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Friday Morning Edition
November 2, 2018

A couple of weeks ago in the newsletter I mentioned a piece of memorabilia that I was hoping to buy for my collection.  Out of the blue I was contacted about this 1929 WSJ USA contingent medal.  I really don't have a very good WSJ collection but 2019 it sounds like a good time to start one.  My big thing is just getting some cool representative pieces rather than a complete checklist collection and this is a winner in that department.
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Last night I traveled to Camden, SC to attend the Wateree District Committee meeting and round table.  I was there to pitch Camp Barstow to the folks that live on the eastern edge of the council.  Ironically I made a connection with one of the adult leaders who grew up in my home council.  We told old camp and OA war stories for a good twenty minutes.  Isn't it amazing the instant connection you can make with someone through Scouting!?

The Beginning of A Huge GA OA Consignment
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Well it's official! Sophia my daughter will be on the USA contingent for the 2019 WSJ. She is in that goldilocks age range (15 next summer) and will get to have a once in a lifetime experience.  This year she has served as a Den Chief, helped me do camp promotion, joined a new Girl Scout troop and is primed to be a charter member in a new Scouts BSA troop.  So with that much energy for Scouting I had to sign her up for this experience.  She has been to the Summit twice and loves the place so that helps too.
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Speaking of Sophia the eBay account that I'm letting her run as an entrepreneurial way to earn money has an auction featured in this block. I've told her that to pay for her phone data and running around money she can earn your own money if you do ALL the work.  Her dad has a few patches laying around she can sell.  The Tsali Lodge pie is listed below is on that account.

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I have just under 100 auctions live on eBay with many of those being OA flaps that I threw up with a set minimum bid to let the market shake out what they will sell for.
I sent an email out to about 500 collectors in the southeast yesterday promoting the upcoming Santee Lodge TOR on January 5th, 2019. This is the first TOR of the new year in is being hosted in conjunction with their winter banquet.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
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