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Sunday Morning
January 1, 2017
Happy New Years from your Scouting Hot Finds publisher.  It's another year in the books but more importantly the beginning of what promises to be an exciting year in the hobby. 
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I thought I'd share some of the things that I'm looking forward to patch-wise in the new year. First off I'm hoping to attend about 1 TOR per month starting in January with South Carolina and then in February driving up to my first ever Indy TOR.   
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This year I will help host a TOR in Charlotte which hasn't happened since at least 1998 by any notes I can find.  Getting the show organized and promoted has been exciting and I'm still waking up many days thinking of new ideas to make it even better.
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The biggest event on my 2017 calendar is of course the Jamboree.  I've already booked some accommodations so I can go up and visit.  The Jamboree only rolls around every 4 years so getting a chance to go and trade patches with Scouts and Scouters from all over is a very rare treat.
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In 2017 my Scouting Hot Finds Radio podcast is also coming back online and returning to its roots as a weekly call-in show.  I've got a few guests already lined up and hope to continue using it as a platform to interview some really interesting people in the hobby.
I hope that your 2017 has some events circled that you can look forward to.  The Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter is going into YEAR 9 if anybody can believe that!  I started publishing in 2009 and it's been a great ride.   
Your brother in the cloth,

Jason Spangler
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