each Bible so that each is more personal.
Sabbatical begins for our pastors Sunday May 12th
Our pastors Marlene and Jake will be taking a three months sabbatical beginning on Sunday May 12th. The Rev. Anne Cohen will be providing the primary coverage during their time away. Anne will be in the office and working 10 hours each week and will be putting together the Touchstone and doing other administrative work. In addition to that, she will be providing most of the preaching over the three month period, and also coordinating worship services when others preach. We have several interesting pastors lined up to preach over the summer - some whom you know (Andy, Randy, Leo) and a new person (Rae). All will be provocative preachers for you to hear! We have hired the Rev. Leo Lynch to provide pastoral care as needed over that time. Please be in touch with him or Nina for that. You may also be in touch with our Moderator Randy VanDeventer or Vice Moderator Krysty Leckrone for other matters.
We are very grateful for the time away for replenishment and renewal. Initial plans for us are:
Travel to Ireland and enjoy the beauty and history of that country, including trips to Cathedrals, the Book of Kells, Celtic spirituality sites, etc. We will also visit other progressive and forwarding thinking church communities and Marlene will attend a retreat with Rev. John Philip Newell, Celtic Scholar and writer in Connecticut. She will also do some reading and perhaps take a sign language class.
Jake plans to start a small organic garden in the Pomeroy's backyard that could supply simple produce to the Friends In Deed food pantry in the fall.  If the garden yields results, church and community folks would be invited over time to help in the garden, learning about organic gardening and the needs of persons in our community.  Jake also plans to take a beginning tai chi class with an eye toward a small group at church later in the fall that shares and engages in spiritual practices.  In addition, Jake hopes to have conversations in person or by phone with UCC folks who are engaged in alternative ministries as part of their definition of being "church" - homeless outreach, bike repair, coffee shop, wellness center.    
- With gratitude for the time away, Marlene & Jake
Save the Date:
Sunday August 18th Hollywood Bowl Summer Outing!
Membership Ministry has selected Smooth Summer Jazz for our annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl, featuring Dave Koz & Friends, and the Commodores. We have 30 tickets reserved at $36 each. We will start sign-ups in the next week and can turn in any unused tickets by the end of June. Let us know if you wish to join us. Once Marlene leaves on sabbatical please be in touch with Lu Nguyen (formerly Burd) to sign up and pay!! Should be another fun evening. The concert starts at 6:00 so we will meet earlier for a potluck and some fellowship time!

Worship Leader
Rev. Anne Cohen
Sabbatical Coverage Pastor
Rev. Anne Cohen
Randy VanDeventer
Ron White 
Kathie Arscott
Jeff Levison
Jim Maddox 

Pianist & Music Director 
Connie Washburn

Church School Teaachers
Combined Class led by Jeff Tyler/Krysty Leckrone upstairs in Room 302. 
Church Nursery (for infants - K)
Lachlan Ashenmiller & Kaye Jenkins 
This week everyone comes to the Chapel at 11:30am and stays through the Children's Time and then heads to the nursery with caregivers and parents.

Nina Kung   
Visit us at:  uccpasadena.org

Sermon Podcast
D id you miss a worship service and want to hear the sermon? Please visit uccpasadena.org and select 'podcasts' from the menu on top of the home page or click below

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9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
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In this Edition . . .
-The Rev. Anne Cohen 
-Choir Party
-Easter Offering Update
-Central Association Meeting
-Update on Rosa and her Family
-Updates from Previous Scholarship Recipients
-Free Monthly Concerts at FUMC, Pasadena 
From the Rev. Anne Cohen -

Anne will be serving as our Sabbatical Coverage Pastor while the Pomeroys are away on their Sabbatical. Anne's first Sunday will be Mother's Day. She can best be reached these ways:  acohen99@sbcglobal.net  - or - cell # 626-394-9107. 
See below for her request for you to bring a photo of your mom on May 12th.

Photo of Your Mother

On Mothers' Day Sunday, May 12th, please bring a photo of your mother or someone who mothered you. We will display them during worship and share stories. - Anne

Choir Party

Over 22 choir members and their family members were able to gather at the pastors' house for a celebratory meal this past Sunday afternoon. Choir members and our Director Connie Washburn were thanked for all the outstanding music they bring to our church throughout the year. Many thanks for all their gifts. Choir Appreciation Sunday will be held on June 2nd and their last Sunday will be June 9th before choir takes a hiatus for the Summer.

Easter Offering Update

Over $500 was collected at our combined FCC/FUMC Easter Worship Service and sent up to Friends in Deed for their continuing work.
Central Association Meeting

About 10 FCC members were able to attend the recent Association Meeting of the Southern California Nevada Conference. As part of the meeting our church's 134 year history was highlighted and honored. Many thanks to Elizabeth Lanski for making the presentation (click here) on our behalf (with help from Ron White in composing the report!), and Roberta White and Lu Nguyen for pulling together some historical pictures and memorabilia to display during lunch. Several FCC folks will be serving in various capacities in the wider UCC denomination in the coming year, including: Andy Schwiebert, Leo Lynch, Stacy Thomas, and Randy VanDeventer. Marlene Pomeroy just rotated off Church and Ministry Section A after a decade of service. Randy is helping to lead worship at the SCNC Annual Gathering at Chapman University in June. Many thanks to FCC folks who are volunteering in the UCC beyond the local church.

Update on Rosa and her Family
FCC Pasadena has joined Neighborhood UU Church and others in Pasadena to surround them with our love and financial support. This is an update on her and her family:
The family of 5 is still looking for permanent housing - hoping to pay about $1500/mo. in the Madison Elementary school area. Rosa's girls are enrolled in school and Rosa is working through the legal system to file her papers and check in weekly with her Asylum status. Her application won't be filed until Dec. 2019 and then a hearing will be held after that.
There is now a volunteer coordinator at Neighborhood Church helping to connect folks with the family. Please contact Suzanne Smith at 323-333-1630 if you can volunteer or sjbirder@gmail.com
Needs include: driving the family to appointments, a Special Ed advocate to help with one of the children, someone to take the older kids to the park , donations of bilingual books or books in Spanish of chapter books.  
You may also contact Joey Bland who heads up our Discipleship Ministry for ideas about how we might support Rosa and her family.
There will be a Mother's Day Picnic/Potluck at Neighborhood Church this Sunday at 12:30 if you wish to stop by and meet the family at 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd.  

Updates from Previous Scholarship Recipients:

From Kim Mendez-McLeish
I'm currently in the chorus for an upcoming world premiere opera at UCLA called Lost Childhood. It's about one man's story of hiding in plain sight to avoid death as a Polish Jew during WWII. Last quarter I sang my first role in another new work called Juana about the life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a nun who challenged the Catholic Church during the Inquisition just by being a self-educated woman who was smarter and bolder than was thought to be appropriate for her station. 
In April I traveled across the country with the UCLA Chamber Singers to perform and record a new oratorio by Richard Danielpour called The Passion of Yeshua, the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection as told by both the Christian and Jewish points of view. The composer grew up in a mixed religion family and had been working on this incredible opus for more than 30 yrs. Working with the Buffalo Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus to immortalize this work is now one of my favorite musical experiences to date. Maestra JoAnn Falletta was a joy to work with and world- renowned soloists such as LA's own Hila Flickman, J'Nae Bridges, Kenneth Overton, and Matthew Worth inspired us with their kindness and talent. The recording will be available through Naxos) and is Grammy eligible!! 
I am also preparing for my junior recital. I've worked with my teacher, Maria Fortuna Dean, to choose repertoire and plan a joint program with a colleague. It is June 1st at 4pm in Ostin Ensemble Room at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music (which everyone is welcome to attend! Free event!!).
I have been offered an opportunity to sing for the LA Opera's celebration of Orpheus next year with both UCLA and through my alma mater, Pasadena City College. Things are still in the works there, but one of the pieces is currently being composed by Juhi Bansal, an amazing composer and professor of composition and musicianship at PCC. 
I'm very much looking forward to summer and what next year will bring! 
 Thank you for awarding me the scholarship last year. It really helped! 
I hope all the FCC folks are healthy and happy!!
Kim Mendez McLeish, 2018 Recipient
From Saya Linney
I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a recipient of the FCC Pasadena Women's Scholarship last year, as this scholarship played a major role in helping me truly enjoy my time at UC Berkeley. Coming from a low income family, the financial aspect of college was the most pressing thing that I had to keep in mind when I was applying to college. When I learned that I was chosen for this scholarship, I felt incredibly honored, and I was also relieved to know that I had the support of the community as I went into college. Reflecting back on my year, I can say that this scholarship truly helped me come into my own and fully enjoy my college experience. Berkeley has become my second home, and I am so grateful to the scholarship committee and the community for helping me get here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Please feel free to email me if you need anything else! I have also attached some photos below. :) Thank you once again for everything!
Best regards,
Saya Linney, 2018 Recipient
From Alena DeVaughn 
Hi Grace!
I am doing well! Classes here at Stanford have been going pretty good so far.  I've been getting involved in the Black Student Union and the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship her on campus, and next year I hope to get involved with music hopefully. I am excited to be finished with my first year of college in a little bit over a month, so I can finally come back home to Pasadena for the summer :)
Thank you for checking in!
-Alena DeVaughn, 2018 Recipient

Free Monthly Concerts on the Third Saturday of each month, at 4:00 P.M. at First United Methodist Church, Pasadena
May 18 - Intimate Beethoven: Joy of Chamber Music
"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." Beethoven
Beethoven: Ghost Trio, Op. 70
Beethoven: Piano Quartet, Op. 16
Members of Los Angeles Philharmonic:
Ingrid Chun, violinist
Minyoung Chang, violinist
Michael Larco, violist
David Garrett, cellist
Junko Ueno Garrett, pianist  
June 15 - Outdoor Jazz Concert featuring the Thursday Morning Little Big Band
A favorite from past seasons, the Thursday Morning Little Big Band returns for an open-air concert of classic jazz on the courtyard  in front of the church building.  
July 20 - Christmas in July: Aaron Shows, organist
There is so much great Christmas music - why not enjoy it mid-year? Always striving first to connect emotionally with audiences of every age through music, Aaron Shows' performances and compositions often bridge the traditional and modern.