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Friday Morning Edition
February 15, 2019

Day 6 of sorting in my warehouse begins this morning.  I'm literally opening every box and sorting similar things together.  My goal is at the Charlotte TOR I can literally bring everything for sale.  Oh you want Scout stamps, here is a box for that.  You have a collection of wooden neckerchief slides - yeah I've got a box of those.  You get the idea!
Vintage eBay Scout Auctions This Weekend
As I've gone through boxes sometimes I've just immediately flipped things that I thought were interesting on Facebook.  Yesterday I found a 1925 merit badge pamphlet (First Aid To Animals) and sold that on Facebook in less than 10 minutes. Later I found two of the huge Boy's Life editions from 1929 and 1930 and likewise found a new home for them right away.  It's like spring cleaning!

2-Dozen New Auctions Launching Every Day .99 Each
Auctions Ending Friday & Saturday on eBay
One of the other things that happens in this process is a bit of groaning when I come across a stash of very valuable stuff that's been sitting in the bottom of a box for a few years.  For example I ran across some Air Scout and Sea Scout community strips from one small town that were still in these old envelopes.  It's kinda the Boy Scout version of finding sunken treasure.

Free Admission, Silent Auctions, 100 tables of stuff 

Boy Scout Memorabilia Auctions on eBay
One of the strategies I'm also using is making a giant accumulation of stuff to go in the $1 box.  Not just patches but all manner of 3D items like OA banquet frisbees, paperweights and just about anything else I don't want to fool with.  If it's not quite bad enough to go into the trash bin then it goes into the dollar box.  Hopefully mine will be epic at the Charlotte TOR.

Patchblanket Santeeswapper Store on eBay
I love experimenting with eBay so I'm trying one out for the rest of the month.  I have scheduled to launch about 2-dozen new auctions each day starting at .99 cents.  They say that having an active store draws more eyes on your listings so I'm playing with this strategy to see.

This weekend I will be spending Saturday at Camp Barstow doing staff interviews and helping plan our new curriculum.  Ironically this will be my first time back at camp since this summer although I have made many trips back to Columbia for camp promotions and meetings.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting some new faces that are eager to join the team.
Have a great weekend,

Jason Spangler
Santeeswapper LLC


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